Meet the Pattersons pt 1

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Part 1
Meet the Patterson

It had been three months since I had been home when I got a call from my brother Jake saying that he was going to New York for the weekend and he wanted to know if he could drop in for a few hours to see me.

I could not tell you just how happy I was to hear from my younger brother. Jake had just graduated from high school and had decided to take a year off before going on to college. I had not heard from any of my brothers since I had lift home. On my last trip home the only ones I had seen was my dad, my grandpa Al, and my new sister in law Maggie.

The weekend that Jake was coming to town just so happened to be the weekend that my future in laws were going be into town as well. No one in my family knew about Josh and when I was home the right time to tell them about Josh never seem to come up.

The fact that the Patterson’s knew that I was my family’s sex toy did not bother me in the least. The problem was that I did not know how dad, my brothers or grandpa for that matter would react to outsider knowing our family business..

Josh saw how the thought of the weekend worried me. Having Josh’s family was one thing but knowing that Jake could find out that I had been fucking another family and the possibility of him telling dad was something that I did not need. After all daddy still thought of me as his special girl.

I tried to relax after dinner by taking a long hot shower. As I stood under the hot water as it came beating down my body the thought of what could happen this weekend seem to never leave my mind. I had just finished shaving my cunt getting nice and smooth for the work out that lie ahead when I heard a knock at the shower door.

When I opened the door there stood Josh with two glasses of my favorite wine. Josh and I stood as the warm water poured down our backs as we finished the last drop of the white wine taking the glasses and sitting them along side of the shower.

Josh then pinned me back up against the white marble tile dropping to his knees and spreading the lips of my freshly shaved pussy, I felt his long soothing fingers go deep inside me as the warm water bath out bodies.

After our shower, Josh carried me into the living room and laid me down in front of the fireplace. It was a cold night Josh had started a fire before joining me for our shower. The thought of giving myself to Josh the night before his family came to town was on my mind all day. I knew that once the Patterson got to town that Josh and I would not have much time for each other.

As I lay exposed on the soft down quilt Josh stood over me looking down at my long lean frame. My light tanned skin has always been a real turn on for Josh as he laid down on top of me guiding his long meaty dick as it slowly slipped into my pussy. While pumping my love hole in and out, Josh’s hands explored by body as he took one of my hard nipples in his mouth.

Although I knew that I was addicted to sex it was always when I was with Josh or dad that I always felt like I was making love. Josh’s cock felt so good as we made love by the fire that night. When we had finished I asked josh if he wouldn’t mind going back to his place, because I was expecting Jake early the next morning.

The next morning when I woke up, I was still on the floor where Josh and I had made love. I was struggling to come alive; the thought of Josh in my pussy somehow invaded my senses. As I laid there longing for Josh’s touch when I heard a knock at my door.

I got up and wrapped the white sheet around me, looking out the side window I could see a tall man with his back towards me so I couldn’t see his face. When I asked who was at my door, the man said he was Jake. So you can just image the look of shock on my face when I opened the door to fine Jake sir my father standing on my doorstep.

“Oh my fucking god.” Was the only thing that went though my mind as daddy walked though my door.

“Dad what are you doing here, and where is Jake jr. I thought he was coming?”

“It that anyway to greet your old man?’ Dad said as he looked around as if he where looking for something or maybe someone.

“No dad I’m sorry excepted I was expecting my brother, not my dad, what happen to Jake?” I said as I saw dad’ mouth water at the sight of me wrapped in the sheet.

“Your brother had to work this weekend and he had already had his tickets so he gave them to me. So don’t you have a kiss for the old guy?” He said as he walked over to me.

Daddy took me in his arms and give me a slow long kiss. I could feel the hardness of his cock as we embraced. Dad’s hands started to explore my body and I was still so very horny from the night before. I hadn’t fucked dad in three months since the last time I was home. Dad sled the sheet down as my hard golden brown nipples came into view.

