My Man Will Do Whatever I Want, Pt. 2

It’s me again, Lisa, Clnt’s wife. I just couldn’t wait till I right the main story in a few days, I did promise you a follow up.

I wanted  to let all you ladies and gents know the best thing I got my hubby to do. He really didn’t want to, but he could never tell me no. Now remember, he is 6’4″, 275 lbs; I’m 5’2″, 95 lbs. I got him to put on a pair of white fishnet stockings, white thong, and a lacy white bra (stuffed to a 40 DD, hungh). Then I told him we were going for a drive in our corvette; he was so nervous. Once we were driving and got about 4 blocks away, I had arranged for this cop friend of mine to pull us over on this dark secluded street.

He made him get out and spread them on his car. Then he started telling him he’s going to jail, and how the inmates will treat him. Clnt was so scared, he was shaking. Then I walked up to him like the cop had asked me to; I told him the cop won’t arrest him, if he let’s him fuck him in the ass. He said, “No way!” “Babe, it’s better than going to jail where there are a lot of guys isn’t it?” He  agreed. I walked back, told the cop ok, and got back in the car.  I got so horny watching this cop pound my hubby’s ass. A few minutes later we were driving off like nothing happened.

Love lisalisa  3/92


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