My Friend Lorri and Me, Part 1

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Me and Lorri, a Scotiish lady had become through internet chatting. We used to spend hours in chatting, Lorri, a 43 year old woman with four children and she separated from her husband lately…. I don’t know the reason ….. on the other hand, I am a 29 years old, 5′ 6 ” tall guy from Karachi, Pakistan. I am working in an for a company as an asisstand manager. My Native language is Balochi but I can speak quite a few languages as well.

We came across through a website and one day I called her to say that I was planning to visit her for a month and if it was okay living in her house, at first she didn’t believe what I was saying and I am sure she thought if I was joking. But I assured her and informed her about my day of arrival. And I just started to count on days.

I used to see her through webcam while chatting and she had sent me her pix too. She was a perfectly shaped lady with a bit extra flesh. She had big melon like juicy breasts I am sure they were about 44 D and her ass was quite big ( as seen in the pix )


There were some special reasons why I wanted to visit her, talking sex and asking someone for sex is always considered taboo in Pakistan. And I was still a virgine but I was commetted to screw Lorri as my first intimate friend, I always used to get horny while chatting with her and even I had told her about my desire and she never minded it, she had two daughters and two sons… one day while chatting with her, she left the webcam unattened and went to fetch glass of beer… I was seeing through her webcam, suddenly a girl appears into the room, I am sure it was their living room and I didn’t know the name of that girl but I was sure she was Jessica, her 18 year old eldest daughter.

She wasn’t aware of the fact, that the webcam was still on. Left by her mom…. She was wearing T-Shirt and jeans and she was standing just in front of webcam, I was curious what she was up to. She seemed to be lost, perhaps she was looking for something she had misplaced. But my eyes were fixed on her proud assets, they were looking fantastic. Suddenly she pulled her T-shirt of her head and tossed it on the sofa. Wow ! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing …… mmmmmm…. I was feeling thunder down under and I could feel rising a tent in my pents ….. I wasn’t sure what she was doing and why ? I was praying that she would take her jeans off too. But instead she unhooked her bras and tossed it on the sofa too. But then she remembered something and almost rushed to the door and slammed and locked it. Smile came on my lips to see that…… I thought there must gonna be some action now. I still couldn’t figure it out whether she knew about the webcam. But who cares !

She was stroking her breasts and like her mom, she also had gigantic breasts, she was teasing her nipples which become erected …my tent in the pants was full erect and it was going to rip my pants. I had never seen that scene before and I couldn’t help myself but to move my hand on to my crotch and caressed my prick……. But all of a sudden She rushed to pick her belongings ( T-shirt and bras ) and hurriedly put them on again and she made her way to the door and unlock it. Perhaps her mom was knocking at the door. They exchanged some words and then she left the room.

Lorri, was on the net again, and she asked for apologizes for being late… I told her it was okay. ( but wished her never came at the wrong time ) anyway, continued our chat for sometime and then log off.

To cut the story short. My flight was confired for tomorrow and I had packed my all necessary stuff and you would never know how I spent the day and I woke up early in the morning, took shower, had breakfast and then logged on to net and left Lorri some offline messages about my arrival, Scotland is 4 hours later than my country.

Lorri, greeted my at the airport and we shook hands and she hugged me I moved my arms around her shoulders and pressed her body against mine. I wanted to feel her breasts and now it was a wish which was coming true. We remained in this position for almost five minutes and people aroud us were looking at us with surprise and perhaps they were thinking about our relationship , I was a Pakistani while she was a Scotiish and they couldn’t think if she was my mom ! but we left them guessing and she held my hand and led me to her car and we got her home in less than 25 minutes, where her children greet me with open heart. And later Lorri, introduced me to Vicky, Jessica, Tom and Bob, Tom and Bob are they youngest and they are twin.

Vicky is 22 years old and Jessica is 18. Both Tom and Bob are 14 years old. After the brief introduction Lorri, took me to show me my bedroom. It was nicely decorated room and it looked as if they had renovated the room. It was 4 : 00 pm and Lorri told me to have some rest and she would meet me later on.

I made myself comfortable on the bed, run my eyes around the room, there was an attached bathroom too ( a smile came on my lips) I lie down, and try to sleep but how could I sleep with out Lorri ? anyways, so I just spent an hour or so in my room while I heard a knock and then come in Lorri and she told me that she had bought tickets for a movie and we would have dinner in a resturant .

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