Movie Night

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It was supposed to be just an ordinary night out for them. An evening away from the craziness of everyday life. See a movie, have a meal and a drink. Get caught up with each other. But there was something different in the air all day. Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on. She had been even more attentive towards him than she usually was all day. Rubbing against him whenever the opportunity arose. Even going as far as squeezing him through his pants a few times when she thought the kids weren’t watching.

By the time they were ready to go out he was crazy with anticipation of what the night would bring. She always dressed nicely when they went out together but tonight was different. She came down the stairs dressed to kill in a beautiful purple dress split at the side to show off her long graceful legs and cut discreetly low enough at the neck to reveal just enough cleavage to draw his attention. Matching purple clutch and high heels completed the outfit. Her makeup was perfect as usual.

During the short drive to the restaurant they talked about family things. Holding hands as they always did, she made a circle of her thumb and forefinger and suggestively stroked it over his thumb smiling at him with a sparkle in her eyes that he couldn’t remember seeing before. Despite all the years together and how incredibly intimate they had been she had never felt comfortable at telling him all that was inside her. She ached for him, it had been too long since she felt his touch, her breasts longed to feel his hands and mouth on them, that part of her body that he knew so well longed to have his mouth and fingers explore her and send her in to a frenzy that only his touch could bring about. What she most wanted though was to feel him deep inside her throbbing and pulsating and moving in a way that would send them both over the edge into a place of ecstacy where only the two of them existed.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of him, that twinkle in those incredibly sexy eyes of his, the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand in hers was almost enough to make her come. He looked so sensual tonight, the tan colour pants bulging in all the right places and the burgundy golf shirt complimented by the new tan colour slip on shoes that she had bought him that morning and the hair that she loved to run her fingers through combed to perfection. She saw by the way his body was pulsating just beneath where her hand lay that she had gotten the reaction that she wanted. That he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She had a secret for him, he didn’t know that she had put on a very special pair of hose tonight and hoped that before very long he would discover this for himself. She had other secrets too but they would be revealed later. They were almost at the restaurant , soon they would be amongst other people, that only made this intense kind of intimacy all the more exciting.

The restaurant wasn’t as busy as it normally was and they managed to get an intimate table in the corner where they were pretty much alone. The waiter showed them to their table, gave them their menus, informed them of the evening specials and then left them to make their dinner choices. Whenever they had been out for dinner before they had always sat across the table from each other but this time she chose to sit beside him. “This is nice” he said ” I like having you close beside me” She smiled and sat closer. “Thanks. I thought I’d do something different, just for the hell of it” she said. His hand fell naturally to her knee and carressed the inside of her thigh slowly working its way up to the join of her legs. “Easy babe” She said “Someone might see”, even as her thighs parted just a little to allow him easier access, causing the split in her skirt to drop to one side. He was surprised to find his hand touching bare skin. “Hmmm ” He said “this is something interesting .Do you really think anyone is watching us?” he said. “Probably not, but do you really want to take the chance?” she asked as he gently started to carress her wet pussy lips. “Do you?’ he asked with a sly smile.

“Babe, the waiter…he’s coming” she croaked as he slipped a finger between her wet lips and found her hard clit waiting for him. “Yeah and if you give me a few secs he won’t be the only one”
“Love please, I’m not kidding, he’s almost here.” “O.K.” he said as the first convulsions made her body twitch in anticipation. ” A momentary reprieve is yours, but momentary is the operative word my love.” The waiter approached the table and she was sure he had figured out why her cheeks were so flushed and why her breathing was more rapid than it should have been but this somehow only added to the excitement. She was right on the edge and wasn’t sure if her voice would betray her when she placed her order. She couldn’t help noticing the mischievious grin and the devilish look in her husband’s eyes as he watched her trying to tell the waiter what she would have. He decided to add to the already charged atmosphere. He very discreetly reached under her dress and found the spot that he knew could send her over the edge and with that sparkle in his eyes he asked “Well babe do you see anything you want”? She almost couldn’t control herself but finally buried her face in the menu and requested the sea food stir fry with a zucchini appetizer, then took a large sip of her wine. She thought that turn about was fair play and as she reached past him for a bread stick, her breast brushed his arm. As she did this he couldn’t help but notice that another piece of her usual undergarments was missing tonight, causing him to nearly choke on his beer. She coyly asked him if anything appealed to him and noticed that the bulge in his pants was getting bigger. She wondered how he was going to walk out of the restaurant in that state. She settled back with her bread stick and watched as he ordered the Baron of Beef, noticing that he didn’t request the horseradish. She smiled as she heard this knowing that he wanted nothing to come between them that night. She couldn’t help but notice that he hadn’t taken his eyes off of her since she started nibbling at that bread stick and so she started to very slowly suck on it. As his breathing seemed to get more rapid she asked him “Are you having a good time tonight”? The waiter had already returned to the kitchen to place their orders now it was just the two of them again.

“I don’t think I can sit through a movie sweetheart, I want you so bad I’m about ready to explode right now ” she said as he took the breadstick deep into her mouth. “It’s your call darlin’ : he said. “But we’ve both been looking forward to seeing this one and the night is still young. Your folks told us not to worry about being late, I think they realize we need some time by ourselves and I intend to take them up on it. Besides I have a surprise for you but it can’t happen for a while yet.”

