My stay in Holland (1)

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My Stay in Holland
It’s quite an experience watching the boat enter the harbour and dock, I thought we might not be able to land with the strike being on, but we where on the route before the strike action allowing us to dock, thank god. I started to make my way of the boat, looking for any familiar face SANERA’s would be nice, but no, I was just a face in a large crowd hoping to be recognised. The car park looked full, so I walked towards it, a tap on my back made me spin around, and there was Trev, the last person I really wanted to see, you looking for someone; he said. Yes I’m expecting a friend to meet me. A voice made us both look, ARENAS over here, near the bus, I looked across and there was Sanera waving his arms and shouting for me, I’ve got to go now Trev; see you on the return journey. We crashed together, into each other’s arms Sanera squeezed me hard, I’ve been waiting since early this morning for you to dock, lets get you home and warmed up, you feel ever so cold. A few miles down the road, we came to San’s house where he had an apartment.
I didn’t see much of the surroundings as we travelled along my thoughts were of San, and our last meeting in the car park. How are you, he asked, fine and you, I’m ok he said I’m looking forward to getting you settled in, and meet my neighbours, I’m sure you’ll like them. We entered the apartment, I couldn’t believe how modern and clean it was for a mans flat, the walls where painted white, with two green settee’s, large TV, and a dining room with a modern table and chairs, laid ready for a meal.
Suddenly the door opened, and two young girls about 20 years old, dressed fairly scant walked in saying hi San; she arrived yet, yes said San, you want to meet her. I came from the bedroom where I’d put my things, I didn’t have a lot, just a jacket, and change of underwear which I bought on the boat. Hi they I said, Hallo mijn naam is leife en dit is fi fi, leuk je te ontmoeten. San started to laugh, the look on my face made them all laugh, don’t worry Arenas, we will only speak English so you can understand, ok girls English when in my flat! Yes they replied. I asked? You’re Fife and you’re Leife, that’s right Fife gave me a warm kiss, followed by Leife, who surprised me by kissing me on the lips, I felt her tongue just slightly enter my mouth. I have the feeling I’m going to like it here; we clean and cook for San said Fife. San returns the favor’s now and then; I ask; favors Fife? Yes we fuck and stay over nights; did I say it right San in English, yes San said but a little abrupt, we all laughed.
After we had eaten; “Leife had made the meal” we cleaned the dishes, and everyone flopped into a settee, it’s nice and warm in here I said, just as Fife was taking her top off, leaving her with just a T shirt, skirt, and shoe’s, I guessed she was wearing panties, but I’m starting to wonder. San told me to relax put your feet up; he said, I did and Leife took my foot and started to rub and squeeze my toe’s, it felt nice, her hand moved up to my ankles and onto my knee, you’re a lot hotter now; said Leife, if you go any further with your hand leife I’ll be randy too. I bent my leg showing a little of my pants, my cunt was so hot, Leife sniffed; you smell nice, and touched me between my legs, right on my clit, her finger pushed my pants into me slightly, which was wet from excitement, leaving my cunt showing, her finger entered me, touching my G spot with expert ease. I could feel every movement of her finger in my cunt, making me squirm and wriggle, so she could get better access, suddenly two fingers entered me, then a third, Leife said; you like it yes?

I moaned something which encouraged her to pull me towards her, lifting my legs, opening them letting her face hit my cunt, while licking and blowing, I was on fire, and didn’t want her to stop, my eye’s closed near to cumming, San kissed me, she likes you he said, I felt a finger enter my butt, and San’s cock was on my face, so I took it into my mouth and began to suck, a finger going in and out of my butt, and the finger on my G spot, with San’s cock in my mouth I exploded, I could feel the cum leaving my cunt, hot sticky, and running down to my ass, where the other finger didn’t stop pushing in with the cum from my cunt, I was being finger fucked, and it’s nice. Leife started to lick the cum from my cunt, mamma nice she said, and I heard her say your turn. Fife who took her finger from my butt hole and started to lick my cunt, she does taste nice; said Fife, let me suck your cock San; said Leife, I’ll do better than that; turn around said San. There seemed a lot of movement was being done, I just laid there with a tongue in my cunt, and Sans cock being pulled out of my mouth, while I was still sucking on it as hard as I could, the settee began to shake, I guessed San was fucking Leife, we all jerked and shuddered while San was dog fucking Leife, who was not a quiet girl she was moaning and saying more San more, fill me up. Fife was deep in my cunt, I wanted cock, and lots of it, my cunt was slimy, Fi was sucking my cum up like a cat, and started to lick my butt hole, which sent me wild, I want cock, screamed from my mouth, Fife pulled away from me, no more than a second, and a cock was entering me, thick long but cold. It’ll warm up in a min, said Fife as she started to thrust in and out of my cunt, god it was thick, and deep in me, not so deep I said, Fife pulled the dildo from my cunt, and placed it on my anus, pushing slowly, entering and widening my ass hole, I felt Fife push open my legs and lean forward kissing me on my lips, while the cock entered even deeper into my ass. We clamped together, her hips moving the cock in and out of me while our tongues licked and sucked each other she tasted of cunt, my cunt! Raising my arms I took her tits in the palm of my hands and squeezed, making her nipples stick up hard, nipping one Fife moaned, suck it bite it, hurt me, slap my ass, she moaned and I felt her hold herself stiffening, I’m cumming, I slapped her ass feeling the heat from my slap, Fife jerked and relaxed heavy on to me, little did I know it was Leife who made her come, she was being dog fucked by San while Leife was finger fucking Fife, as Fife was fucking me with the dildo? What a sight to be seen I thought.
It was the Saturday when I arrived, “and fucked” now after a long nights sleep, a shower and with food in me I was feeling really good and looking forward to the Sunday with San, Fife and Leife, who let me tell you are out! And it’s only 9am. I looked around the flat, opened the door looking across the corridor were Fife and Leife lived, my curiosity got the better of me and I knocked on the door, Fife opened the door, her eye’s heavy, dressing gown open showing she was naked, Hi Arena’s come in, I’ll be with you in a moment. Put the coffee on, she shouted, no sugar for me. When she appeared my eyes opened wide, Fife was wearing a see through net top, a bra with her nipples pushing through, a short pair of pants, with no crotch, just letting her cunt lips push out, as she walked towards me she asked, are my pussy lips showing ok? I said yes, I couldn’t help staring, and said Fife in a shocked voice, Ho you don’t know do you, I’m a dancer on canal strasser, in a window, and take over from Leife at 12am, she will be in soon, this my coffee she said, yes I blurted out. Leife works midnight to noon and I work from noon to midnight, weekends only, it pays well, we work one weekday, which pays for the rent of the window. Are you hookers; I asked! No we attract the men into the club, then the floor girls take them to the bar, if they ask for Fife or me, it’s made clear we’re not on the menu, but most know the girls in the window are just to get them into the club.
To be continued ARENAS

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