My Girlfriend's Visit

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I had just built a new house, and Carrie was helping me arrange things in the house. It was a Friday evening, and she had been off all day, helping me put the finishing touches on. It was winter, and we had not noticed how bad it was snowing.
Carrie realized that about five inches had fallen, and she needed to get home. I would have loved for her to stay, but her parent’s were Catholic, so they didn’t like her staying with any man overnight. She ran out to clean off her car, as I got on my spare fire gear to keep me warm, and I went to help her. I didn’t see her, but noticed the roof of her car was cleaned off. As I pulled the front door shut, I heard her scream for help. I ran around her car to find her buried in snow, laying on her back. She had stood in the doorway of the car to clear the snow, when she slipped twisting her ankle. To make matters worse, when she kicked the door shut in frustration, all the snow fell off the roof onto her. Her ankle hurt, so I picked her up and carried her in to the living room, and put her on the couch. I noticed she was soaked all over, because she had not done up her coat.
I put two more logs on the fire before instructing her to start removing her wet things. She removed her coat as I went to grab my Medic’s bag. When I got back, that’s all she had removed. I fussed her for not making any progress. She told me “I’m not getting naked with you!” I told her “Look, you need to get dry. When I’m in my gear, like now, I’m a total professional. So, let’s get those wet things off, as soon as I get back.” I went to my bedroom and grabbed a fresh, clean pair of sweats for her to put on. When I got back to her, she had only removed her shirt, and the shoe and sock from her uninjured leg. I could see her bra was also soaked, and figured so was her underwear. I offered, “Here, let me help with the rest. This may hurt.” I very carefully removed her shoe and sock, and she only winced once.
Her ankle was definitely swollen. “Okay, now the rest.” I said. She looked at me funny, when I continued, “Let’s get that wet stuff off you. I’ve got some nice warm clothes for you to put on.” She shrugged, then un-did the snap and zipper on her white jeans. She lifted her butt of the couch, and I gently pulled them at the knees. She sat and removed her good leg herself. I carefully bunched the leg up and carefully slid them past her ankle. She closed her eyes as a small sharp pain hit, but I could not avoid the slight touch. “Okay, now your undies.” If looks could kill, I might have been dead on the spot! “Look, you are soaked, and won’t warm fast with those wet things on.” She continued to look at me the same, but reached around and un-did her bra. She shrugged her shoulders, and the bra fell off, showing her beautiful b-cup breasts. I tried not to smile, but I think I failed, because she said, “I thought professional?” “Doesn’t mean I can’t admire a beautiful view.” I replied. She just glared at me as she tugged at her panties.
I caught a short glimpse of the fact that she shaved her pussy, and I breathed a light sigh at the beautiful site. I think she noticed but I got up quickly, pulled a warmed blanket over her, and put her undies with the rest of her clothes by the fire. I picked up the sweats, which are now very warm from the fire. I gave her the shirt, grabbed the edge of the blanket and lifted it, blocking my view of her. “That’s better, but I still need help.” She said. I lowered the blanket to her lap, as she had the shirt on, but the pants were laying beside her. I picked them up, and slid the blanket to her knees. I bunched up the right leg of the pants, and carefully lifted her leg, slipping them past her injured ankle without touching. She breathed a sigh of relief, and I slid the pants up to the edge of the blanket and let go. She put her other leg in, then reached under the blanket, pulled them up with out showing anything. I then started working on her ankle. I carefully checked it, then put a splint and a stretch bandage on it. I grabbed an instant cold pack, activated it, and wrapped it on with another stretch bandage.
I checked the weather, and it was still snowing like mad. I called her parents and informed them of what had happened. I told them it was not wise to try to go anywhere tonight. I also promised to put her in my guest-suite and sleep in my own part of the house, where she could call on the intercom if she needed help. Her dad was not pleased with her staying, but agreed that my suggestion was best. He talked to her briefly, and she assured him things would be “just fine”.
Once she hung up, I told her that I had to get out of my gear. I covered her up with the blanket and assured her I would be right back. I went into the back of the house, slipped out of my gear, still wearing sweats myself, I took off my sweat shirt, and put on a tee that was in the clean laundry that I had just finished.
When I got back into the living room, she was laying back on the couch, completely covered by the blanket. It was odd because she had her sore leg on the back of the couch, but it too was hidden except for her foot. I didn’t think too hard on this, figuring she still had a chill from getting all that snow in her coat. I sat on the edge of the couch and told her “I’m going to get the suite ready. I’ll be a few minutes, because I’m going to light a fire.” I stood up and heard “Wait, did you light the fire in the master suite?” she asked. “Yes, you know I did.” I replied. “Please stay here a moment?” she requested. The pouty, adorable look on her face, I just had to stay.
