my fantasy brought to life

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I walked in the front door and was surprised to see you standing there. You had a sneaky grin on your face and you asked if I was up for a fun night. This intrigued me and I said, “Of course.” You said it would start right then and you proceeded to tie a blond fold over my eyes. This got me excited and I could feel myself getting wet. “Are you sure you’re ready?” You asked. “I am so excited!” I replied.

You moved me away from the front door, and began taking my clothes off one piece at a time. As soon as I was totally naked, you took my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together. You moved back in front of me and grabbed a handful of my hair and gave me a passionate kiss. I could feel my juices moving now. My pussy was really getting wet. When our kiss broke, you pushed me down to my knees and put your cock in my mouth. (You must have taken your clothes off fast because I didn’t sense you were naked). I know when we met I was nervous about giving head, but I love your hard cock and could suck it all night! I began sucking and licking your dick and I can feel it grow in my mouth. After about ten minutes, you grab my hair with both hands and hold my head in place and fuck my mouth. I begin dripping down my leg. You let go of my hair and help me stand up.

“Have you been a bad girl?” You asked. “Yes I have, very bad” I tell you. “Well, I think you need some spankings then”. And with that, you sit down and lay me over your lap. Before you begin spanking me, I feel you pinch my nipples. I think there is a direct nerve from my nipples to my clit. My nipples are so sensitive I could almost cum! Next thing I know you are putting my nipple clamps on. They are so tight on my nipples, but it feels so good I can hardly stand it and I start to moan. “I know you like that” you tell me. But I know you will start to make a lot of noise, won’t you bad girl.” All I can really do is moan a little louder, the pleasure is so intense. “Well, we can’t have you making too much noise can we?” and then you place a ball gag in my mouth. We have never played with one before, but the idea of one has always turned me on. It really muffles any noises I make which is good because I think tonight could get crazy.

Now that I am gagged, you begin spanking me. You keep calling me a dirty, bad girl and spank my ass over and over. My ass begins to sting, but I am so turned on. We have never done anything quite like this and the excitement is so intense. After about fifty solid smacks, you ask me if I am ready to try something else. I nod and moan; since I am gagged I can’t really answer. You say “good”. And then start with one finger, then two and finally three into my wet pussy. “You are so wet, I can’t believe it!” you say. After moving the fingers around for a bit, you take them. With your fingers wet with my pussy juice, you begin moving your hand to my asshole. Lubed with my own juice, you move one finger into me ass and begin moving it in and out. Just as quickly as this started, you pull your finger out and then stand me up.

“Let’s go downstairs” you tell me. My hands are still tied behind my back and I am blindfolded, so you guide me by the arm downstairs.

Once downstairs, you untie my arms and I wonder what is next. You walk me over to our bed and lay me down on my back. Then you grab one hand at a time and tie them to the bed. You take each ankle and tie them to the bed as well so I am spread eagle and open to anything. You climb on top of me and pull the chain that connects the nipple clamps. My nipples are so intensely sensitive and my pussy is on fire! You kiss my nipples through the clamps and I can feel the ecstasy mounting.

You rub your hard cock against my pussy and then ram it inside. You begin pumping my and I can feel your balls slamming against my ass. I love it when you fuck me hard like this. You slow down a bit and pull out. You untie my ankles and then push my legs back. You tie each ankle to my bound wrists, so my ass and pussy are totally exposed.

You lick my pussy for a few minutes, and then rub my cunt juice over my other tight hole. I feel something being pushed into my ass, and I know it is not your cock. You must be using one of our toys. I hope it is the long doubled sided pick one. After you get the toy in my ass, you pump it a few times, and then I feel a toy by my pussy. It is the pick one!! You have both my holes filled with this toy, and you grab it and fuck both my holes at the same time! After about two minutes I begin to cum violently and my whole body shakes. You tell me it is your turn to cum and that you are going to cum all over my body. I can hear you stroking your dick while you kneel above me. With one hand you masturbate and with the other you undo the ball gag. You tell me to open my moth and stick out my tongue. I feel the head of your cock bouncing on my tongue. Suddenly, you cum and shoot your hot cum down my throat. When you are done coming, you bend over and kiss me passionately, tasting your our man juice. We are both spent, and you fall asleep with me still tied up.

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  1. creameater

    hmmm, love that kiss, with all my thick cum in your mouth, we kiss passionately, tasting each other your sweet breath,my cum and your juices….

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