“Oh baby girl I can’t tell you just how much this weekend means to me, I have been looking forward to having you all to myself and fucking you all weekend long.” Daddy said as he took both my tits in his mouth

Letting the sheet drop to the floor I helped dad get undress. I laid down on the quilt and spread my legs open for daddy. I knew from the look in his eyes that daddy couldn’t wait to start eating my pussy.

As daddy went down on me, my head was spinning with thought of daddy finding out about Josh and his family. But it didn’t matter right then, I knew I had to play it cool.

As daddy spreads my pussy open the feel of his tongue and fingers going to work inside me was almost more then I could stand. Daddy fingers and tongue sliding in and out of my wet pussy at the same time felt so good..

While daddy ate my pussy I forgot all about the problems that was ahead of me. When we were finished we took a long hot shower together. After our shower dad and I were both pretty hunger after our work out. While we were drying each other off I told dad of this little dinner in town that I go to, it was where I met Josh. I thought maybe if we went to the place where Josh and I met then I might be able to work up enough nerve to tell him about Josh and his family.

As we were getting dressed dad asked if he could pick my out fit .When I lived at home dad would take me out to dinner and he would always want to pick out what I would wear. Dad always had pretty good taste, he picked a light blue mini skirt and a low cut white beaded sweater. He had made one new request of me, he asked me not to wear any panties. I thought this was a odd request coming from my daddy, but I obeyed.

When daddy and I arrived at the dinner it was late morning. The fact that it was Saturday I knew that there was very little chance of any of my friends would be around. The Coffee Shack was party busy, daddy asked Jen our waitress for a both. Jen lead us over to a small both near the back of the dinner. Dad and I sat down with me on the inside and daddy sitting right beside me. After we ordered our meal daddy started asking me about school and what kind of life had I made for myself.

At first, we talked about my classes and how much I was enjoying going to school. I wanted to work my way into telling daddy about Josh and his family. Daddy seemed to be listening intensely when from under the table I felt dad’s hand go up my thigh. I was so completely caught of guard as daddy hand found its way to my hairless pussy.

As I sat there stunned as my father started fingering my wet pussy, daddy turned to me, kissing me on the cheek he whispered my ear.

“Have you been giving it up to anyone else?” Dad said as he squeezed down on my pussy.

“No honesty.” I said. As I felt daddy’s hand began to fondle and stroke my love hole.

“Don’t every forget Christy this belongs to me, your brothers and your grandfather. I do not know I would do if I every caught you fucking another man. Do you understa
nd me girl?”

“Yes daddy.” I said as I felt his finger slip inside me.

For what seemed like forever, I sat there while
dad fingered my smooth bald pussy. It almost seemed like daddy was somehow fucking me in public. I tried to maintain control but the sensation of dad’s long fingers as he shoved them deeper and deeper inside my cunt almost prove to be too much.

From the look on dad’s face I knew that the thought of doing his baby girl in public more then appealed to him as he saw me struggling not to cum. Dad was about to go in for the kill when he saw Jen walking towards us with our food. Daddy pulled out of my pussy just as Jen approached the table. As she began to serve us our food, Jen noticed that I was out of sources.

“Are you all right?” she said as she poured water into a glass.

“Never better.” I said as I tried to pull myself together.

After lunch dad and I headed back to my place, all the way home I kept thinking how in the hell was I going to keep dad from meeting the Patterson’s. It was around one o’clock and Josh’s family was due in around two o’clock. Josh said before he left the night before that he would take his folks over to the hotel and let them get settled in before getting together with me.

I did not have time to call josh to tell him that my dad had come to town instead of my brother. I looked at my watch it was a quarter after one, I knew that josh was on his way to the airport. This was the mid 70s so there were no cell phones.

I had to tell dad something, but what I had no clue. Considering that, I had just lied to daddy and told him that I had not fucked anyone since I had left home.
After daddy and I got home, we made love again. We were both so horny after what had just taking place at the dinner.