“What are you talking about?” she said as the waiter returned with their orders. “Well if I tell you then it won’t be a secret will it? He said. “Now enjoy your dinner and see what happens from there”

“Yeah but…” came the protest.”Yeah, but nothin’ love, just don’t worry about it and enjoy your dinner ‘kay” With that they both dug in to the fabulous food they had ordered, stopping occassionally for a kiss or a carress. It was obvious she was naked under her dress, he could see her erect nipples clearly against the silk of her dress. They were huge and all he wanted was to roll one between his fingers until he heard the familiar sound from deep in her throat. He had always thought it sounded like a contented cat purring in pleasure. He had always wanted to make her come just by touching her breasts but had never been successful thought he had gotten her close a lot of times. He just had to figure out what he needed to do to push her over the edge. During dinner they had talked about whether they really wanted to go to the movie or not and finally they decided that they would go and see w
hat it was like agreeing that they c
ould always leave if the show wasn’t what they expected. While she went to the ladies room to freshen up he paid the bill, getting a huge smile and a “have a good night ” from the waiter, to which he replied,”if it gets any better I don’t think I’ll survive it”

The theatre was close and it didn’t take long to get there. They paid for the tickets and settled in to their seats as far away from the rest of the moviegoers as they could. As the lights went down and the opening credits rolled they both realized that the house was incredibly empty. There were maybe twenty or thirty people in a room designed for four or five hundred. They were sitting in the top row and there was not a soul within fifty feet of them. Soon it was obvious why there was such a sparse crowd on a Saturday night, the movie was crap.

Soon they gave up watching and started paying more attention to each other than what was going on in front of them. Kisses and carresses lead to long deeper kisses with tongues battling each other for room in the others mouth and touches that lasted longer and longer each time. Soon his hand was probing again at the opening to her dripping pussy and searching for her clit that he knew was throbbing as much as his hard cock was. Much to his surprise she whispered in his ear “Baby please…. Make me come right now, I’m so close I can’t wait any longer.” “Are you sure?”he asked quietly. “If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have said it would I” she moaned as she pushed her hips provocatively against his probing fingers causing one of them to slip deep inside her. “God, you feel me good lover, please make it happen for me, I don’t give a damn if the whole world sees and hears us. I just need to come now love.. please”

With that she lifted her hips and pulled the bottom part of her dress out from underneath her. “I’m so wet I don’t want to stain the back of my dress with my juices” Her pussy was so wet he was having a hard time keeping his fingers insde her so he slipped them out and concentrated on stroking her pulsing clit. He had never felt it so hard. He was sure he could feel her pulse through it. “God..Babe yes don’t stop that, it feels so good” she said as she slipped forward in her seat and opened her legs to allow him easier access. He stared into her deep blue eyes and slowly kissed her as he slipped a finger deep inside her searching for the elusive “G-spot” that he had read and heard about. Suddenly her pussy tightened around his finger as the first spasms of her orgasm lifted her ass of the seat and she bit her lip to hold back the moans that tried to esacpe her throat. “Yes, baby just like that Oh God love please don’t stop. Please let me come.”

“Somehow I don’t think there’s any stopping you now baby” He said and then drove his tongue deep into her mouth to suppress the cries that he know were about to escape her lips. Her hips bucked and writhed in orgasm as she did her best not to make any sound as it drove her whole body into convulsions. It was difficult keeping his mouth on hers as her whole body shook and writhed in the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced washed over her. She ripped her mouth away from his to catch a breath as a second orgasm ripped through her body lifting her almost completely from her seat. “Yesss Baby Oh my good that feels so good please don’t let it stop yet” His fingers slick with her juices pumped in and out of her, her pussy was so wet and tight it was hard to keep up with as her hips bucked and twisted in ecstasy.

As the spasms stared to subside she said”My God sweetheart that was unbelievable, You’ve given me some incredible orgasms in the past, but thtat was something I’ve never experienced before. I have no idea what was different but holy shit that was incredible. I think I’m going to need half an hour just to catch my breath and if you think I’m going to get up and walk out of here any time soon you’re even crazier than I thought. My legs are so weak there’s no way I can even stand up let alone walk.” He looked at her with raw lust in his eyes and said “No problem lover we have all the time in the world”. He put the fingers that had just been inside her into his mouth and said “my God the taste and smell of you is better than any wine I’ve ever had”. “I want you baby and I can’t wait until I can put my cock deep inside you, I just want to get inside you and sit there until you make me move because you can’t stand it anymore.” She looked around to make sure no one was watching and leaned back in her seat and slowly started unbuttoning the front of her dress, it was the kind that had buttons all down the front, she had bought it just for this occasion. When she had the last one undone she brushed her dress aside revealing all of her and said ” I want you now deep inside me and I don’t want to wait any longer.”. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her nipples, he didn’t think he had ever seen them so huge. Then his gaze went south to the patch of hair and her pussy just waiting for him and with all the reserve in him he slowly started to do her dress up after a few caresses in all the right places that had her moaning again, she tried to protest and he placed a finger on her swollen lips and said “Hush honey, I want you too, but not yet, not here, remember the surprise I told you about? I don’t want to ruin it”.

