My mother in-law caught my eye. (Part 1)

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My mother in-law Mary, caught my eye years ago……… (Part 1)

At age 19, I married Carol, age 18. We spent our first couple years in Kansas, where I was serving my last two years in the army. Our sex life was heavy, often and wild. God, wasn’t everybody’s at that age. We would fuck at the drop of a hat, no matter where we were, with in reason. :) Along a creek. In the grass yard, outside the church where we were married, just a little after dark. Carol and I both, had very little sexual experience growing up. Hers was mostly foreplay, with heavy petting and occasional finger fucking, with a few nice looking guys from high school. At age 17, she had a close call on losing her virginity, when she fell in lust with Henry, 5 years her elder. On Thanks giving day (1963), Henry to Carol to his mother’s house for dinner. It was unknown to Carol, that his mother would not be home. The house was empty, so that sat on the couch together, to enjoy some time alone. After some kissing and light touchy feeling, Henry carried her into his mother’s bedroom and placed her gently on his mother’s bed. The kissing and petting got feverish. So hot, Carol said she did not remember her panties being removed? The next thing she knew, Henry was on top of her and his hard prick was probing at her virgin mound. She could feel his cock begin to enter her now moist opening. He had worked about two inches of hard cock into her, when thoughts of pregnancy entered her mind and she began crying. Henry noticed her tears and instantly quit probing and withdrew his throbbing cock. They dressed and he took her home.

My (Mike) only real sexual experience, was at age 17, with a 38 year old waitress from work. I was a busboy/waiter/dishwasher. At work, Shelly would take every opportunity she could, to brush up against me. If I was bending over to get a tray of dirty dishes, she’d place her hand on my ass and say, “Careful Mike, behind you!” As to keep me from bumping the tray of food she was carrying. She probably knew she was arousing my large virgin cock, but had no way of knowing I had never been with a woman.

One evening, my friend Ron picked me up to go to the local bowling alley. There was a large long bar there, so people having a drink could watch the bowlers if they wanted. Ron and I were half way through our first game, when I heard a woman’s voice say, “Well. What are you doing here Mike? Who is your friend?” I introduced Ron to Shelly. She was wearing her black shinny tight fitting slacks from work and her nice white work blouse, opened 3 buttons down. Her nice rack was slightly exposed, more so when she bent over to sit her drink down. Ron and I invited her to join us in the next game. She accepted and went to rent some shoes and find a bowling ball to suit her. She finished her drink and ordered another from the waitress.
We started the next game, allowing her to go first. I told Ron, “Watch this. I’ll bet she looks great delivering that ball?” I was right. We both were enjoying the view each time her turn was due. One time.. As her turn ended and Ron was getting ready to take his. Shelly walked by me and leaned in to plant a gentle kiss on my cheek. ” I’m glad I bumped into you tonight. I could use some company,” she said. “Me too,” I replied. My heart was pounding rapidly, as thoughts ran through my mind. We finished that game and Ron said, “Well Mike, we better get going, school tomorrow.” I told Shelly I had better go, as Ron was my ride home. She said, “Bowl one more game with me, I’ll drive you home.” I agreed and Ron said, OK. See you tomorrow Mike. Nice meeting you Shelly.” And he left.

As Ron walked out, I wondered if I had made the right choice? I would find out soon, as the gentle kisses increased in number and began to grow in meaning. As did the size and stiffness of my young cock. She must have noticed, because she squeezed between me and the score table, allowing the back of her hand to brush against the bulge in the front of my tight fitting jeans. Shelly whispered, “My goodness. I think someone’s getting horny? I better take you home.” I could tell I was blushing, by the heat in my face. She said, “That’s OK Mike, it’s normal for a young man to get aroused easily. Relax.” We finished up and paid for our bowling and headed to her car.