Josh, his mother Kate, his father Frank, his sister Carla, Brother Grant, and a cousin that I had never met were going to be here the whole weekend, and I had no idea of how to keep my two worlds from clashing.

Daddy was still asleep when I woke up, I looked at the clock; it was a quarter o six. Josh and his family were due at any time. I got out of bed and got dress. I was sore, daddy had giving me quite a work out after lunch. I heard Josh car drive up as I walked out of my bedroom, closing the door softly behind me so that I won’t wake up dad.

I ran to the door before Josh could ring the doorbell. As I opened the door, I felt my heart pounding in me chest. I knew that daddy would not stay asleep for long; I would just have to face the music when he woke up.

As the Patterson’s walked through the door, each of them greeted me as someone who had become a very special part of their family. Kate was her usual sweet self Kate Patterson was a woman who didn’t look like a woman in her med fifths. After having six kids she still had a beautiful body that Kate’s three sons often enjoyed.

Kate’s sexual appetite was just as wide and diverse as her husbands’. Frank and Kate never wanted a traditionally marriage, they got together one night while Kate’s first husband and Frank’s brother was away. Kate had always been very attractive to Frank but she ended up marring his older brother Tim. Two years later Frank and Kate could no longer stand not being together, by then they had started having sex with other couples.

By the time their first son Josh was born, they had been having sex with a couple who had been having sex with their own children. The couple had allowed Frank to break in their fourteen-year-old daughter while Kate and the girl’s parents watched. From that day on Frank and Kate vowed that they raised their children free of any sexual hang-ups.

Josh and his family had been at my place for less then ten minutes when Frank Patterson made his move. I was sitting on the sofa taking to Josh’s sister Carla when Frank came over and sat beside me.

“Wow, Christy I can’t tell you just how good you look.” Frank said as he started to play with my long curly brown hair.

Like daddy, I always seemed to loss it whenever Frank touched me. Nevertheless, I knew that I had to somehow stay in control. Frank continue as he moved in on me, his hands were soft to the touch as he caressed my bare skin.

“You know that my family has been looking forward to spending some time with you, but more then anyone else I have been aching to get back in your panties.” He said as his hand moved up my thigh. Just as Frank hand found my bare pussy, and as I began to respond to my need for sex, I heard my bedroom door swing open.

“Christy Ann Davis, what the hell is going on here?” I heard dad’s big booming voice.

I could tell form the tone in his voice that some major shit was about to go down. As I tried to sit up, I could see daddy face as he walked over to where Frank and I were sitting.
Frank still had his hand up my skirt when daddy approached the sofa.

“Girl who is this son of a bitch and what is he hand doing touching my stuff?

“Dad place don’t be mad, I can explain.” I said as I pushed Frank’s hand away.

Daddy’s face was a bright red as I hurried to his side. I knew that no matter what I said

that the relationship between daddy and me was about to change forever.

From the look on dad’s face, I could tell that he was in no mode to talk. After all, he had

just caught me in a lie, when earlier that day I told him that he and the rest of the male

members of my family were the only men that I had fucked since I lifted home for


The truth was that I had become another families sex toy, and the prove was

standing right in front of him

“I asked you girl who in the hell are these people, and why did this man have his hand on what’s belongs to me?”

“Dad please I can explain, I wanted to tell you when I came home a few months ago but there never seem to be the right time.”

“Tell me what?” I heard daddy’ voice crack and I knew from the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes that what I had to say would not go down easy.

“Dad there is someone that I have been seeing for awhile now and he has asked me to marry him, and this is his family.”

“Christy what the fuck are you talking about, you know dam will that’s not going to happen. Do you think I would ever allow another man to touch my daughter?”

“Mr. Davis your daughter and I are in love and there’s not a dam thing you can do about it” I heard Josh say as he grabbed my arm and pulling me by his side.

Daddy was about to exploded I was scared out of my mind; I had never seen anyone stand up to my father before.