She sat up and reached for him fumbling with buttons and zippers and finally released his cock from its confinement. She thought she had never seen it that big and hard before, she had always thought his cock was beautiful in a way that was hard to describe but my God tonight it had a real almost savage beauty to it and she wanted to feel him in her mouth. First she started stroking his balls feeling the silky coarseness of his hair then her hand started stroking his cock, she saw that it was pulsating and twitching, just straining for her, for release. He was moaning now and kind of rocking in his seat and suddenly he grabbed her hair and kissed her deep and long, moaning all the time. She tilted her head back and looked into his eyes with a wicked smile The kind she had only for him and then suddenly his cock was in her mouth, licking, sucking and teasing him and she felt the first twitch that signalled that he was ready to come and then she felt it, the hand on the back of her head, pushing her mouth away. She looked up at him and he said, “My God woman, you really are part witch aren’t you, you sure are something else, but I told you, not yet. When I come it’s going to be inside you and that ain’t happening yet”. As he started to do up his pants and straighten his shirt, she said, “what ever this surprise is it better happen soon or I am going to take you in the van on the way home”. She looked up at the screen and said “Do you want to stay here any longer?” He just smiled and said “we’ve got nothing but time tonight honey, but yeah let’s get out of here”. As they were walking, hand in hand, out of the theatre an usher said “good night folks, hope your movie experience was a good one”. They just looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

They couldn’t keep their hand off each other all the way to the van. In a very devilish way she smiled at him as he had her against the van, once again his fingers stroking her nipples and her soaking wet pussy, and she asked him “Well lover, where to next?

“Well,” he said “We have a drive ahead of us this evening. I know you’re aroused to the point of insanity but you have to trust me and go with me on this, okay? No questions, just do what I ask and everything will be good ‘kay?”

“Lover, after what has already happened tonight, whatever you say or do is alright with me. You know me better than anyone else and you know what I will and won’t do.”
“Okay” he said, “Jump in and get comfortable, buckle up, then reach into the pocket in the door and see what you find”

As she climbed into her seat and got comfortable he closed her door and walked around to the drivers’ side of the van. She put her fingers into the map po
cket and found something soft inside. As s
he drew it out she realized it was a blindfold much like the one “rich” people used when trying to sleep during the day. “Don’t ask, just buckle up and put it on. You have to trust me on this one Babe, it’ll be worth it. Trust me?

“Okay,” she said skeptically, “You know I don’t like kinky, babe” “No kinky here sweetheart, just put it on and enjoy the ride. I don’t want you to see where we’re goin’ that’s all.”

“Okay, lover I trust you,” she said as she slipped on the mask and got herself comfortable. “I’m in your capable hands and mouth and whatever else you can think of”

The drive seemed to last for hours and she had absolutely no idea of where they were going there wer so many twists and turns. He seemed to drive for hours as soft music came through the speakers of the premium sound system in their van. She was relaxed ro a point but still acutely aware of his prescence in the vehicle. The swaying of the vehicle had a hypnotic effect on her almst as mch as his hand ond the inside of her thigh as they drove.

Little did she know that he had spoken to a real estate friend recently and managed to “borrow’ the remote to a show home garage door in the most affluent new development in the area. Soon they pulled up in the driveway and he pulled the remote out of the drivers door map pouch and hit the button. As the door opened she said quizzically “Are we home love?”He laughed, “Oh I don’t think we’re goin’ home for a while yet sweetie. Just hang on a another minute or two “kay? He expertly manouvered the van into the garage and hit the button to close the door. “Sight tight for a second babe and I’ll come and get you okay”?

“Hey, it’s so frigging dark I can’t do a thing without you , what choice do I have? She said with a giigle.”Where the hell are we anyway?”

“Well, let’s just say we are somewhere we’ve only dreamed about,” as he opened her door and helped her out of the car. ” Now I’m not going to turn any lights on right now for security reasons but don’t worry I’ve got you and I know exactly where we’re going. Just slip out of the car and stand still while I close the door. Pleease don’t take the mask off until I tell you to” With that he slipped a hand under her dress and pinched a nipple gently.

“Just take my hand and walk with me, sweetheart. I’ll let you know if there are any steps to negotiate,”

“Okay love just remember that it’s hard to walk in heels when you can’t see where you’re goin’

Hed led her through the connecting door into the foyer of a half million dollar home and stood her where the whole view would catch her attention when she took the mask off. “Okay babe, listen carefully. We are completely alone. We won’t be bothered by anyone for as long as we are here. You can exlore to your hearts content, no one is going to bother us.”

After she got her bearings she realized that they were in the show home that they had been through the weekend before. Robbie’s ex was the agent on duty that day. It occurred to her that he had spent more time talking to Steve than he normally would have. Suddenly she realized why, when they were going through the house, they were in the master suite and she had commented on the bed (it was one of those four poster types with the big canopy with the gauze material draped all over it). It was even more sexy because it was placed right by the large picture window with the view of the whole lower mailand stretching out before it. She had walked over to him and started fondling him and said that they could have a really hot time in there. Suddenly another thought occurred to her and her jaw dropped a bit. She stared at the amused look on his face and asked ” God honey, tell me you didn’t pocket the garage door opener for this place!?”

He looked at her with the biggest “cat that ate the cream” grin on his face and said “you bet babe”. “After you came on to me all suggestively that day in the bedroom upstairs I remembered that the garage door opener was just lying on a shelf in the agents office and I started planning this night then. The thought of you lying naked on that bed with the moonlight and starlight all over your body was too much of a temptation so I just “borrowed” it for a while. That’s why I was talking to Steve, I was trying to distract him so I could just grab the opener”. “I asked him what security was like around here and he said that the security company only comes around once a night and they have already been and gone so we won’t get caught”.

She crossed over to the biggest picture window she had ever seen in her life and stood there looking out towards the lights of Grouse and Seymour in the distance and started to laugh. “I thought I was being the clever one tonight, well you have got me beat”. “I told you I had a few more surprises for you , well one is in the van and the other is at home. I packed up a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of wine and a blanket in case we wanted to take advantage of this beautiful spring night and find a park someplace”.