“What’s wrong?” I inquired. “Nothing, I just need you right now.” She replied. I sat back on the edge of the couch, a little closer this time. “You know I love you, right?” she asked. “Yes, and I love you too.” I replied. “Look, this isn’t easy for me.” she started, “you know how my parents feel about pre-marital sex. Well, that’s my parents, not me!” I just stared at her as she continued, “I know you liked what you saw earlier, and the other day when I caught you changing, I really liked what I saw. I want you. I want you to take me, now, here.” She threw off the blanket, and I saw she was naked. With her leg still on the back of the couch, she threw the other across my lap, giving me a great view of her beautiful, shaved pussy. Better yet, because her legs were so far apart, I could see her very wet vaginal opening. I was hard immediately, and I knew she could feel it, because my hard-on was pushing against her leg. “And don’t worry, I’m on the pill.” She said with a smile. I lifted her leg, and placed it back on the couch, and she gave me a puzzled look as I stood and walked away from her. I went o the front door and locked it, turned the light off in my office, and the rest of the first floor, leaving only the lights on over the stairs. I walked back to her, carefully picked her up in my arms, and carried her to my king-sized bed. I could smell her wonderful scent wafting up from her pussy, it was intoxicating.
I carefully laid her on the bed. She was so sexy, my hard-on hurt. I added two logs to the fire to keep the room warm. I watched her as I undressed, and she gasped as I took off my underwear. My hard-on was bigger than ever, I guess it was because I knew I was about to take this beautiful virgin. I knew that I had to be gentle, make her enjoy every minute, if I was to keep her interested in me.
I carefully climbed into the bed, even with her, and kissed her gently on the lips. As I did that, she reached down and started playing with my cock, and I took that as permission to carefully attack her breasts. As I sucked her left nipple into my mouth, she sucked in a deep breath. I worked first one then the other. Soon, I could last no longer from that soft, warm hand working me, and I came all over her leg. Her eyes got big as she said, “That’s what that looks like!” I grabbed tissues as I apologized, “Sorry, but your hand felt so good.” I cleaned her up quickly, then went back to working her breasts. I then reached down and started massaging her labia.
She immediately start
ed moaning loudly.
I kept lightly rubbing her labia, with her own wetness giving proper lubrication to keep rubbing. I used my index and ring fingers to rub her labia, but my middle finger gently rubbed the cleft between. Her breath quickened, and her back arched a little. She spread her legs a little, and with that my middle finger slipped in between her labia, and I was now rubbing her clit. She screamed in delight as I felt her enter her first orgasm. I kept rubbing for a minute, and when I stopped she had a look of disappointment on her face.
“Just wait, I’m not done yet.” I told her with a big smile on my face. I moved myself to between her legs, and she had puzzled look on her face. I started kissing her inner thighs, slowly working my way up to her beautiful pussy. As I started kissing her pussy, she started to moan again. I started kissing and sucking her clit and she started moaning more loudly, arching her back, and placed both legs over my shoulders. I kept working her pussy, sucking licking and tongue fucking her until she erupted in another, even stronger, orgasm. I kept going, and so did she, in a continuous orgasm. I stopped after a couple of minutes, and carefully crawled over her, kissing her gently on the face. She reached up and grabbed my face, drawing me in for a deeper kiss. I whispered to her, “This next bit may hurt for a moment.” She looked puzzled again, but pulled my face back down and continued kissing me. As she did that, I placed my hard cock at the entrance of her virgin love hole. As I carefully pushed in until I felt resistance, she began to moan again. I knew it was time, because she was rocking, sliding me in and out of her very wet pussy. I pushed forward, breaking her hymen. Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth dropped open, in what I thought was a silent scream. Her mouth shut, and since I was holding still, she started rocking again, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. I took that as my cue, and started working myself in and out as we kissed. It did not take much time for her to cum again, and she clenched my cocked so hard, it sent me over the edge.
I carefully rolled off of her, and laid next to her. “Wow! I never thought it would feel so great!” she exclaimed, “You were great! Thank you so much!” “Oh baby, you were great too. Thank you. I’m glad I satisfied you so well.” I replied. As I pulled the covers over us, I snuggled up to her, placing my arm around her middle. It did not take long for us to fall asleep.

Stay tuned for chapter 2.

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