My first time being with two men

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We met up on AFF. He read that I wanted two men and told me that he and his friend would meet me. We agreed to meet at a local restaurant to make sure we were attracted to each other. Then we agreed to meet the next evening.

I rushed home in the evening and showered. Then I put on one of my white bustiers, white lace topped stockings and sheer lacing lace tap pants. I fixed my hair and makeup and dabbed perfume on my nipples and inside thighs. I put on a sheer white robe and looked at myself. I hoped they liked this outfit. I stepped into white thin-strapped mules with bows on the toes and a trench coat to cover me up and keep the chill from me.

While driving I spoke to Mike on the phone. He seemed to be the “point man” of this encounter. I would find out later that he was the only one I had contact with outside of the hotel room. He waited in the parking lot of the motel, by the room door. I pulled up and walked to him. He pulled me in his arms and kissed me, long and deep. His arms wrapped around me. I was already very wet but now I felt that tingle. I love the touch of a man. He asked if I was ok and I said yes. With that he tied a blindfold over my eyes and led me into the room.

Just inside the door he took off my coat taking in the sight of me standing there in my lingerie and heels. I know he said something. Now I cannot remember most of what was said to or about me. I do remember him pulling my hands behind my back and taking a piece of material out to fasten around my hands. Now my nipples were very hard, almost to the point of being painfully. My pussy was wet, droplets slowly moving over my lips. He kissed and sucked a nipple and fondled me. He kissed me over and over. Then he moved me to the side of the bed but turned me towards the table and chairs in the room. There he made me kneel and I felt another set of hands come to my head as a cock was moved to my face.

It was warm as it brushed my check and then it was pushed at my lips. I slowly moved my face around so that this cock dragged across my red lipstick. I slowly opened my mouth and my tongue made the first contact of the night. I slowly licked the underside of this cock just under the lip of his head. I flicked my tongue over the top and kissed the slit. I felt the cock jerk and I heard a sign as the hands pushed my face onto him. The cock pushed deep into my mouth slowly and the moan that came from this man excited me so. I knew from the sound it was David. His cock was long and very thick and I could not get much into my mouth although it was full. I do love sucking cock and the fact that I was tied, on my knees and with two men thrilled me to no end. My pussy swelled and started to get juicy. David started to fuck my mouth and play with my long dark hair.

Off to the side I heard Mike start to remove his clothing. I was helped to my feet and David sat on the edge of the bed. Mike moved me backwards against David so that I was straddling his lap and his big thick cock pushed up at my waiting pussy. Mike reached down and grabbed David’s cock and rubbed it deep into my slit and told me to “sit on that cock”. I tried to move it into me and found that its girth was a bit more than I was ready for. Mike was pulling on my nipples as he kneeled in front of us and put his mouth right on my clit. GOD IT FELT GOOD! He sucked and licked my slit as David pushed his cock into me and pulled me down at the same time. The feeling was incredible. Not only was my clit being eaten, my pussy was being filled with the largest cock I had ever had near me. My pussy felt like it would burst as he pushed up deeper. I let out a deep moan as it moved into me inch by inch. I was in heaven.

This was the beginning of hours of fucking. David’s big cock fucked me for over and hour as I sucked and stroked Mike’s cock. He filled my mouth with cum and hardened again waiting for his turn at my now stretched pussy. When Mike was done, David laid me on my back and climbed on me missionary position. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and pushed into me. I felt him hit bottom but that did not stop him. Slow and steady he pushed in and pulled out of me, making me cum over and over. Mike sucked my nipples and cradled my head in his hands as his friend fucked my pussy like I never thought it could be. To say I was wet would be an understatement. Although Mike had pumped me full of his cum, I was dripping from my own orgasms. A steady low moan was creeping from me as I closed my eyes and went to a place deep inside me. I was lost in the feelings of this big thick cock abusing my pussy. I was in a trace and trilled with all the sensations. David picked up the pace and his tongue found mine in my mouth. He kissed me like a lover and took my breath away. Mike was talking to us, urging David to fuck me harder and deeper, and asking me how my “cunt” felt filled with this cock. He urges me to cum all over David’s cock. I shook and cried out as I came for the hundredth time. I felt my pussy open a bit more as David picked up the pace and started to jab his cock into me. His breathing became labored and the sweat dripped from his face. His mouth sucked on mine as I opened my eyes and looked into his. His cock seemed to swell in size if that was possible and he sucked on my tongue and groaned. He rammed his cock deep into me till it felt like he was in the back of my throat. The spasms started and I felt wave after wave of thick hot cum shot into my womb and coat the very depths of me. David collapsed on top of me and his cock stayed semi-hard and deep into me.

I thought I was done for the night. I was wrong. Mike was hard again and was ready for round two.

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