He came up behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands. He started to rub her nipples until he heard the sound that came from her throat that always made him hard. Slowly he started to unbutton her dress until it fell open with the moonlight casting a glow all over her nearly naked body. He came around in front of her and kissed her nipples ever so gently then kissed her mouth with such tenderness that her knees nearly buckled and said “my God you look so beautiful tonight.” She reached for the button and the zipper on his pants and once again he stopped her, “where in the van is the blanket and wine.” She breathlessly replied, in your usual hiding spot for the wine and the blanket is under the backseat.” He told her not to go upstairs yet and raced out to the garage for the wine. When he got back, she was lying naked except for the nylons on the big overstuffed sectional that was just in front of the huge gas fire in the living room. She stood up and spread the blanket on the couch saying in a very mischievious voice, “we don’t want to leave any evidence behind do we?”

After she was done she stood up straight, all she wore was the nylons and heels, the little rhinestones glistening in the moonlight, she looked at him and said in a very devilish tone, “well lover, peel me a grape and then make hot and sweaty love to me.” He couldn’t believe how big and hard his cock had gotten, the sight of her like this was driving him insane and he couldn’t believe he heard himself saying, “we’re not taking it that far until we are on that bed, I’ve been having wet dreams about you on that bed for a week.” She came over to him and slowly removed all of his clothes got down on her knees and took him in her mouth. At first slowly teasing him with her tongue and then sucking him hard until she felt him ready to explode. She got up and went over to the couch and said as she lay down, “come on lover, my pussy needs some attention”.

He poured them each a glass of wine and handed her one, his fingers trailing very slowly all over her breasts and down between her legs stroking her clit until she was moaning. Taking a sip of his wine he took one of her nipples in his mouth and heard her gasp in pleasure, she just about exploded then but he was in a mood to tease her a little and he said, “not yet darling, we’ve got lots of time.” She sat up and filled her mouth with her wine and then took his cock in her mouth. The feeling of the cool wine and her warm mouth made him moan. He reached for her head and pulled her up for one of the deepest kisses ever, his tongue and hers in a frenzy battling for space. He reached between her legs, by now her pussy was dripping wet and throbbing and said “I am going to make you come and then we are going upstairs. Enough foreplay I want my cock inside you now”. His mouth went straight for that little button that always gave her such pleasure and then his fingers were inside her and then once again he found that spot. The
orgasm was instant and sent shudders through her whole body.
Wave upon wave hitting her as he reached up for her huge throbbing nipples, she saw him and the size of his cock and how much it was twitching with desire to be where his fingers had been. She called out his name so loud she was convinced the neighbours along at the end of the road heard her and said “Take me upstairs love, I need your cock inside me now.”

As they walked up the staircase, she wasn’t sure how her legs were carrying her. She reached for him again stroking him and kissing him. He stopped her and put his fingers inside her again, she moaned and said “Now honey, I’m not kidding, I’ll take you on the stairs.” They continued on up to the master suite door and he looked at her with so much love and lust in his eyes and said “I’m going to take you to heaven sweetheart, in that room right there, but first let’s look around the rest of this floor. After what you did to me downstairs last time we were here I really wasn’t concentrating too much on what was up here. I want to see what else is on this floor.”

“Babe, there’s just a couple more bedrooms and a bathroom on this level. I can’t wait any longer to have your cock in me. I want to ride on top of you and get you as far into me as possible…NOW!”

With that she opened the bedroom door and pulled him into the room. He pulled her close to him feeling her hard nipples pressed against his chest as he kissed her long and hard. His hands cupped her ass and pulled her as close as possible sliding his hardness between her legs rubbing the tip against her hard wet clit. She ground her hips against him nearly slipping him inside her as they stood there.

“Now, babe take me to this bed and get your cock in me now. I just can’t stand it anymore. I want you to fill me with yourself, stretch my pussy to the limit. Please lover I want to feel all of you in me.”

They fell on the bed and he kissed her hard on the lips as he finally slid his cock all the way into her throbbing wetness in one long stroke. “Yes” she said, “That’s what I’ve been wanting all damn day, God your big tonight, I don’t know if I can handle all of you.” She cried out in pleasure as he started to move inside her, slowly at first giving her pussy a chance to stretch to accommodate all of him. He couldn’t remember ever being this big and hard. As he picked up speed he started to rotate his hips as well as move in and out driving her wild. Her hips came off the bed as she struggled to match his movement grinding her pelvis against him taking all of him deep into her. Her breath was coming in shallow pants as she neared her climax. She couldn’t remember how many orgasms she had had today but knew this was going to be the most intense one so far.

“Oh, God baby I’m going to come again. Don’t stop lover just keep doing exactly what you’re doing…….” Her breath caught in her throat as the first waves of orgasm caused her to cry out “Yes, Oh my God baby I’m coming Yes please just keep moving like that oh God”

The first waves turned into a torrent as her body lifted almost completely off the bed. “Kiss me sweetheart please I want your tongue in my mouth” He leaned forward and stuffed his tongue between her lips and kissed her long and very hard. This caused her to climax again. He couldn’t keep up with her now her body was convulsing in orgasm. Wave after crashing wave swept over her as she screamed out his name over and over.

He felt himself getting close to his own climax and wanted to make it last for a while. She was starting to recover from her climax and her breathing was almost back to normal when he slowly drew all the way out of her drenched pussy anmd lay back on the bed. “Well,” he said”You wanted to ride me to orgasm babe, now’s your chance”

A smile crossed her bruised lips as she straddled him and took his cock between her fingers and guided him slowly inch by excruciating inch into her steaming wetness. “You mean something like this?” she whispered as she finally got all of him into her and started to rock back and forth and side to side on him. “Yeah,” he croaked “I think you’ve got the idea. Man you feel so good darling. Keep moving just like that and I’m going to fill you with me at any second.”

