My mother in-law caught my eye. ( Part 2 )

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My mother in-law caught my eye. ( Part 2 )

In 1967, I was discharged from the army. Carol and I and our 6 month old daughter, moved back home. As I was seeking a job, we stayed with her parents until we could rent a house of our own. We shared a room with a couple of her younger brothers, which caused us to try to sneak a little fucking time. Now that I was seeing Mary often, It caused me to try to get to know her better. Two of Carols younger sisters, shared another bedroom, just off of ours.

Their house wasn’t fancy by any means, but Mary and Carol kept it clean. The bedrooms didn’t have doors, just curtains you pulled back. Carol and I would chuckle some nights, as we knew when the radio was playing, Chuck and Mary were having sex. At some points, we could hear the bed springs. I’ll admit, I was a little envious of Chuck. There were times that I would raise Carols leg over mine and pound away at her tight juicy cunt. Sometimes I would picture her being Mary. Those times would a massive orgasm. Carol even asked me what I was thinking about, as she could tell I was fucking her a little harder. But, I never let her know that I was fantasizing about fucking her mother. Man, I wanted to bone her really bad.

One morning, Carol was sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying her coffee. I was asleep and didn’t know Mary had walked though the bedroom, from the bath, on the way to the kitchen.
Mary grabbed a cup of coffee and joined Carol at the table. As she sat down, she told Carol, “You better go cover Mike up, before your sisters get up.” Carol came into the bedroom and pulled the sheet and blanket up over me. She told me about it later that day. “Mom made me come cover you up this morning. You were laying there bare assed on your back, with the biggest hardon sticking straight up in the air. I was so embarrassed for Mom.” I told Carol I’d try to remember to put my shorts back on, after fucking her the night before. She smiled and walked away, shaking her head.

It was Saturday and Chuck would be headed to a town 20 miles away, where he owned and operated an auction house. Mary ran the small snack bar there during the sales on Saturday nights. In the morning, I would drive her to the local market for supplies. Carol was loading rags and towels into the washer, so they would be ready for the snackbar that night. I told Mary to get her purse and list and get ready for shopping. We hopped in my van and drove off for the market. As we were headed down the road, I asked Mary, “So. Why didn’t you pull the covers up on me this morning?” She turned beet-red. “I was afraid of waking you”, she replied. I drove another mile or so, but the devil in me wouldn’t let it drop. “So. Did you peek at it?” I asked. The blushing returned. “No! I didn’t”, she growled softly.” I said, “Then how did you know it was exposed?” “It was a quick glance. Shit, it was just there!” she quipped. I let here calm down for another mile or so. Then the devil returned. “Did you like what you saw?”, I asked. “YES! Now drop it, please?”, she asked. I did.

Saturday night was here and the sale was on. Carol was behind the snackbar helping Mary. I was helping Chuck out, by moving things around and watching for bids. After a little while, I saw the snackbar was getting busy. I told Chuck, “I’m going to help the girls out, They’re busy.” He knodded his approval. I went behind the snackbar and started taking orders from customers. Every chance I got, I placed my hand on Carols hip, as I went around her. Plus, everytime I passed behind Mary, I casually brushed up against her hip, or her ass. A few times, she shot me a nervous glance, as if she was afraid Carol would notice? But, I was being very careful.

The following day, Chuck headed out early for an overnight fishing trip with a friend. Just bout noon, Mary suggested we have a cookout. Carol said, “Mike, why don’t you take Mom to the market and carryout for some beer and sodas? The girls and I will pick some sweet corn from the garden” I agreed and Mary and I headed off in the van. We hit the market and then the alley carryout for a couple cold 8-packs. By this time, it was almost 1 PM, so I turned right to take the back country road home. As we reached the city limits, I pulled over to have a smoke and a cold beer. Chuck didn’t want Mary smoking, so every now and then I would try to smuggle her a carton of her favorite cigarettes. We got out, leaving the doors open. I went around and opened the side sliding door, to fetch us a cold beer and popped them open. As I turned around, Mary was putting a cigarette in her mouth, I lit it for her. We sat on the side door step and began sipping our beers. I leaned over a gave Mary a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Thank you. What was that for?”, she asked. I replied, “Just because you’re a good looking lady and I wanted to.” She smiled and took another sip. I placed my finger under her chin and turned her head to face me. I planted a warm kiss on her lips and lingered a moment. She did not pull away. “You know what?”, I asked. “What?” she questioned. “That beer tastes a lot sweeter, coming off of your lips.” She smiled and got up to walk a bit. As she walked away, she said, “We better be careful and get our butts home.”

Mary turned and walked back towards me. Starring into my eyes she said, “You know, when I was younger I had a wild side. But, I got married, had kids and got domesticated, or dominated. End of story.” I told her she still has a wild side. It just needed waking up. As she walked close to me, she asked, “I suppose you are the one to wake that wild side? But you are my daughter’s husband and this wouldn’t be right. And after all, I’m old enough to be your mother.” I put my finger against her lips, as it to shush her. I sat her beer down and pushed her back to the van door and laid her gently on the padded carpet floor. She gazed up at me, as I leaned over and planted a strong and lingering kiss on her lips. “Mmm”, she softly moaned with pleasure. I slid my left arm behind her neck and brought her left arm up to grip it with my hand. I lowered down to press against her, continuing to kiss her deeply. My right hand glided up her ribcage and gripped her large right breast and began caressing. At this point, I had to feel it good. Our lips never parted, as I began unbuttoning her blouse. I stuck my thumb under the center of her bra and between her breasts and quickly raised it up. My lips were instantly on her hard and puckered nipple. While continuing to gently suck it, I slid my hand down and into the front of her loose fitting capris. Pulling her panties aside, I began to insert my longest finger into her wet cunt. As I began finger stroking her pussy…. In a flash, she sat up and said, “Stop! We can’t do this! Let’s go home!” We gathered ourselves and headed for the house.

(Continued in Part 3 )

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