my first time

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It was a cool fall evening when i met mike. I was young ang very eager to learn.

I met mike and we dated for about two weeks and he asked me if i had ever fucked anyone.
I said no and he asked if i had ever sucked dick before,I once again replied no. He justed stared at me for a few seconds and smiled. But I was thinking to myself i am willing.
He then asked if i wanted to go to his house and watch some movies. I said sure only hoping what would happen.

We were sitting on the couch and he put his arm around me an di turned to him as he leaned toward me he inserted his tounge inside my mouth , and reach around to foundal my tits. He asked if he could i moaned in agreement. we stopped and i looked down to see a large balge in his pants. I loked at him and said shyly canI touch it? He smiled and stood up and took of clothes. His 9!/2 inch stood erect in front of me. I eagerly started to pump it. he groaned as his hips pumped back and forth. He looked at me and said take off your clothes I want to show you my love. I did so and he looked at me and said you are amazing. I smiled and blushed. He then said are you sure you want to do this ,I said yes and bent down and gobbled up his love tool. He pushed me away and laid me on the couch and said spread your legs iwant to look at your pussy. I did so . Icould feel his fingers sreading my wet pussy apart. Then i felt him licking . Oh yes i yelled eat me baby . The louder i got the more he probed at my love channel. He look up his lips shined with my juices. I am going to put my finger in . ijust moaned as he spred my lips so he could see my hole. Holly hell your tight . His finger finaaly slid in and he moved it in and out . My hips buck in pleasure. After a little while i looked at him and said Honey I want to fuck you. He stood up and said for me to spread my legs apart a lttle further. He bent down and started to press his manhood against my hole. He looked at me and groaned I looked at him and said just ram it in. He looked at me and said It is going to hurt. I said only for a little. OK he said and proceeded to ram my love box . I screamed as the pain coursed though me . I stopped and asked if i was ok. I smiled. He said in a few minutes it won’t hurt. he was right within minutes I bucking a sreaming for more. He pumped on my puusy for about 30min. He looked at me and said Im going to pump hard so you cum. After that it was only a few min. and I screamed for him to give it tome I was body shived and his head flew back as he yeeled for me to take all of his cum.

When it wa sover i looked at and said Ill have to come over more often. Ever since then I have been takng his manhood nightly.

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