“So you’re the young buck who thinks his is going to nail my daughter?” Dad said as I saw the anger rise in his face.

Frankly Mr. Davis I have already nailed your daughter, and so have most of the people in this room.”

“Josh” I yelled as I saw my father anger come to a boiling point.

“Christy honey I’m sorry but he had to be told.” Josh said as he lit a cigarette

“What’s he saying girl?” Daddy asked, as the fear grew like a raging fire inside me.

“I’ll tell you what my son is trying to say.” Frank said. In a calm voice that took the edge off the moment.

“Mr. Davis you don’t know me nor my family, I’ m afraid you will have to look over my son’s hot temper, he gets it from his mother side of the family.

Frank seemed to have been able to calm the situation down. Frank Patterson was almost a foot shorter then my father, but that day my future father in law grow six feet tall in my eyes.

“Mr. Davis my name is Frank Patterson, my wife and I are the parents of that young buck over there seated next to your lovely daughter. My wife and I have been married for over forty years and we have six wonderful children that we love very much. Now a few months ago Josh bought your daughter home to meet our family, from the first moment I laid eyes on our Christy I knew that she would fit rig
ht in with our family and how we did things.”

Daddy had calmed down to the point to where he cold listen to Frank as he explain how the Patterson family system worked.

Now Mr. Davis I’m a man who loves his family, their mother and I have try to teach our children that real family love knows no boundaries. That is was natural for siblings and parents to express their special love for one another.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I’m saying that you have a very lovely daughter and that you have taught her how to love. As a matter of fact you, her brothers, and her grandfather have a lot to be proud of, this girl really know how to get a man going.”

I sat there with my hands fouled in front of me; I was praying that daddy wouldn’t hate me for revealing our family secret.

“They know? Daddy said in disbelief.’

“Daddy they are just like us, the first time that I was at their house I walked in on Josh sucking his sister’s pussy. I know I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, but I knew I could trust Josh and his family because they were just like our family.

“You know Mr. Davis I don’t blame you for being upset, after all you thought that you and your boys where the only ones getting it, but as I said before you have a lot to be proud of. Your little girl is a wonderful lover, she has a beautiful body, and she has one of the best pusses I ever had in my life.” Frank said

I could tell that Frank was getting through. Dad tuned to me, he took me in his arms, kissing me on my forehead daddy seemed to have come to terms with the idea of knowing that another family knew our family secret.

“You know Mr. Davis your daughter is right, our families are very much alike. We love sex and we don’t apologize for it. There is nothing better then taking a sweet young fresh thing into your bed, and having your way with her.” Frank said. I noticed that Frank had that certain glee in his eyes as his eyes searched around the room looking for fresh pray.

“You know Patterson you’re right, I don’t apologize for loving my girl, as for your son, well we will see.”

“Well I can understand how you feel but I think I have an idea of how we can prove that we mean your family no harm, Brook sweetheart would you come here? ” From out of the shadows stepped a beautiful young blonde-haired woman.

“Christy, Mr. Davis I want you to meet my niece Brook. Brook is my brother’s daughter she just turned fifteen a few days ago. My brother send her to me and he asked if I would break her in before he took her.” From the look in daddy’s eyes Frank could tell that dad was more then just a little interested doing the job.

Brook was a tall lean beauty with shoulder length blonde hair. She wore a pair of tight black jeans that showed off her tight hart shaped ass, with a tight fitting green t-shirt. Her silky white skin looked as soft as cotton. She had a warm smile and lovely pearl blue eyed.

Daddy tried hard not to show it but I could tell he waned her and he wanted her bad. By now the rest of the family had gathered into the family circle. Frank was trying in ever way possible to temp dad with this lovely young girl.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Frank would ask as he caressed her soft white tits. Frank’s hands roamed her fresh young body in an attempted to break my father’s will. Frank slowly unbuttons and unzips her black jeans slowly slipping his hand inside finding her sweet tight pussy. Daddy could no longer stand it as the sight of a very turned on Brook brought my father to his keens.