“That’s exactly what I want lover. I want to feel you empty yourself into me. I need to feel your come fill every inch of me.” She said as she started to pump and grind her hips against his thrusting hardness. She could feel his orgasm starting and see in his eyes that she was now in total control of his body. She could stop this right now if she wanted and torture him or she could make him empty deep inside her whenever she wanted. She chose the latter and started to squeeze his throbbing member with her inner pussy muscles as she leaned forward so her hair covered them in a tent of red. He rolled her nippels in his fingers causing her to moan and move even faster on him. He was nearing explosion point now and she knew it. Suddenly his thrust his hips hard against her and cried out as his orgasm exploded deep inside her.”Yes, babe here I come” he groaned into her neck as he pulled her tight against him and thrust his hips hard against her slamming his cock deeper inside her than he had ever been.

The flood of his orgasm caused her to come again in crashing waves as she heaved against him their bodies in perfect rhythm with each other. Her hips ground into his and their breathing came in short gasps.
Finally their bodies subsided into spasms and then twitches as they collapsed in each other’s arms catching their breath. “That was the most unbelievable thing that’s ever happened to me.” He said when he finally came back to his senses and was able to speak. All she could do was smile and purr.

When they finally were able to move again they decided to look around the rest of the floor they were on. By now she had taken off her shoes and stockings and they both padded out of the bedroom naked hand in hand. The first room they entered was a smaller bedroom unfurnished except for a desk and chair. The second room was much the same except there was a small child’s bed.

When they opened the last door on the floor, they were greeted by a bathroom that took their breath away. The jacuzzi tub was beside a large bay window overlooking the forest and the mountains. In the distance the Fraser River wound through the valley on its’ way to the ocean. But what really caught their attention was the shower stall. Set right in the middle of the room ,it was glass on all four sides with jets on three and another that would spray from above.

“Wow” he said “That’s really impressive isn’t it?”

“Impressive is only one word I can think of.” She said as she circled the glass cube. “How ’bout sexy and sensuous ?” She started letting her mind wander to all the possibilities, how it would feel to have the water from the shower heads caressing her tits while he was on his knees with his tongue deep inside her, then how he would feel while he was sitting on the bench in the shower stall with the water cascading over him while she was straddling him bringing them both to a climax as intense as what they had just experienced in the bedroom. Then she looked over at the bath and thought about the two of them entwined in each other while the jets sent the water massaging over them. Some bubble bath would only enhance the pleasure that tongues and hands brought to each of them. She was just about to turn on the shower when that logical side of her brain kicked in, (she was sure that part of her drove him nuts). She walked over to him, he was framed by the window looking down to the river he loved and said, “Lover we can’t indulge ourselves in here, I have no shampoo with me, no soap either and I don’t see a towel anywhere. I also can’t think of a logical excuse for why I would be getting home with soaking hair on a lovely night like this. There is also the fact that I don’t see how I am getting my nylons on with my legs dripping from the juices our bodies create. My pussy
is just dripping and I can feel it starting to run down my le
gs. He turned and smiled and said, Honey I knew you would say this, that’s the kind of woman you are. You are always a step ahead. Shame though, we could have an awesome time in here. I guess we’ll just have to win the lotto and buy this place.”

She looked at the face of her watch, she could barely see it in the glow of the moon. It was still early, only 10:00 and they weren’t expected home until 11:30. They still had time. She looked at him and smiled and said, “I am thirsty, can you go down stairs and get the wine and our clothes.” There is a private balcony off of the master suite and I noticed one of those eurpoean style loungers out there, the kind that seats two, I’ll meet you out there.”

When he got back, she was lying on the lounger. The warm breeze playing across her body and he couldn’t help noticing how hard her tits were. They were just crying out for his mouth and he wanted them now. He poured her a glass of wine, then himself, got down on the lounger with her. They were lying side by side looking up at the stars with the breeze teasing his cock and her pussy and he started to touch her and heard the sound that told him she was ready for him again.

“Wanna try something just a little different this time?” He said.

“Hmmm what exactly did you have in mind.?” She asked .

“Well you go stand over by the railing and let the breeze blow on you for a second while I move some things around here and then I’ll give you a personal demonstration”

“Hey, I’ll try pretty much anything once and twice if I like it.” She said with a wink and a smile. She rose gracefully from the lounger and walked over to the railing, leaning her elbows on it and bending at the waist with her legs parted somewhat giving him a clear view of her ass and her swollen pussy lips glistening with wetness in the moonlight. He dragged the lounger closer to the railing then approached her from behind sliding two fingers into her slick wet womanhood. She moaned in pleasure as he moved them in and out of her slowly, wiggling them from side to side at the same time. Her hip started to move with the rhythm and she started to moan louder as his pace quickened.

“I’d love to take you standing up love, but I don’t think your knees will let me, so why don’t I sit down on the edge of the lounger and you sit down on me. You could use the railing for support if you need it.”

He sat down and slowly guided her over him and then lowered her on top of his hard cock sliding all the way in, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her that he hadn’t heard before. “God that’s good”She said. “It feels so different this way. You’re making contact with me from such different angles. Touching parts of me inside that you don’t usually touch. God, babe it feel so good.” With that she took hold of the railing and used it to lift herself up and down on his throbbing member slick with her juices.

