My Married Man

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Today has been a really bad day. The riders on the bus were given me a hard time, my supervisor was riding my ass about complaints and most of all I was running hot on my run. If I could just get home and relax. As I pull the bus into the garage, my supervisor stops me and say’s pull the bus to the back, we need to talk about you running hot today. I have been getting complaints from passengers about you being too early and them having to wait for the next bus. This is the third time and I’m going to have to suspend you without pay. It’s out of my hands.

I began to cry. The supervisor reaches out to hold me as I’m crying. He’s begans to hold me tighter and I notice he has a hard on and I move a little closer. We kiss softly than more urgent and hard. The supervisor says we can’t do this here we need to finish this a little later. I get really excited, because I’m tired and had a really frustrating day.

Meet me at the rubicon apt 924 an hour from now. He says okay. Once at home after taking a nice long bath there’s a knock at the door.

My supervisor is standing there 6’4″ slim, dark and handsome. He picks me up and carries me to my room and proceed to kiss me as he laying me down. When he gets to my muffin all I can do is tremble all over it feels so good. Licking and finger fucking me. Oh it feels so good. His long wet finger reaches my ass and he slowly insert it a little at a time, I’m screaming now! oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

He pulls out eight inches and tease my clit up and down and put his head in just a little, pulls it out and puts in just a little more. By now I’m getting excited and I scream more, I need more Then he pushes in all the way and start to fuck me hard and fast.

Turn over – I turn over and he rubs his long cock down my ass and slowly pushes in deeper, deeper, it’s all the way in. He began to pump slowly pulling it all the way out and pushing it back in slowly. I can’t take it. Then he start faster, faster and then harder. Oh yes, this feels so good. Fuck me in my ass, yes harder. He rubs my clit and I buckle as we cum together.

My superviser gets dressed and goes home again to his wife.

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