My Dear Prabahmausi

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Hi! I am Deepak. I am a True lover of desibaba stories, because they make me horny enough to fuck my sexy wife everyday, sometimes twice in the night. Now for the first time in my life, let me confess about my naughty and romantic acts with my Mausi, Prabha, who is the youngest sister of my mother.
Before I start telling my story, let me tell you a bit about my family. My mother is eldest among her 8 brothers and sisters, of which, Prabhamausi is youngest. She is just 2 years older than I am. I was dreaming about her since my teens because she was lovely looking, having beautiful complexion, long and silky hair and soft skin. I was studying at my Nana’s village, when I was in 9th standard. I was just 13 then, and had recently learnt from my friends about girls, their sex-organs and sexual acts. Prabhamausiwas about 15 years old then.
It was a big joint family and all of us children in home, used to sleep in the one big hall. All girls were sleeping at one corner, and boys in another. During this period in my own way, I tried many times to suggest her about my desire, but perhaps she was too innocent to understand those things. Sometimes in the night, I could manage to secure a place near her and keeping awake up to the late night. At late hours in the night, I used to touch her body-parts with my trembling hands. I used to press her newly swollen breasts tenderly (with taking great care not to disturb her sleep). Many of the times, my hand traveled up to her panties also. I still remember the soft touch and warmth of her young pussy, wetness of her inner thighs (perhaps due to perspiration) and dryness of my throat due to fear and excitement.
Once or twice, I dared to slide my finger inside her panties and inserted it inside her wet, hot and soft vaginal area. She never knew anything about these night adventures of mine. In those days she was my dream girl. I was getting erection even in the classrooms if I thought of her pussy. But that was not the time when the REAL THING happened in between both of us. It is much later than that.
After I passed my exams with good marks, I returned back to my own home in the city, and continued further education. After completing education, I took a job and got married within a couple of year. Prabhamausi was already married to a Professor teaching in college in my city. Now she was staying in my city, and kept on visiting our home to see my mother. Though my marriage was a love-marriage, my sexual desire about Prabhamausi had never left me. She was now fully-grown up and matured lady and looking more beautiful than ever. Her boobs had grown fantastically. Her husband Tushar was an intelligent, handsome and ambitious fellow but at the same time, he was very much money-minded. He encouraged Prabhamausi to complete her post-graduation assuming that she will get a job somewhere and start earning money. Meanwhile Tushar got an opportunity of going abroad for higher education in his faculty. It was at the expense of the institute where he was teaching. Men like Tushar do not miss such opportunities. He immediately took a decision and left for U.K. He could not take Prabhamausi with him because her exams were heading.
Naturally in those days Prabhamausi was feeling lonely, and used to visit us more frequently. I was newly married then. Though she was my Mausi, we were almost like friends to each other as she was almost my age. She was very much curious about the love story of my wife and me. She also wanted to know all about our bedtime experiences, and always kept on asking my wife about it. My wife was pregnant at that time. I was starving sexually and Prabha knew about that.
One day I was teasing her about her husband.
“Kyun Mausi ajkal Tusharchachaki bahot yaad aati hogi. Hai na?”
She smiled and said,
“Tujhe bhi to Ratna (my wife) ki yaad aati hogi.”
“Ratna to mere paas hi hai. Mujhe usko yaad karneki kya jaroorat hai.”I said.
“Ha! Lekin aur 2 mahinontak Ratna bhi tere kuchh kamki nahi.” She said in teasing tone. She was referring to our sexual life. I suddenly realised that there was nobody else in hall. I decided to talk openly.
“Meri to thode dinonki baat hai. Tumhe to poore 2 saal akele bitane hai.” I was staring at her intentionally.
” Yeh baat to sach hai. We are sailing in the same boat nowadays.” This time her tone was serious.
“Tumhe neend aati hai kya raatko?” She suddenly asked me.
“Bilkul nahi. Tumhe aati hai kya.”
” Meri bhi yahi halat hai. Pata nahi do sall kaise gujarungi.” She was looking restless.
” Mausi, chacha to waha gori saheliyonke saath maze le rahe honge, aur tum idhar tadap rahi ho.”
” Tum kya samazte tum mard log aisa kuchh karte hai to ham auraten nahi kar sakti hai kya?” she said furiously.
” Karke dikhaogi to maan jaoonga.” I said in challenging way.
After some hesitation she slowly said,
“Agar karoongi to main jo chahoongi woh dena padega.” She looked in my eyes and again asked,”Doge na?”
My heart started beating fast. ” Tum mangke to dekho!” I answered
We looked at each other for long time, and said nothing.
She closed her eyes, threw her head backwards and sighed.
Suddenly she thought of something and said, “Deepu, do you know the shop where I can get these books?”
She took out list of some books from her bag. While handing it over to me, her hand touched mine. It was not usual touch. Her hand was shaking.
“Yes! I know a shop in Old City, but it is too far from here and you can’t go there alone. Take Mummy to accompany you.” I said.
