My mystery man

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I awake to feel my legs spread and tied to the bed. My arms are tied over my head. I have a blindfold on. I start squirming and I feel a hand run up the inside of my thigh. “Don’t struggle” I hear a voice say. I don’t quite recognise the voice yet. Slap! a hand slaps my pussy. That sure woke me up! I moan in pain. “ like that! a little pain…” And then I feel my nipples being pinched. “ohhh…”I moan…
“Oh do like some pain.”
The voice was going through my head but I couldn’t figure out who it was. My husband or a friend of ours? Was it a stranger? My juices really started working when i thought of a strange man looking at my naked body tied up on the bed. Will he hurt me?
I felt a hand on the inside of thigh again. Slowly it was running up to my pussy. The hand stopped right at my pussy lips and then traced a finger between my puffy pussy lips. I was getting really turned on. I know my juices were running down my lips. “You really like this? Don’t you?”
Slap! He slapped my cunt again. “Ohhh!” I gasp.
“You can’t do anything. You can’t move. I can do anything I want to you. ANYTHING.”The stranger whispers in my ear. My heart skips a beat when I hear him say ‘anything’.
What could he mean?
I feel a tongue lightly licking my nipples. I moan in pleasure. The licking gets harder. Then I feel my whole nipple in his mouth. He is sucking on it and making it really hard and sensitive. It really is making me hot. His teeth start nibbling on each one. Back and forth between each nipple. Then I feel him bite down on my left nipple. Hard. I suck in air trying not to cry out. He seemed happy that I didn’t scream. I heard a little giggle come out of him. He moved over to the right one and bit that nipple harder. I moaned a little and squirmed on the bed arching my back off the bed. He giggled again.
Maybe he was trying to get me to scream. He slapped my pussy hard then. I let out a yip and wriggled around. He then started slapping my pussy over and over. Slap! Slap! Slap! Oh!
Then I sensed that he was walking to the end of the bed where my feet were. He took his fingers and ran up and down the bottom of my feet. Then I felt his mouth on my toes. Slowly licking and nibbling on them. Oh..god this turns me on so much. It makes me think of someone eating my pussy.
My stranger then took a turn at my other foot. Sucking and licking each one of my toes. I could feel my juices in a puddle under me.
I was writhing around in pleasure when I felt lips on the inside of my thighs. I stayed still so that maybe those lips would travel up to my pussy and lick it too.
They slowly made their way up to my cunt but stopped short from touching it. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy. Then I felt him on the other leg doing the same thing. My hips raised off the bed when he got to the top. I wanted to feel his mouth on my pussy. I was going nuts waiting. Slap! slap! Slap!
I yelped out.
“you like that? You want more? Answer me!”
“No, please..don’t hurt my pussy.”
“but you like it. Feel how wet your cunt is” And then he took his finger and ran up my cunt lips and grabbed my wetness onto his finger. I felt his finger pressing into my mouth. “Clean it up now” I licked his finger clean.
“See. You are very horny. You like it” He ran his finger up my pussy lips again. I moaned.
Next I feel his breath blowing on my pussy. My clit was sticking straight out and begging for attention. I feel a tongue run down one side of my clit. I gasped. Then down the other side. Ohhhh…that was good.
He repeated that for a few seconds. I was getting so worked up. He must have sensed this as he put his whole mouth on my clit and sucked hard. My body arched off the bed when he did this. I came instantly with him sucking on my clit. My body shaking and me moaning loudly. “oh yes’ he says. “Cum for me”
After the orgasm subsided he started stroking my body with his hands. Then I felt him put his mouth on my cunt again. His tongue was hot and wet. I moaned for more.
“You want me to eat your pussy don’t you? You are a very nasty girl to want that.”he says.
He starts licking my clit softly. “Oh girl you are so tasty. So wet. Do you want to cum more?”
“Yes. Please. More.” I moaned to my secret lover.
He licks and sucks my clit more. Harder. I start moaning louder. “Yes,cum for me..cum for me. If you cum I might stick this nice hard cock in your cunt.” With that I start bucking and shaking with an intense orgasm.
“yes good girl..cum for me…”
As my orgasm starts to subside i feel him crawl on my chest. I can feel the hard dick on my chest. Rubbing my hard nipples.