Shelly drove me home and parked in front of our neighbors house and turned off the car. We sat talking for a few minutes. The street light was casting a shine to her partially exposed cleavage, I think she knew I was glancing? I thanked her for the fun and the ride home, as I leaned over and gave her a kiss goodnight. Wow… I was getting hot! I started to get out of the car and she asked, “Is there a secluded parking spot around here?” My heart started to pound again. I closed the door and said, “Sure, let’s get out of here.” I directed her a couple miles away, to a state park with lots of trees. I pointed to an area on the far side of the lake.
She parked, turned off the engine and slid over in the seat beside me. Instantly, we began heavy kissing. Our tongues were darting around in eachother’s mouths. I could feel my cock begin to grow and stiffen. I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I raised my right hand and placed it on her left breast and began massaging it gently. “Mmmm, that feels nice. I love a man with big gentle hands,” she whispered. Her right hand dropped down and rested on my hardening bulge. I went crazy, when she began massaging it. I started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. As I reached around her, she leaned forward to allow me to undo her bra clasp. As I started reaching under her bra and grasping her large round breast, I could feel her hardening nipples. I could feel my hardon begin to drip pre-cum. I had never been this far before. Shelly began to undoing the buttons in my Levi’s, one by one. She worked her inside the waistband of my briefs and gripped my hard young dripping cock. “My, someone’s juicy. Let me help with that?”, she said. She removed her blouse and draped it over the steering wheel. Then took off her bra and tossed it on the dashboard. I knew I was in deep shit, when she leaned over and began kissing on my cock. Slowly licking the head of my cock, she was removing the pre-cum that had gathered there. I just about lost it, as I felt her lips open and took my cock deep in her warm moist mouth. “Easy Shelly. I’ve never had my cock sucked before”, I asked. “Well, you’re going to love this”, she whispered. She began going way down on it and drawing on it as she came up. I began fondling her breast, as she continued sucking my hard throbbing cock. As I slid my hand into her slacks and started toying at her hairy mound with my finger, a strange feeling hit me. Shelly took her mouth off my throbbing cock and went “Mmmmm… Someone’s close? That’s ok. Cum in my mouth Mike. Let me taste you.” As she went back to sucking it and was really drawing on it hard. It was really throbbing strong. As I shoved my two biggest finger deep into her wet cunt. I started stroking her really hard.
Suddenly, my shaft started pumping big hot gobs of cum into her warm mouth. “Mmmm”, she moaned as she gulped it up and swallowed it all. My cocked pumped heavy for at least a minute. I had never had this feeling before and it was great.

I told Shelly, “I’m a little disappointed. I wanted to put my big cock inside you.” She told me what a large thick cock I had and bigger than most 30 year old me she’d had. She told me to lay down on my back. She removed her slacks and panties, then straddled my face to allow me to taste her juices. She moaned, as I licked her juices away. God, she tasted great. As I licked at her clit, she reached behind her back and started gently stroking my again hardening shaft. My cock head was snugly gripped in her palm and she squeezed it as she stroked. As she raised up off my face, she whispered, ” I want it inside me now.” She slid back and lowered herself down, guiding it into her wet hot cunt. “Yes!” she yelled, as she started bouncing up and down, taking me deep insi
de her wanting twat. It was only
a few moments and I could feel her pussy throb. She was pumping on me hard and began cumming, just as I popped another burst of my own cum deep into her. She collapsed on my chest and we laid there for a while. Shelly whispered, “That was the best fuck I’ve had in quite awhile. I’d love to take you home to my bed and fuck you every way you want?” I told her I’d better take a rain-check, because of school tomorrow. I’m sorry I did. That was the last time I saw her.

We had visited Carol’s parents Mary and Chuck, in their country home in Ohio, twice while I was on leave in the mid-sixties. I instantly fell in love with the country life and knew it would be our home someday. I watched Mary often, as she went about her daily chores. I’ll admit I was ashamed, of thoughts I was having. One evening just after dark, I went to the backyard to have a smoke. They didn’t have much money then and couldn’t afford the best of things. I noticed the bathroom light come on and I could see it was Mary, because of the thin, almost sheer curtains. I could tell she was going to draw a bath, turned and walked away. I kept on telling myself to not look back at her, but couldn’t resist. As bad as it sounds, I had wanted to see more of her for some time. I walked up on the raised brick walkway, to get a closer look. I could see Mary removing her blouse and reach behind her back to unclip her bra. She turned towards the window and placed it on the washing machine. God… What great round breasts she had. As she stuck her foot into the tub and stirred the water, her breasts swayed from side to side. I wanted to touch and suck them so bad…………………..

Continued in Part 2

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