As the pace quickened he started to move in unison with her driving himself deeper into her than ever before. He reached around her and cupped her tits in his hands and massaged them rolling the nipples in his fingers bringing even greater moans of erotic pleasure from her. Sliding one hand down to where they were joined he found an massaged her clit until she couldn’t stand it any more. She suddenly sat down hard on him driving his cock all the way into her and shuddered with the first waves of a massive orgasm taking over her whole body. “God yes lover.” She screamed. “I’m coming again baby, Oh Goddamn it baby yes. You feel so good inside me. I wish you could stay in me forever.” She started to bounce up and down on his cock again screaming in ecstasy as a second ant then a third wave of orgasms rolled over her carrying her to a place she didn’t know existed.

She could feel his cock starting to swell inside her getting set for a release of his own. Knowing thsis was going to be something extraordinary she stood up quickly and spun around. “I want to watch your face when you come lover. Now it’s your turn. Stand up and lean back against the railing please.”

Obeying her without hesitation he stood with his back to the railing and gasped when she took his rock hard cock first in her hands to massage it then deep into her mouth. Eventhough he was harder and bigger than ever before she was easily able to take his whole member deep into her throat. He maoned with pleasure as she deep throated him for a few seconds and then slowly drew him out of her mouth with a smack af her lips. Her tongue furiously went to work on the tip of his cock swirling and probing at the opening which was dripping with his pre-come juices.

“I’m going to try to do something I’ve never done before darling, I don’t know for sure if I can but I’m going to try okay?” She had always wanted to make love with him while she was sitting, face to face on his lap. They had tried it once but they had a water bed and it never worked out and she figured that this sun lounger was big enough and cushioned just right. She said to him, “Honey, I want you to sit sort of half way down the bed. When he was in the right position she took his cock inside her mouth again then she moved up on him teasing him, rubbing him against her pulsating clit, then when she was sure they were ready to explode she locked her legs around him and slid his manhood deep inside her dripping wet pussy. She arched her back using her arms behind her for leverage and said “put your hands on my tits honey”. She started to rock her hips, she couldn’t believe how hard he was again and then they were lost in the waves of passion that took them over. He couldn’t believe how good this felt, they were lost in each other’s eyes and he said, “honey, our love life has always been great but my God tonight we brought it to a level I never thought existed. I don’t know what’s different about you but keep it up.”

She collapsed on the sun bed beside him spent and out of breath, he had found that magic spot inside her again and she was sure her legs wouldn’t carry her down the stairs. Finally after a glass of wine and more kisses and caresses, she stood up and went over to the railing and just looked over the view of the valley, the wind caressing where his hands had been. He came up behind her and said “A penny for your thoughts.” She turned to him and smiled and said, “I have always fantasized about making love with you out doors. By God that was better than any fantasy. I don’t know what happened tonight between us but you are fantastic. I am addicted to you, I’ve never seen your cock as big as it has been all night. I love you completely and this has been liberating for me. I’ve still got that surprise for you when we get home, we aren’t done with the night lover.” Again she checked her watch and with a huge sigh said, “Time to go home honey. My legs are dripping from us, I don’t think I’ll get those nylons back on so time to get dressed but before we do.” Then she was down on her knees and he was in her mouth again. She looked up at him with all the love she had for him in her eyes and stood up and said, “Take me home honey and let me take you to heaven this time”.

Reluctantly they dressed and tidied up as best they could, trying to leave as little evidence of their passion as possible. The bed was in such disarray it took them a long time to put it back together. Finally all was as it should have been and they climbed into their van for the short drive home.

Lost in their own thoughts about what had taken place over the course of the evening, it was a quiet drive home. Breaking the silence he said. “How are you going to explain your missing stockings to your parents?’ ” Laughing she said. “I don’t know yet. That’s what I’ve been thinking about for the last few minutes. I was kind of hoping you’d come up with something to tell them”

“Yeah right babe, like I could come up with something believable in this short period of time. You’re on your own there lover.” She turned to him and smi
led and said “thanks a bunch. I sure wasn’t on my own when I go
t in this state.”

They drove on for a couple of minutes and while she fixed her makeup and tried to do something with her hair which by now made her look every bit like the woman who had been made love to in a rather passionate way. She suddenly remembered the little receiving blanket in the back and said, “Pull over when we get up ahead a bit. I’m going to try to get those nylons back on. There is no way I can walk in to our house without nylons on and be able to look my folks in the eye. I think just the smell of us coming from me will give us away anyway but I can at least try to get away with it.”

He found a spot just up ahead and pulled over into a secluded spot and turned to her and asked .”What are you up to now?” She just smiled and asked. “Want to help?” With that she got out and went around to the back of the van, opened the door, found what she was looking for, came back to her seat and handed him the little blanket that had kept their babies warm and with a sly smile asked, “Want to dry me off Lover?” He started to wipe her soaking wet thighs, moving slowly upwards until he reached the place where he longed to be again, his fingers once again on that button that gave her so much pleasure. She just smiled and said “Easy babe, we are trying to get these things on right?” He just winked at her and said “Can’t blame a fella for trying can you?” After she got the nylons back on she turned to ask him. “Well that takes care of that. What do you think the surprise is that I have planned for you?”

“Knowing you, it could be anything. But then if I tried to guess it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?” With that he put the van into gear and cruised away.

A short time later they pulled into their driveway and parked. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear.”Love, this has been the most amazing night of my life and I really would rather it didn’t stop tonight. I would like to have an “affair” with you. I know that a lot of times life gets in our way but I want us to do our best to take whatever spare time we have together to touch and kiss and stuff. Now I guess it’s time to return to the reality of our real life. Let’s go inside and see if the kids have destroyed the house and if your Mom and Dad are tied up in a closet.”

