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Hope sitting with Cody thinking what happened a couple weeks ago….Cody starting playing with her and backed off she was hurt and grateful all at once…
“Hope?” Cody said.
“What?” she asked.
“You know I remember when we were younger I wanted to ask you out but you were never alone.” He said. ” I thought you were so pretty in that dress of yours.”
She just smiled. They were sitting on the sofa at the end of the bed. He started to kiss her. She just kissed him and thought in wonder of how lucky she was to have him in her life. She started unbuttoning her pants and slipped his hand slowly into her pants. He started play with her and with his other hand he moved his body on top of her and slide his hand up her shirt. She so wanted him. He slowly removed her pants and placed her on the bed and asked if she wanted to stop? She smiled and said “No.” He said “You sure cause if I don’t stop now I don’t think I’ll be able to.” She said, ” That’s ok”
He thought to himself thank god. He has been trying to be a gentleman but he wanted her for too long. He looked into hr beautiful eyes and slowly slipped the shirt off her and her bra with it. He took off her panties. He just stop breathless….God she was gorgous it was amazeing that she didn’t realise exactly how beautiful she was. She was about 5 inches shorter than he was, long blond hair she dyed a lighter blonde, blue eyes, and tits that were Double D’s and all natural. She was amazeing. He slowly sucked on her breast as his hand wondered down…He lowered his body to eat her out…He didn’t go more than two mins. till he couldn’t take it anymore and slowly kissed her as he slid his throbbing cock in her. She scratched his back holding on for dear life god she never knew it could be this good. He slid in and out, in, out, in, out. She felt something but didn’t realise it was the beginning of an orgasm as his breathing changed and her quickened. He stopped and turned her with her back towards him on her side and him laying spooning her. Cody slowly slid back into her picking up his pace. Playing with her chest and he slid in and out, out and in. God he thought she’s so tight so perfect. As he felt like exploding inside her again but he wanted to make it last a while longer. So he moved her again. He told her to move over and she did without a word. He got in the middle of the bed and told her to get on top of him. She did. She suddenly got shy and he could see that. Dang she had no clue how beautiful she was. She slowly kissed him as she paused he grabbed her hips and slowly put down on him. And moved her up and down till she got the idea and he just layed there and played with her perfect breasts! Dang he thought she will due anything I want in bed and is gorgous and had big tits. He loved a thin girl with big breasts. She started going faster and faster and he got closer to exploding in her and remember that they weren’t useing protection. He told her to wait a min as he reached over and got a condomn. He started kissing her tits as he put in on…And he told her ok and she slide back down on him damn that don’t feel as good but she got him to the edge again quickly. She couldn’t take it anymore and kept going down quicker and deeper and harder till he exploded. And she layed next to him as he kissed her and got a smoke. Dang she thought I hope his parents didn’t hear as downstairs and she feel asleep in his arms and she didn’t remember ever being so happy.

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