me,you & hubby make 3 part 2

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after waking up & realizing that u was gone
I kissed my husband bye as he left to go to work
then going to take a shower after last nights sexual fun
can still feel u
turning the water on as i get out of my nitie
stepping inside the shower letting the hottttt water flow over my body
not seeing u cum into the bath toom as u watched me
washing my long hair as u stepped inside the shower
sliding ur fingers thru my hair as u kiss my neck
moaning softly as i feel ur tongue sliding up my neck to my slightly opened mouth mmmmmm
wanting to move my hands but u wont let me holding them over my head
as u slide ur mouth onto each nipple making them hard
running ur other hand down between my thighs making me open them
as u slide ur fingers inside my hot pussy
all at once mmmmmm yes baby love it deep & hard
u slide ur fingers deep as u bite my nipples
oh gawd baby making me so wetttttttt
u slide ur mouth onto my cunt pressing ur tongue onto my clit hard mmmm
oh yes gasping for air as u suck my clit hard babyy
oh yes & finger fucking me yesssssssss
pulling on my nipples yes baby suck me hard mmmm
sliding my tongue across my nipple biting them ohhhhh yes oh yes
as i slide my fingers thru ur hair pressing ur mouth onto my clit
oh gawd yesssssss babyyyyy suck my clit hard baby
gawd im cummmming yessss baby yessssssssss
ohhhhhh babyyyyyy still sliding ur fingers deep inside me
as u come up to kiss me sucking the juices off ur tongue mmmmmmm
then u remove ur fingers from my cunt
sliding ur hands on my shoulders lightly pushing me down as ur telling me to suck ur cock
taking my tongue across the head of ur cock licking up & down the shaft
sliding u into my mouth sucking on the head as i slide my fingers round ur balls squeezing them softly
gently pulling them as i take every inch of ur throbbing cock
deep inside my throat oh yes baby sliding ur hands on my head holding my mouth there
as u start to slide ur cock in & out of my mouth
oh yes baby fuck my mouth deeper baby deeper
as i slide one hand onto ur ass & the other on ur balls
massaging both as u i slide my finger into ur ass oh baby
can feel ur cock swell even more as u slide all of u deep in my throat
keeping it there taking short & fast strokes mmmmmmmm
oh baby u step back from me & turn me around
bending me over as u shove ur hard cock so deep in my pussy
I screamed ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss fuckkkk meeeeeeee
u just kept slamming ur hard cock so deep oh yes
sliding ur fingers in my hair & pulling it softly mm mmmm
as u grab my hips & pulling ur hard cock out of me to the head of ur cock & then
ramming ur cock back into me again & again
oh gawd baby yesssss rubbing my clit as u fuck me oh baby yesssss
so deep baby I love ur hard throbbing cock so fucking deep & hard baby
ohhhhh babyyyyy fuck me faster harder yesssss
babyyyyyyyy im cummmmmmming nowwwwwwww
shaking all over babyyyy as u fuck me so deep
I can feel ur body tighten as u push me over more
as u slide deeper inside me & u stert to cummmmm
oh baby feeling ur hotttttt cummm fill me up
u turning me around again telling me to suck u clean
kneeling i take ur cock into my mouth sucking the last bit of cum
tasting our juices as i suck ur cock mmmmmmmmmmm
u then have me to sit on the edge of the tub so u can l;ick me clean now
sliding ur tongue over my clit & then into my wetttttttttt pussy
sucking the mixture of our juices into ur mouth mmmmmm
sliding ur mouth up to mine as u give me mouth filled with cum
oh baby sucking it all of ur tongue is making me so hottttt
we finished the shower
as we stepped out
realized my husband had been standing there watching us & filming it
later that day we sat down & watched it together but that is another part
just very glad u stayed longer

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