My Brother In Law is My husband

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I am a 38-year-old widow, my husband passed away over 4 years ago. We lived in a joint family so I had not much problem after him. My husband had an elder brother named Jwahar (6 yrs elder than my hubby) who was married, having 2 children and his wife was having a very good nature but her problem was that she was very fat. She had a cesserian at the time of her second delivery and after that she became fat. Recently my husband’s elder brother became my husband too and I am gonna tell U about that.

Since my husband had expired 4 yrs ago my young and sexy body needed some care and caressing. My hot 38-D boobs were crying for a musculine kneading. I tried to give my body every sort of caressing but a man’s body is a man’s body.

My stats are: 38-32-40. Round breasts, round ass cheeks and a bit fleshy tummy. Since I didn’t wanted my body to go out of order I do almost all the household work everyday and never let my mother-in-law or my elder sister-in-law to move even a bit.

At morning I would go to the local temple and then I would clean the house and make breakfast and then I washed clothes. It was my daily routine and I used to get up by 5 o’clock. My elder brother-in-law would woke up at 7 o’clock and so by then I used to do every work and only Breakfast I would eat after every house member had eaten. I used to go to bed by 9 or lately by 10 as I had to wake up early in the morning.

One sunday morning, during the summer break of the children, when my sister-in-law had gone to her mother’s house with her children, I saw my brother-in-law masturbating laying fully nude on his bed (I went there for dusting). He didn’t noticed me but I saw and noticed his huge cock which he was masturbating and soon he cummed. His cum was thick, white and endless. He took his clothes and went to the bathroom. I entered his room full of the smell of his cum and sat on his bed where his cum had been spread over. Hesitatingly, I smelled his cum from very near and it just stick to my nose. I went outside and washed my face.
The smell of his cum was arousing and I masturbated on his name. But after that I remembered my relation with him and started accusing and questioning myself that what I had done and why I had done that?

I got my answer as I was hungry for a cock from 4 yrs and it would be better to be with him than with anyone else unknown. I thought about that and I finally made a decision to get myself fucked by him.

I then made a plan and started to work on it from that day onwards.
I would talk to him more often and even at times I would let my pallu of saree, or dupatta fall down so that he would also start noticing my body, which he did. I was very excited to play this new game and I got successful in only one week.

When I washed clothes he would be in front of me in one pretext or the other just to have a glimpse of my breasts from even under the blouse as I don’t wear any bra and also I would got myself drenched just to make out my nipples stiff and prominent.
I masturbated every night thinking of his 8″ long, thick dick. I was longing to have it inside me.

One day as a part of my plan I fall ill and he took me to the doctor and look over me. That night about 11 o’clock he came to my room. I was sleeping and he sat besides me on the bed and started to run his hands through my hair. I just woke up but I didn’t let him know that I was awake. He continued playing with my hair. Then I turned over and slept on the other side as I was feared that he might got to know. I was very surprised when he placed his hand lightly over my shoulder. He lightly kissed my forehead and then my cheek. I think he liked my soft skin very much because he kissed on my other cheek to and then moved to my lips. He just wetted my lips with his warm tounge and then with his fingers he started to massage my lips. It felt so arousing. Then he took his dick out and masturbated his 8 incher in front of me and cummed on my bedsheet and went away. After he had gone away I licked his cum from my bedsheet and masturbated myself.
Next day, when I was washing his pants, I found a packet of condoms in that. I gave it back to him with a sexy smile on my face and he also gave a positive and naughty smile.

That night I slept barely naked by just covering myself with a sheet and again at about 11o’clock he entered my room. He sat besides the bed and stretched the sheet covering me away which exposed my big mountains in front of my respected brother-in-law. He was happy to play his game and he placed both of his hands to cover my breasts and slowly started kneading them very lightly. Seeing no opposition from my side he kissed on my soft and spongy left breast. He kissed it with his wet lips and then started to lick and suck it lightly and removed the sheet from over me completely. He placed one of his hands over my hairy pussy. We both were in a state of no return.

He gave all his power to massage and fondle my breasts and I was moaning with pleasure. I was running my hands thro’ his hair and then he kissed me on my lips and inserted his warm tounge inside my mouth. I sucked it very nicely making a perfect ‘O’ with my lips.

Then he went to my cunt all the way down licking my fleshy tummy. He licked my inner thighs and then placed his warm tounge over my pussy and remained it there for a minute and spitted on it and inserted his two fingers inside which went very smoothly and he increased his speed and also spreaded his fingers apart inside my pussy. I cummed just then and the cum seemed to be endless. I was amazed. As I would masturbate almost everyday but my cum never come out so much. It oozed out from my pussy for a minute and he licked every drop of it. He was still licking my pussy when he took his pyjama off.

Both of us were completely naked by now and he was all over me with his erect dick, kissing my neck and my pink nipples. He was very good at love-making. I was moving my hand all the way up and down on his lovely dick and I got up and started sucking that 8″ rod. I took it inside my mouth as much as possible and tried to chew it but he came very soon and filled me deep inside my mouth. I was amazed when he moaned. His cum was all inside my mouth as well as over my cheeks and some drops drifted to my fleshy breasts. We embraced each other and he licked my breasts and also my cheeks to clean me.

I took his dick and kissed it again and rubbed it between my breasts, it got harder in just a sec. He than layed over me and slid his hard dick inside my lovely mound. It entered freely and started to pump me up and down in the traditional missionary style. After such a long time I was having the feast for my mound and I cummed three times in two minutes of his first session. He was just about to cum and he wanted to take it outside but I wrapped my legs around him and helped him pump deeper inside me. He cummed inside my little orifice and fulfilled my desire. He remained inside me for about a minute or so. We lay motionless for a while totally exhausted and totally satisfied with fuck of life time.

After a brief resting he put fingers inside my pussy and started fingerfucking me while he was sucking my lips. I held his shaft and moved my hand up and down over the whole length. I got up and started sucking his dick once more. Then he licked and sucked and mangled my mangoes as if he had seen them for the first time. He bit me a couple of times making me moan louder.

He then made me doggie and inserted his tool inside my velvety pussy from behind and fucked it hardly. Besides, he kneaded my breasts, bit my back and rode me to his satisfaction. Totally we made love for 4 times that night.

It was 4 o’clock in the morning when my brother-in-law(now my husband) left me on my bed naked and full of the smell of cum. I then realised that so much time of fucking but we didn’t had any word except loud and slow moans.

I slept for about an h
our and took a bath. I didn’t go to the temple that day as I felt guilty of havi
ng sex outside my marriage. I took on to the usual household work and again at night I felt hungry. I slept at 9 and today he came to my room at 10 o’clock.

He switched the light on and made me wake up. He enquired about previous night and said sorry only if I felt bad. I took him in my arms and said that I didn’t have any problem except I am feelin’ guilty for your wife. He said nah! that’s no problem as she had given me a permission to fuck other slim girls as she was a reduced performer on bed due to her bulky size.

That night onwards our new life started and now even in the presence of her wife he would sleep with me and oblige me everyday with his huge cock. He also gave it in my backside where I never allowed my husband to enter. He is totally a gentlestud.

This true story was written by rosy because the narrator, her best friend, didn’t wanted to disclose herself. Any comments are welcomed at:

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