My bithday presents (Part One)

I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow. It was my 18 birthday, I was finally going to become an adult. My mom was planning a big party for me and my sister even came home from college. Now let me describe my sister for you, she is five feet ten and a half inches tall and built like a perfect goddess. She is curvey in all the right spots and and she has a tan that is just right. In short the word to describe her is “Perfect.” Now my sister is a year older than me but that never stopped me from fantasizing about her. When I woke up on my 18 birthday I went down to the kitchen to get something to eat and my sister and mom were down there talking about something, they stopped as soon as I walked in the room and my sister came and jumped on my saying “Happy little brother.” Now I’m not gonna lie having her jump on my and hug me that close was enough to get me hard. I had to put her down because I was afraid she would realize what it was that she was doing to me, no matter how much I enjoyed it.
After I ate some breakfast I went up to shower. I think that I should tell you about me, I’m about six feet tall and built pretty solid. I don’t think that I have huge cock but then again I know I don’t have a small one either. Any way I was in the shower getting cleaned up for the day when my siser, Diane, came in. To think that she came in one me accidently isn’t even possible, because she had totaly changed her clothes into something alot more revealing than what she was wearing 5 min ago. In fact she wasn’t wearing anything at all. As I turned around to rinse my hair I felt something warm envelope my cock. I knew instantly that it was a mouth but whose I didn’t know. As the soap was being rinsed off my head and out of my eyes, my cock swelled up to its hard and erect state and I was getting one of the best blow jobs I ever had. Finally, I could look down to see who it was and to my greatest suprise and delight it was Diane. Diane, the woman who had been in my every waking dream and the only thought I ever had of having sex with. I tried to pull my cock out of her mouth but she just followed my hips and sucked even more urgently. Soon it got to the point where I didn’t care, it felt too good to stop. I felt the tightening of my balls and I started groaning “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” Diane stopped just long enough to say “Good. Cum in my mouth for me.” Seconds later I shot my load deep in the back of her throat and watched her swallow it. She stood up and kissed me, pressing herself onto my still hard cock. I tried to move around to better position my dick into her pussy but she broke off the kiss and walked out of the room without a glance back. Oh God I was still rock hard and needed something. I don’t think that anything could be better than what Diane just did. Boy was I wrong.

To be continued…..

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