My Dream Fantasy

I met you on the internet. You seemed nice and I wanted to have a good time instead of being a good girl all the time. I walked up to the Esso on Wheatland Trail. You drove up in a Jeep Wrangler TJ, my favorite car. We drove to your place out in middle of nowhere even though your nearest neighbor was probably about a mile away. We went inside and after taking my coat and shoes we sat and talked for about 15 minutes on your couch. Then you stood up and took my hand and led me up to your bedroom. You knew from my profile that I liked it rough so you forced me to my knees by pulling on my ponytail. I sucked your hard cock until you came and then you held onto my head so that I couldn’t pull away which of course meant that I had to swallow every bit of your hot creamy cum. Then you told me to take my clothes off and you sat on the bed to watch me. After I took my shirt, jeans and socks off I took my bra off and you started to get hot again to see my C-cup tits bounce free of their restraints. Then I took off the new underwear I’d bought especially for this occasion. After looking at me for a moment you pulled over a backless cushioned bench and forced me over it. Then you got out a wooden paddle, a whip and asked which I preferred, one of these or your hand and I said Gentlemen’s pick. You must have liked that because you laughed. Then you picked one and gave me a solid whack on my bottom. I cried out and you laughed and kept going until my ass was cherry red and tears were streaming down my cheeks. Then you helped me up and led me to your bed where you pulled a hood (that had a zipper and a blind included in it)and some ropes out of a drawer and fitted me with the hood then laid me down and tied me to the bed, then positioned yourself so that your head was between my legs and paused to ask me if I’d ever came before. I smiled and shook my head no and you started licking and kissing my clit which was throbbing hot and then you began tongue fucking me. I moaned but couldn’t say anything because of the hood. I couldn’t move my arms or my legs so all I could do in response to your tongue fucking was arch my back and moan a lot. You worked me up to a orgasm and then once my pussy was dripping with my cum after my orgasm you took your cock and in one motion buried it in my pussy up to my cervix and your balls. I screamed out behind the hood and you pulled your cock nearly all the way back out and then buried it inside of me again. You did this faster and faster until you came inside of me. Then you untied me and rolled me over and forced me into a position so that my ass was high but my head was on the mattress. You stuck your finger into my juices coming from my cunt and stuck your it in my ass. I squirmed around and you smacked me hard on my ass and told me sternly to be still so I stopped squirming. You left me for a moment. I heard a drawer opening and closing and you came back behind me. I didn’t know what you were doing but after a moment you said to me this is so that I don’t have to punish you further and then I felt a needle going through my skin and a liquid being pushed into my body. It burned in my ass and I screamed again and tried to get away. You smacked my ass again, harder this time, and I again stopped then after another moment it stopped burning. You stuck you finger in my juices and then stuck it in my ass. I tried to get away again but I couldn’t move at all. I grunted and you laughed and said serves you right, bitch. You started pumping your finger in and out until my asshole was bigger than your finger. Then you stuck another finger in and kept pumping them in and out until your four finger were inside me. You pulled your hand out and stuck your cock in. Your balls were slapping my cunt and clitoris as your pumped my ass. After you came inside of me you pulled yourself out and left me again. Then I felt what must have been the business end of an enema bag been pushed into my hole. You pumped warm water into me slowly until I was very full. You stuck a plug up there and rolled me over onto a bedpan, pulled the plug out and I expelled everything. Then you came to my head, unzipped my hood and pulled my hood off. I squeezed my eyes shut as the bright lights were too much for me at first but after a few minutes I could see everything but I still couldn’t move voluntarily. I was still in the position you put me in you could have anal sex with me. You told me you took off my hood because that medication you gave me wasn’t going to ever wear off unless you gave me this. You held up a bottle of liquid medication. You said you wanted to watch. You grabbed a syringe and stuck it into the medication. Then you sucked it all up into the syringe. You came towards me with it and knelt on the in front of me. You stuck it into the skin of my ass and pushed the liquid in. I unfolded slowly from my position and you were climbing into bed next to me. I cuddled in next to you and as we fell asleep like that I said to you Happy Anniversary, Alejandro.

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