All was quiet as they walked through the front door, only the quiet murmur of the television broke the silence. As they reached the top of the stairs they realized that the kids were nowhere in sight. Grandma and Grandpa were snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. “Where are the kids?” she said quizzically. “Where do you think they are?” her Mom said. “They went to bed hours ago. They both indicated that they were tired so we put them to their beds about 9:30 or so. Haven’t heard a peep from them since. Pop and I have been sitting here watching t.v.ever since.”

“So, how was your dinner and movie night?” Her Dad asked.

“Well, dinner was really good.” He said. “You guys should try that place for sure.”

“The movie, on the other hand was total garbage, what a waste of money.” She added.

“To cap it all off my dress got soaked when I leaned against a wall that had just been pressure washed so you’ll have to excuse me while I go and change.” She raced upstairs hoping that the kids wouldn’t stir and got quickly in to a nightgown and housecoat that her folks would be used to seeing her in. On her way down stairs she was relieved to hear her mum say that the movie that her and Dad had been watching was over and that they would be going to bed. He was sitting on the couch and looked up as she entered the room with a surprised look on his face, she thought he must have been expecting something from a Victoria’s Secret catalogue and a smile crossed her face that he couldn’t quite decipher. After all the thank you’s and goodnight’s were exchanged and her parents had gone to bed, she looked at him and said, “Well lover are you ready for more?”

He got up from the couch and said “Babe I could go on this ride with you for ever.” She just looked at him and said “You better hold on then. Stay here for five minutes and then come upstairs, just do it quietly.” She went upstairs and got in to a very special nightgown that she had bought for tonight. It was black with lace across her breasts and a slit right up the side almost to her waist. She quickly lit a couple of candles and had a secret stashed away handy at her side of their bed. She could hear him coming up the stairs and come in to the bedroom and her heart started racing as she heard him say “My God you are so beautiful. What have you got planned for me now.”

She smiled at him and said as she walked towards him and slowly began undressing him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” She felt his cock start to throb again and knew that before long she would have him climbing the walls. All they needed was for the kids to cooperate. She had him naked now and said, “Trust me and just lay down on the bed. I am going to make love to you tonight.”

“You know I trust you sweetheart, but just remember what we’ve been up to all evening. There may not be much gas left in the tank. I’ll do my best but you better have some tricks up your sleeves.”

“Is that a challenge?” she said with a wicked grin.

“Nope, just a fact babe. We’ve been going at it pretty hard for the last few hours and I don’t know what’s going to happen. All I can say is I’m yours to do with as you please.”

With that suddenly his cock was engulfed in the warm wetness of her mouth. As he wasn’t all the way hard yet she was easily able to take all of him deep into her mouth, sucking and licking him back to a huge hardness that he didn’t think would happen again after everything that they had done. Within minutes he was hard as stone and more than ready for anything she had planned for him.

“Babe,” he croaked as his hips lifted in time with her mouth.”You are magic, I honestly didn’t think I could ge that hard again as quickly as that.” She backed off a little as he got bigger and bigger in her mouth and she wasn’t able to take all of him.

“God babe, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this big and thick before.” She said as she came up for air gently taking him in her hand and stroking his throbbing member while she caught her breath. “Your cock is so thick I don’t know if I can take you into me again tonight, my pussy is so swollen from all of our “action” earlier”. He looked at her and said “if you think you are getting away with this after you have had me trying to figure out what you were up to all night, you better think again woman.” She let out a little laugh and said “I think it’s time you found out. Just let hope our munchkins stay asleep.”

She got up off the bed and said. “Roll over on your tummy if you can with your cock in that state.” “Sure thing love.” He grinned. “And just how do you think I’m going to accomplish that?” She stood there thinking and said. “OK just close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you to”. With that he stretched out on the bed and surrendered to her with a “Just be gentle with me.”

She walked over to her side of the bed and suddenly the room was bathed in the smell of Lavender and Jasmine. He asked her if she had a sexy new perfume and she said. “You’ll find out soon enough, just keep your eyes closed.”

Her hands were on him again, this time with an oily silkiness that he couldn’t remember feeling before and then suddenly there was warmth spreading up from his toes. She was working her way up his legs now, massaging him in slow little circles and stopping once in a while to lick the inside of his thighs just below his balls then the warmth spead higher as she started to massage the inside of his thighs. Her hands were warmer now as she at last cupped his balls in her hands and he couldn’t believe the sensations that were going through him. The aroma and the warmth from her hands were driving him crazy and his cock was th
robbing more than ever. He groaned from deep in his throat and said “God love,
I’ve got to open my eyes, I want to watch what you are doing.” “Just one more moment and then when I say open, you can open your eyes.” Her hands were warmer again as she started to gently move her hands over his cock. “Open love, you can watch now.” Her hands were now trailing little circles around his nipples and down his chest to his belly button then back to his cock again. He was watching her and couldn’t remember her hands ever having quite this feel to them. He croaked “God Honey I don’t know what you are doing that is different but for God’s sake don’t stop”.

“Stopping is the last thing on my mind”, she said as she straddled his chest. He could feel how soaked her pussy was as she sat on his stomach only enough to make contact with him, She leaned over and said ” See anything you want to suck on?” He popped a nipple in his mouth and said “Don’t stop you are driving me mad.” She smiled and went back down to his feet, this time sucking on his toes then trailing ever so lightly with her tongue up the inside of his legs then teasing his balls with the tip of her tongue. She stroked his cock with her fingers and then said. “How does this feel?” Before he had a chance to reply he was in her mouth again.

