Moonlight Magic

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My name is Erylin and I am a being of magic. My gift is in the art and magic of sex. I have ankle length fiery red hair, red eyes, and naturally red lips. I have a voluptuous figure and creamy white skin, a stark contrast to the intensity of my hair, lips and eyes. I am a sexual being and I love the chance encounter with a man who is gifted. This is the story of one of these encounters…….

As I was walking through the forest one evening, clothed in a long red dress, and a black hooded cloak to shield the cool night air, I sensed a familiar power growing from within me. I knew there was someone following me, and this person was gifted.

I stopped walking and spoke into the darkness, “Come out! Show yourself!”
I the heard a man’s voice chuckle in amusement. “What do you find so amusing?”I asked. “I’ve been following you for hours, and just now you discover me.” he taunted.
A little insulted, I walked toward the voice. “Show yourself!” I again commanded.
“Very well.” he replied.

The most beautiful man I had ever beheld stepped from the shadows into the moonlight. My breath caught in my throat. He had ankle length black hair and the bluest eyes, just like the sky. His skin was as gold as the sun. “Um…..Who are you? Why are you following me?” I asked breathlessly. He moved closer to me, seeming to float across the ground. He stopped, his face mere inches from mine. “I felt your presence as you passed me by.” he said, his voice now low and husky. “You’re gifted.” I said. “As are you, Beauty.” he replied. “So I am.” I admitted.

He then smiled into my eyes and asked, “And now that you have discovered me, what do you plan to do with me?” With him staring so deeply into my eyes, I couldn’t respond. His eyes started to glow softly, a sign of arousal in the gifted.

He took my hood in his hands and let it fall, letting my long hair spill nearly to the ground. “Gorgeous.” he breathed into my ear. I closed my eyes, feeling them start to glow. “What’s your name?” I whispered.
“Levenon.” he answered.”And yours, my pretty?” “I am Erylin.” I replied.
“Your name fits you, Erylin, beautiful. Erylin, I want to make love to you.”

When he touched me, fire ignited inside me. I gasped at the intensity. He was using magic. I felt ribbons of heat flow through my body, my breasts started to ache, and I felt myself grow wet with desire. “Kiss me.” I pleaded. He obliged by placing his hot soft lips over mine and kissing me deeply. Sliding his tongue along the edge of my lips. Gently nipping my bottom lip.
I in turn, plunged my tongue into his waiting mouth. He moaned into my mouth as we fed hungrily on each others tongues. I opened my eyes and noticed that Levenon’s arousal had heightened. His golden skin was glowing. I noticed that mine was also starting to glow. The magic was coursing through us was almost touchable. Leveno unfastened my cloak and let it fall to the ground, all the time kissing my neck and ears. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. I could feel his hardness pressing against my hip. He then pulled me away from the kiss and focused his glowing eyes on my plunging neckline, and my milky white cleavage. Looking into my eyes he reached up to pull my dress down. “May I Beauty?” he asked. Unable to speak, I could only nod. He pulled my dress down away from my breasts and watched my nipples harden when the cool night air hit them. “Beautiful.” he whispered. He then placed his warm, glowing hands over my aching breasts, gently kneading them. Taking my nipples in between his fingers, he pinched them, making me gasp. He put his hands on the middle of my back and pulled me to him, bending slightly to tease my nipple with his tongue. I arched into him feeling the magic heat ignite in my loins. Levenon took his tongue in circles around my nipple licking and sucking until it was an aching peak. He then moved to the other breast and gave the same attention to my other nipple. He said to me. “Let me undress you, Love.” I said, “Please, Levenon.” He pulled my dress up and over my head, exposing my brightly glowing body to the night and to his feasting eyes. I then pulled his cloak off and then his shirt. I then put my hand down the front of his pants and gripped his hard shaft. He closed his eyes and trembled throwing his head back with a loud moan. “Oh gods!” he gasped. “I want you. Right now!” He took our cloaks and spread them on the ground, the glow of our heated bodies lighting our newly made bed. He knelt down in front of me and pulled me down to him. Kissing me passionately, he put his hand between my legs and plunged his finger deep inside my moist depths. “You’re so ready for me!” he exclaimed. “But this night isn’t over.” He then laid me back and nudged my legs apart, moving his face down to my inner most place, his long black hair tickling my thighs. He parted the folds of my womanhood and began to lick and nuzzle my aching bud. He moaned and licked harder and faster, sucked gently, then licked some more. I was writhing in ecstasy, thrashing my head and moaning loudly. He slid his tongue deep inside me, tasting the sweet honey of my desire. He then delved his fingers into me and resumed licking the aching bud so fast and so hard, fingers pumping feverishly. I felt the waves of passion and lust envelope me. I came hard and violently, screaming in release. He raised his glowing eyes to mine and smiled. I sat up and crawled up to him to lay him down on his back. “Let me pleasure you now, Levenon.” I panted. After pulling his trousers off and before he could answer, I was already taking him into my mouth. I slipped his shaft in slowly, and teased him with the tip of my tongue. Then taking him deep and hard, i listened to him gasp and moan. “Harder.” he pleaded. So I obliged and took him hard and deep. Sliding my tongue up and down his hot shaft. Looking into his glowing blue eyes, I took him fully into my mouth and held him there, gently sucking. Then pulled back, and did it again. Over and over, taking him in and out of my mouth, swirling my tongue around his hardness. He started to pant and stopped me. “Not yet, Love.” he whispered.

He took my face into his hands and kissed me. He laid me back down and lowered himself until I could feel his beautiful glowing manhood teasing my aching womanhood. Unable to restrain myself any longer, I grabbed his hips and pulled him deep into me. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts and cried out at the wonder of it. At that moment, we released a thread of magic that nearly exploded. I screamed and lost his breath. He started to move within me and with every thrust the magic ignited further. His shaft was throbbing and I wanted more of it, so I pulled him deeper still inside of me. “Faster, Levenon. More.” I panted into his ear. He moved as I had asked. I met him thrust for thrust. He reached down between us and rubbed my bud of desire, sending me over the edge. I moaned and he thrusted deeper. “Oh gods!” I cried. The power of my orgasm slammed through me and I felt his release, saw all his pleasure, pain, happiness, and fear in that instant. He cried out and I felt his hot juices explode inside me. Still climaxing myself, I screamed again. The glow of our bodies intensified into a bright aura that enveloped us, then exploded and lit up the night. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. As we lay there coming down from the heights of magical passion, our bodies dimming, Levenon kissed me and said, “Thank you for this night of magic, Erylin. May we meet again.” And with that, he vanished into the night. I was left there still feeling his presence inside of me and smiled knowing that this moonlight magic will always be with me.

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