“Why can’t you come with me right now?” Now she was looking in my eyes with a typical inviting smile.
By now I started realizing that something is going to happen today.
I hesitated for a moment, and then said,
“OK. I’ll fill up petrol in my bike and then we will go.” My heart was now beating fast.
While going on bike, she kept her hand on my shoulder.
“We will go to my home first. I want to take some money.” She said.
” No problem! I have the money.” I wanted to know real intention behind her going home.
“Deepak, please jyaada bahas mat karo. Pehle mere ghar chalo. Mujhe aur bhi kuch kaam hai.” My guess was right.
I agreed and started driving towards her house.
She was staying in a rented bungalow in the outskirts of city. After getting there, she asked me to park my bike in the
As soon as we entered in her bungalow, she carefully put the latch bolt on door. I sat in the hall while she went in her bedroom. My heart was beating fast. After sometime, she called me from inside.
She was wearing beautiful nightgown. She was not wearing anything under that transparent gown. It was so transparent that I was able to see each and every part of her body. I could even sea her erect black nipples. She came forward and put her head on my shoulder and said,
“Mere saath ghar akele aanese dar lagta tha kya? Mai tumhe khaa jati?”
“Nahi! Mujhe daar tha ke mai hi tumhe kha jata.” I Said
” Deepak, tum lagte to seedhesade ho, lekin bahot chaloo ho.” She said and closed one eye.
“Tum bhi kam nahi ho. Lekin auratonki chaloogiri kisiko pata nahi hoti.”
“Ab thodihi dermain tumhe pata lag jayega ki hum aurate kitni chalu hoti hai. You wanted to see what I can do. I will show it later. First you show me what you can do for me.”
My body was shivering with excitement. I took her face in my hands and gently kissed her lips. Her eyes were closed. We both sat on the corner of bed and started kissing each other. I pulled her on to the bed and hugged her tightly. The dream I saw for 14 long years had came true at last.
“I love you Prabhamausi!” I whispered in her ears.
“Deepu! I know that since our childhood, and now let me tell you frankly, that I loved everything you were doing to me in those nights. But I thought that you are younger than me, and again our relation was such that I could not dare to respond you. Today also, I am aware, that whatever we are doing
is not right, but there is no way out. I can’t control myself anymore. After Ratna has told me how
good you are in bed, I always thought that you are the only person who can satisfy me and will keep it secret. You won’t believe, but I also love you since long time. Now please Deepak, don’t waste time.”
Next moment we were in each other’s arm. Prabha was really wild and aggressive. She had not enjoyed sex in last 6 months. I decided to make her as much happy as possible. I unhooked her gown, removed her bra and started caressing her big fleshy boobs from over her gown. We were violently kissing each other and whispering vague things.
“Tumhare boobs to Ratna se bhi bade bade hai.”
“Ratna keh rahi thi ke tumhara ‘woh’ bhi ekdam mota aur tagda hai. Mujhe bhi dikhao na jara.”
She whispered and started unbuttoning my pant and pulled it off. She put her hand directly in my VIP trunks and held my fully erected cock. She started squeezing it like she was milking a cow. Now I couldn’t control myself. I also got up from bed and took her panties off. We slept necked in bed together. Prabha was having very silky and soft skin. I started kissing her lovely body feverishly. She was now moaning and saying again and again
“Ohhh…! Ahhhh… ! You are so sweet Deepu…!!” She was crying with joy and holding me tighter and tighter as I was sucking her boobs and biting hardened nipples.
Now my tongue was travelling towards her naval slash. At the same time I pushed my middle finger deep inside her wet and hot cunt. Her love juice had started flowing. She arched her body and said.
“Oooohh..! Now its enough Deepu..! Take out that and push your lovely cock inside me. Give me all you have.”
By now I was getting sweet smell of her pussy as she had her precum already. I got up and sat in between her legs and caressed her white, warm and tight thighs. Then I bend down and kissed her pussy. She was getting so hot now that she grabbed my head with her thighs and started moaning loudly.
” Uhhhh….Yeh kya kar rahe ho deepu?”
I didn’t answer and started leaking her cunt and clitoris with my tongue. I had never done that to my wife, but Prabhamausi was my first love. I would do anything to make her happy. I buried my face in her soft pubic hair and sucked her genitals for long time. Prabha was in heavens and she was loudly moaning all the time.
While I continued eating her sweet pussy feverishly, she stopped moaning and asked me,
“Tumhe yeh karna ganda nahi lagta?”
” Bilkul nahi Mausi. Mujhe to bahot maja aa Raha hai. Tumhe nahi aya kya?” I asked
“I can’t tell you how lovely it is. Tushar never does this. Lekin ab tum utho aur mujhebhi aisa maja lene do.” I understood that she also wants to suck my cock.
She got up and sat on the floor. I was seating on the edge of cot. She made me undress myself totally. Then she came forward and took my fully erected cock in her mouth. After pushing skin back, she started leaking my red-hot dong with great taste. She ate my cock for another 10 minutes. With her tongue, she was leaking my testicles also. I was busy playing with her soft cheeks, boobs and erect nipples. She kept on sucking feverishly. My cock was so much erected now, that it was painful.
