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My Neighbor

My adventure had all began innocently enough ,I had made some individuals playing in my tree leave the yard
Though my intention was all honest it was to have adverse effects.
As a Little bit of time had passed by perhaps an hour or more I thought no more of the incident and continued to watch
my tv as they were showing some good porn movies .Nearly asleep in the recliner with my shorts pulled part way down ,
so I could jack off while watching the movie.I must have dozed off for a bit then a heard a loud banging on the door completely forgetting about
the porn tape as it was over anyway and the tv was now just a blank screen.I had gave no thought of my predictment ,
with my shorts and under wear pulled down exposing my small penis.But nevertheless with the loud banging on the door I felt compelled to answer
As soon as I opened the door I recognized the woman as my neighbor lady and she did not look very happy ,
I was shocked upon seeing her as I had never spoke to her before moving and only seen her at a distance .
Standing on the second step she was still a rather imposing sight I knew she was big but I had no idea how big as I looked up at her.
This woman had to be 6’4 or more in height and not being a bean pole well over 200 in weight dwarfing my 5’3″130 pounds though it was apparent
she was a hard working individual with callous hands and probably worked out .
She said “who do you think you are making people get out of those trees they have always played in those trees the previous owner allowed it and you are going to as well is that understood.
Looking at those beautiful blue eyes and imposing figure I felt a sqeeky voice come from me and say yes mam ,I felt like a little school boy being addressed by a school teacher
to say the word intimidated it couldn’t begin to describe my current situation,the word petrified would be a closer assessment..
Then she said I think you are a dirty little man is that porn tapes you have in that vcr ?Once again scared to lie I said yes mam.
Grabbing me firmly by the wrist she walked me over to the vcr and rewinded it and said if its what I think it is I am going to beat your ass.
After she rewound the tape and started playing it t was very obvious what it was.All she could do was shake her head in disbelief.
leaving the tape on she walked me over to a chair and sat down in the chair still holding my wrist firmly to prevent me from running
She pulled my shorts and under wear all the way down.
Further exposing my cock and balls as my cock was now near erect from watching the movie again.
Then this woman bent me over her lap and proceeded to whip my ass telling me I was a naughty little man
making me cry as she was really spanking me extremely hard.
This was the hardest I had ever been whipped without a doubt.
This ordeal kept continuing inspite of the tears flowing from my eyes and and the bawling she wouldn’t just wouldn’t let up.
Finally she paused and said if you want to learn about sex come to me not those damn dirty ass movies ,I am the real thing they are just sick .
My ass had to be so red it was on fire till it turned numb but she continued finally stopping I pleaded with her to stop and begged her telling her I was sorry and I would be good
from here on out.Grabbing me by the collar to help sturdy me she then stood up and put her massive arms around me and hugged me
My head barely came to her breast so I was nearly smothered in those massive pillows they were huge but firm since she was wearing a low cut top
my mouth was all so close to her nipple as she kept hugging me tight finally I worked her top enough that without a bra on I could actually put my mouth on her nipple
Do to ignorance or glutting which ever was the case I put that hard nipple in my mouth I could hear her immediatly gasp.
She must have liked it,so I pursued .Then I could feel her hands gently push me away on the shoulders she then took her top completely off I was in heaven
She smiled down at me and said you like women with big boobs?I slowly nodded my head ,and said yes mam.
SAhe said great I like little men that like to suck my big boobs, so I moved forward and again started sucking on them lunkers .
After a few minutes of moaning she again shoved me back dropping all her clothes and pulling the rest off my clothes all the way off .I was embaressed by my physical appearence
being a skinny runt of a man.
But inspite of that I was in awe of her she had not one I owda of fat on her well sculptered body ,she was presence of a unique physical speciman
With a dripping pussy as she said where is the bedroom ?I pointed in the direction of it as she held me by the hand and walked to it with me.
Once inside we were in a 69 position with her on top till my cock was again rock hard from her sucking then she mounted me
and rode and rode and rode till I finally erupted with the most cum I have ever had ,Then she licked me dry and we we went to the shower together
as she washed off my dick and I her pussy and breast.
Now we have regular sessions as she is my psychiatrist.

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