It was clear that Frank was in charge as he little by little began to undress his young beautiful niece.

“You can have her if you want.” Frank said as he removed her bra letting her soft white thirty eight inch tits tumble out into full view.

Frank finished undressing Brook and instructed her to lie on the floor and spread legs. Brook did as she was told . Without a word daddy removed his robe. The sight of Brook’s long lean body was such a turn on for daddy..

As dad stood over the young girl I could tell from the look on her face that the sight of daddy’s nine inch cock scared the hell of out of her. To try to help Brook to relaxes Frank laid down beside his niece. He started to lightly stroke her pure soft white skin.

‘Just relaxes baby, you’re going to do just fine.” Frank said as his hand found its way between Brook’s legs

As we stood around watching, daddy wasted very little time as he sat down beside the young girl. Daddy’s hands explored every inch of her sweet young body. Her cunt was nice and smooth just the way daddy liked it. Taking one of her soft white tits in his mouth dad socked her hard sweet nipple, while at the same time stroking her small tender pussy.

As daddy sled between her legs, he tried to put his dick in her, but he only got a little ways in when he had to stop. Daddy’s cock head was not even half way in because her pussy was just so tight

Daddy started to push in but Brook’s faint cry stopped him. With my father still on top of his niece, Frank dried her tears, assuring her that everything would be alright. He then order daddy to continue.

Daddy started to push in again, only this time he began to feed her pussy little by little until he reached the point where his cock head touched her cherry. It seemed that Brook had started to relax and enjoy the feel of my daddy inside her. Daddy stopped to make sure she was ready for what was about to happened.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” Daddy whispered.

Brook nodded her head saying that she was indeed ready. As Brook closed her eyes daddy pulled his dick back just a little bit, and then with one hard thrust forward, Brook’s primal scream that told us that she was no longer a virgin.

As we continue to watch, Frank took me by my hand and led me over to where daddy and Brook were making love. Frank ordered me to get undress and to lie down beside dad and Brook. Following Frank’s orders I undressed and I took my place beside dad as he continued to bang Brook.

It was almost as if I were watching a home movie of myself. The things that he was doing to Brook, daddy had also done exact same thing to me. I watched as Brook began to respond to daddy’s touch.

Daddy shoved two fingers deep inside Brook’s sweet young pussy. Brook screamed out in pure pleasure and pain as everyone gathered around to get a better look. Everyone could tell that daddy knew how to please a woman, I more then anyone else knew what Brook was feeling.

Frank stood over us, you could see that he was really enjoying watching his niece as she was being fucked for the very first time. Frank unzipped his panes letting his already rock hard cock pop out. Among the Patterson men my father in law was surely the best lover. His six inch dick seem to be made for pleasuring women of any age..

Frank pulls me up to my knees, waving his lovely dick in my face I opened my mouth to receive. The feel of Frank’s dick slowly being shoved in and out my mouth was lovely to be sure, but when I felt daddy’s hand caressing my round tight ass, it nearly drove me over the edge

“Ye that’s it baby show your daddy what you can really do ” Frank said as he called Josh over

“You want some of this son, while she is working my dick, why don’t you start working that ass?”

Josh was more then ready to show my father that he had what it took to keep me happy. Josh undressed and came up behind me spreading my ass cheeks he starts to shove his big meaty cock into my ass. By now I was so fucking turned on by the fact that I was being fucked in my ass by Josh, while I was getting his father off, while my dad was banging Josh’s cousin and watching me.

After dad was done with Brook it was Josh and his brother Grant’s turned to break in their cousin, while daddy, Frank and I went into my bedroom for some more fun. After the first time that I fucked Frank I would always fantasize about what it would be like to have a threesome with daddy a
nd Frank. Believe me when I say that my day dreams came no where close to reality.

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