That time I was in heavens but was afraid of getting an early ejaculation. So I stopped her, pulled her on the cot and climbed on her. Her legs were parted and my cock and balls was touching her wet pussy.
“Kyon mera imtihan le rahe ho deepu? Please jaldee andar dalo na…!” Prabha was now at her full ecstasy.
“Dheere Dheere karneme jyada maja aata hai.” I said rubbing my cock with her cunt.
” Mai janati hoon. Is khelme mera experience terese 2 saal jyada hai. Lekin aaj time bahot kum hai. Ab mujhe aur mat satao. Jaldise mere upar chadh jao aur shuroo karo.” Now she was so desperate, that she was trying to insert my cock with her own hand.
“To tum mujhe promise karo ke next time tum mujhe poori raat dogi.” I said kissing her. Actually I wanted to book her for next 6 months, because Ratna was now pregnant.
” Mere saath poori raat rahoge? Kya main tumhe itnee achchhi lagti hoon?” She asked
“Mausi tum itni chikni ho ke tumhare saath poori zindagi raha to bhi dil nahi bharega.” I said
“OK baba! Pramise!! Poori raat Doongi, lekin yeh baat Ratna ko kabhi mat batana. Thik hai? Ab jaldise chadh jao mujhpar Pleeeeas….” She said smilingly and kissed me.
I got up, adjusted my cock right on her cunt-hole and with a slight jerk, started entering inside her. After few repeated jerks, two third of my huge rod was inside her cunt. It was tight and warm inside. I never expected it to be so much tight. She moaned loudly of pain as my 10-inch cock went inside.
” Baap re! Deepu, Kitna bada hai tera lund!! Ratna thik kehti thi. Who bahot lucky hai.”
“Tum to andarse abhibhi bahot tight ho Mausidarling. Tushar isko jyada istemal nahi karta hai kya?”
” Usko time mile tab na? Mushkilse mahineme ek bar hota hai hamara. Aur ab terese kya chhoopana!s sizeme uska tumharese aadha bhi nahi hai. Ab lagta hai teresehi isko dheela karna padega” She said giving thrust from her hips.

“Kyo nahi! Yeh lo!!” I said and pushed my full rod deep inside her, and doubled my speed.
” Aaaaah!” Prabha moaned in great pain and joy.
Without talking a word, I fucked her like that for full 15 minutes.
She was mad with joy and was jerking her ass to match that heavenly rhythm with my jerks. I was fucking her with full speed when she got her first cum. It was such a nice feeling. My cock was all wet and lubricated with her full cum. Now it was easily going in and out. We were in heavens. Perspiring and breathing heavily. Whispering silly things in each other’s ears. The room was filled with sound of kisses and sweet sound of fucking. She had gripped me with her legs and hands, and started moaning and crying madly.
“Deepu darling. Tum kitna meethe tarikese sab karte ho! Ratna kitni lucky hai! Tum pehle kyo nahi aye mere pass? Ab to mai tujhe chhodungi nahi. Tujhe roj an padega mere paas. Aoge na? Bolo..”
“Ha! Jaroor aunga. Mujhe aur kya chahiye.” I said squeezing her boobs mercilessly. At the same time I was busy in pumping deep inside her only god knows for how long. She cried loudly at the end,
“Oh Daaarling…! I am cumming again.” and at the same time I released my full ejaculation in her cunt.
We slept in the same position for long time. My cock was still in her cunt. The bed-sheet was wet due to heavy overflow of our cums. We were totally exhausted. Unknowingly I went to deep sleep. When I got awakened after sometime, I saw Prabha entering the bedroom. She already had her bath and looking more beautiful due to her smile full of love and satisfaction. She bent down and kissed lightly on my lips with affection and said,
” Bahot thak gaye na? Bechara!!”
I got up and hugged her.
” Deepu! Itna karneke baad bhi abhi dil Nahi bhara kya?” She asked with smile
” Tumhe to zindagi bhar karoonga to bhi ji nahi bharega” I said
“Bas! Bas!! Now stop your romance, get ready and go to home. My kamwali bai can come anytime now.” She gave me my cloth.
I got ready and said,” Do you know Prabhamausi, today is the happiest day in my life.”
She smiled and asked,
“Now tell me, Am I as good as Ratna?”
“You are too good, and I am dam lucky that I have you!!” I again hugged her in the hallway and kissed her deep inside her mouth. Our tongues met. We kissed each other for long time. After a while she pushed me away and said,
“OK! OK!! Spare something for next time, and now stop calling me Mausi.”
While I was kicking my bike, she was looking at me with love. Just before I started, she came forward and whispered in my ear,
“Thank you very much for today ! And remember that I will wait tomorrow night. Don’t disappoint me” And again she closed her one eye in sexiest way.
I hope you (especially girls and sexually starving women) must have enjoyed reading my real life story.
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