He thought he was going to come right then. He had never experienced anything this erotic. The sensations coming from all the places her hands had been were still driving him crazy and now the feeling of her mouth on him were amazing. He breathlessly said “You better stop that or I am going to make a mess.” She lifted her head and got on her knees and said. “Make me come honey.” She sat on his face and his tongue was deep inside her pussy and then caressing her clit until she exploded. He could feel her body twitching and as her hips rocked furiously against his tongue and suddendly she was back down his body. Now his cock was where his tongue had been. She was still feeling the effect of the orgasm and it wasn’t going to take long before he joined her. She could feel every inch of him thrusting inside her, her hips rocking faster as she reached another climax and then he came with an intensity that he didn’t know possible. She leaned down and kissed him deep to smother the cries that she knew would come from each one of them. When the waves subsided she slowly got off of him and collapsed beside him. She looked over at him thinking about how fantastic and unselfish a lover he had always been and hoped that this could be the start of a new chapter for her. With a devilish look in her eyes she stroked his chest hairs and asked “Well Lover, how was that then?”

“How was that?” he asked incredulously. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I only have three questions for you.”

“Oh, and what might they be?” she asked with an impish grin.

“What is that stuff, where did you get it, and why did it take you so long? Oh, and one more so I guess that makes four. When can we do it again?”

She laughed and said, “Well, its called Essence of Lyang-Lyang. I got it at the Body Shop at the mall. It was just something I saw and thought might be interesting and fun. As far as when can we do it again? The answer is whenever you feel like it. Oh, and one last thing the clerk at the store told me it was edible. S’posed to taste like chocolate or something.”

“Really? Interesting” he said as he got up from the bed and walked around the bed to her bedside table and picking up the container.

She sat up and watched him as he read the label on the bottle. “Yeah, that’s what the clerk said anyway.”

“Hmmm, well let’s see what happens then shall we?” he said as he knelt behind her on the bed and poured a liberal amount of the oily liquid into his hand and rubbed his palms together spreading the essence over both of his palms. He could feel the liquid begin to heat up in his hands as he reached around her from behind and took her breasts in his hands and slowly started to massage them, rolling her nipples between his fingers.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. I can’t believe how warm that stuff gets.” She groaned as she pressed her breasts forward into his hands. Her breathing started to come in shallow gasps again as he pulled and rubbed her now rock hard nipples with his slippery warm fingers.
“Now, let’s see what this stuff really tastes like.” He said as he swivelled around in front of her so he could push her down on the bed and take first one and then the other of her throbbing nipples between his lips.

“Hey,” he said, his voice muffled by her breasts. “This stuff really does taste a bit like chocolate.” His tongue slowly made circles around first one nipple and then the other.

“My God baby, don’t ever stop doing that okay? It feels so damned good. I get so close to coming when you play with my breasts and nipples. I just wish I could figure out what you could do to push me all the way over the edge.”

“Well how about if we try this then?” He said as he reached for the bottle while still managing to keep a nipple in his mouth. Slipping a finger into the neck of the bottle he drew out a small amount more and rubbed it between his fingers lubricating the tips of his already oily fingers. Then he reached between her legs and slowly started to rub his fingers along the swollen lips af her pussy. “Let me know if this hurts or gets too hot okay?”

“Oookay” She croaked as her hips rose off the beds to meet his probing fingers. “But, I don’t think I’ll need to do that, it feels incredible. Just like being in a warm bath with your fingers in me. Yess, just like that babe. Right there is a real good spot.” She moaned as his fingers slipped slowly all the way inside her now sopping wet pussy. His fingers found her G-Spot and stroked and carressed it until she was writhing in ecstasy letting out quiet little moans and groans as her hips found the rhythm of his fingers and started to rise to meet each of his thrusts.

“Yesss baby, Oh God that feels so good just please don’t stop please let me cum again.” But instead he slowly withdrew his fingers and moved his head down between her legs.

“I want to taste you again babe, I want to see what you taste like with this stuff in your pussy.”

With that he thrust his tongue as far inside her as he could causing her hips to raise off the bed as she cried out. “Yes baby, Oh God yes I’m gonna cum again baby just keep doing that please. This is going to be a big one.’ She stiffened suddenly and then her hips began to gyrate wildly as the tidal wave of her orgasm exploded over her. When the waves at last subsided she couldn’t believe that she hadn’t wakened the whole house up but then again with half of her pillow stuffed in her mouth she guessed that that took care of her cries. He was really surprised to find himself hard and ready again so he caressed her again with the last of the oil and slipped inside her amazingly wet pussy. Their orgasm was instant and intense and suddenly they were spent. He collapsed on top of her, his heart beating so fast it felt like it was going to come right out of his chest. She couldn’t even get her breath and she heard him say, “My God woman, this has been the most exciting night of our lives. I didn’t know you had half of this in you and I never want it to stop.” She just smiled and said, “I’m afraid that genie is out of its bottle so you may have to hold on. This could be a wild ride from now on.”

He rolled on to his side looking at her and said “Bring it on baby, I can take what ever you’ve got to give. I love you, you are the most exciting woman on the planet and this night has been wonderful.”

She smiled up at him and said, ” I love you too, you are amazing, I can’t believe the risks you are willing to take. You constantly amaze me.” Just at that they heard a very familiar little voice calling.

“Daddy, I need you.”

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