He straddles my chest and puts the tip of his cock near my lips. “open up little girl”
I open my mouth and he puts the head of his dick in my mouth. “lick it”
I take my tongue and lick the pre cum off and slowly run it around the head. He puts more in my mouth. He starts to pump his dick in and out my mouth. I choke as he tries to get it all in my mouth. “Take it, girl”
I try to relax my throat muscles so it can go all the way in my throat. I start sucking on his cock. I want to feel this dick in my pussy. I suck more trying to please this man.
“Oh you are very good at that.” he moans.
A few more seconds of sucking and I feel his dick getting really hard like he wants to cum in my mouth. He pulls out and says” No no no not yet”
” I know you want that pussy filled up with this dick. So now you are going to get it!”
He unties my legs from the bed and then ties them back together at the ankles. Then he unties my arms from the bed and ties them together at my wrists. He flips me over and positions me on my hands and knees. He unties my legs and reties them to the bottom of the bed. He then stuffs a pillow under my stomach so my ass is in the air.
Now my face is smashed into the mattress and my ass is in the air. I could feel the cool air on my pussy lips.
“Now I am going to fuck you any way I feel like”
“I sure like your ass in the air like that” SLAP! I gasped out loud. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!
“Look at how red your butt is.”
I am whimpering in the pillow waiting for the slaps to come again. But i feel a tongue lightly run across my ass. Mmmmm…it slides down to my pussy and licks some of my juices out of my hole. That feels real nice.
My pussy is hot for a dick. I then feel his cock at my pussy. Rubbing the juices all over his cock. Slowly taking the head and pushing it in my cunt. I’m moaning.
“Please…more…mmmm…I need more of your dick in me…please..mmmm…”
“You want more? Beg for more. Tell me what you want in your cunt.”
“Please give it to me! Give me your dick! Stick your cock in my pussy! Fuck me with that hard dick Fuck me hard!” I yell at him.
I just want to be filled. I just want to feel him in me. My pussy is so wet for a dick.
“Yes little girl. That’s what I wanted to hear. Now you will be fucked…” and with that he shoved his cock in me hard. All the way in and I screamed out with pleasure.”Ohhhhh…Fuck yes!!! Do it!”
“I am going to fuck you so good…You need this don’t you? You horny girl!”
His dick was stroking in and out of me hard but slow. He would plunge all the way in my pussy and bring his dick out real slow all the way to the tip and then ram it hard in my cunt. It felt so good pumping in and out.
“More please?” I gasped as he filled me up again.
He was fucking me harder now. His dick was getting really hard and fat. He wanted to cum but he stopped to get down and eat my pussy again.
“If you cum for me again I will stick my dick back in your pussy.” And he went back to eating my clit. Licking and sucking me off. i started to feel like i was going to cum and started begging for his dick in my pussy. “Please! I want to cum. Stick it in my cunt! Fuck me!”
“No you have to cum first” and he started sucking my clit hard. i started screaming I was cumming so hard.
Then he jumped up and grabbed me by the hips and
shoved his hard cock in my pussy. HARD!
I was cumming so hard now.
He was slamming his big dick in m
y box and pumping my pussy hard. “Oh yes baby! You like it hard. Hard! Hard like that baby?!?”he yells.
“oh yeah! Fuck yes! Do me hard and make me cum again! Fuck me now!” I was moaning
His cock was getting harder and I could feel him getting ready to cum. I started screaming” FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!”
And with a grunt he pumped his seed in me.
I felt his hot cum in me and I started cumming all over his dick.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”
He pulled his dick out of me and untied my hands and legs and told me to roll over.
He pulled my blindfold off. I was scared to see who this was that gave me so much pleasure.
“Don’t open your eyes yet,”he says.
So I left my eyes closed and waited for his next instructions. I was really out of breath so I was trying to catch it when I heard the door open and close. I opened my eyes quickly. I wanted to know who my mystery lover was. I heard the front door close. I jumped out my bed and ran to the front window to see who it was. All I saw was a long black limo pulling away and driving down the street.
I guess I will never know who it was bit I sure hope he comes back again….

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