My Story

My Story
By: PW

A few months ago I was perusing one of my favorite Internet personals sites; something I did sometimes in the evenings when I didn’t have anything else to occupy my time. I was reading some of the profiles, amusing myself quite nicely, thank you. What a line of bull some guys will write…and they expect us to believe it! I was in the middle of a particularly funny one when, all of a sudden, the Instant Messenger box popped up. I thought “Oh crap, another one.” You see, I have these 20 year old boys pop up on messenger all the time wanting to chat. They always, without fail, ask me if I like younger men. Now, I’m a woman in my early 40’s, so I tell them I’m an “old woman” and that they need to find someone closer to their age. Some of them will take it okay, and some of them don’t want to take no for an answer. Anyway, I assumed this was another one of those. I clicked on the “Friend” button, and then on the “View Profile” option on the drop down menu. Imagine my surprise, when the profile and picture loaded…the age read as 50. I thought, “Okay, finally a real adult.” Then I took a look at the picture. Imagine my surprise again! It was, of all people, someone from my work place! It was Brandon Wilton! (Name changed, of course).

Now, you have to know this bit of background information before I proceed any further. I work for the director of one of the nursing departments. I’m her secretary. My usual shift to work is, of course, days. That means I seldom see any of the night crew and Brandon is one of those night crew people. Earlier that very day, Mr. Wilton had come through my office and into my boss’s office, where the two of us were going over a project we were working on. He had just returned from vacation. He had been to his hometown to visit his parents, and he had also met up with someone that he and my boss both know. He had to stop by and tell her all about it. Now, he had visited in the office before, but I have to say, I never paid particular attention to him. You know, just another male nurse in scrubs. BUT, not that day! No, that day he was dressed in jeans, boots and a black western cut shirt with pearl snaps. I’d never seen him in any thing other than sport shoes, so I thought the boots were nice. What was really nice was looking at his long legs in those Wranglers. Then my eyes traveled on up his body to see that the jeans fit nicely at his butt and his even nicer, very flat stomach. The cuffs of his black shirt were turned back, revealing his tanned fore arms. The top couple of snaps were open, revealing a bit of his upper chest, the hair peaking out there. Then my gaze rested on his good-looking face and his silver gray hair that contrasted so nicely with the black shirt. My boss spoke up, saying, “Brandon, you DO clean up nice.” And, I was sitting there having a heart attack! My God, the man was gorgeous! Clean up nice was a drastic understatement! I could hardly take my eyes off of him as he half sat on the top of the low lateral file cabinet, with his legs stretched out in front of him, his feet encased in the black boots. We laughed at his humorous rendition of his visit with his family. He’d had to “play doctor” and perform a couple of minor “surgical procedures” on his dad and his grand daughter. The man was funny as well as drop dead gorgeous! What a change from the tired, blood shot eyed, scrub suited nurse I’d seen at staff meetings in the early mornings after the end of a few of those 12 hour shifts. The Brandon in that picture had never been appealing to me, but this Brandon was. Very appealing.
So, anyway, here I was at home that evening perusing the Internet personals, and Brandon Wilton had just popped up on my Instant Messenger. He had an interesting handle…Lifesaver101.

Lifesaver101: PW, I presume?
PW: Hi…
Lifesaver101: The same PW of the personals ad I just read?
PW: Uh…I suppose so.
Lifesaver 101: I didn’t know you were available!
PW: Do you have a personals ad too??
Lifesaver101: I do.
PW: I can’t recall ever seeing one for you.
Lifesaver101: Don’t have my picture posted. Haven’t figured out the picture loader-
Lifesaver101: It’s true. I have a picture from work somebody took, but not smart enough
to figure out the picture loader-upper. But that’s beside the point…I
didn’t know you were available! When did this happen?
PW: He’s been gone a while.
Lifesaver101: You’re kiddin’!
PW: Nope.
Lifesaver101: What happened?
PW: He met someone else…married her…they moved.
Lifesaver101: The Reader’s Digest condensed version…He’s crazy!
PW: Excuse me?
Lifesaver: He’s crazy!
Lifesaver101: When did this happen?
PW: About 3 months ago or so.
Lifesaver101: And when did he meet this person?
PW: About 3 months ago or so.
Lifesaver101: Damn! He didn’t waste time…
PW: Nope.
Lifesaver101: Well, I won’t either. Let me take you to dinner.
PW: Dinner??
Lifesaver101: Let me take you to dinner…tonite.
PW: Tonight??
Lifesaver101: No time like the present.
Lifesaver101: Quit repeating everything I say!
Lifesaver101: So let me take you to dinner!
Lifesaver101: Be right over
Lifesaver101: Uh…well…how much time you need? I can be ready in 15.
PW: It will take me a little longer.
Lifesaver101: How much longer?
PW: Uh….about 45.
Lifesaver101: OK, deal! Be there in 45.
Lifesaver101: Uh…PW?
PW: yes?
Lifesaver101: Where do I find you?

So, I gave the man directions to my place…my God, I had given out my home location to someone from the personals! But it’s only Brandon Wilton. ONLY Brandon Wilton!? That gorgeous hunk of a man that was in the office earlier!? Yikes! Get in the shower girl! No time to waste!

Brandon turned out to be nothing, if not punctual. He was at my front door in exactly 42 minutes. This time he was freshly showered and dressed in fresh jeans and a fresh red western cut shirt with pearl snaps. All starched and pressed….looking like a million bucks. And here I was in my jeans, sneakers and a Henley pullover. At least my hair looked good, or so I thought.

“You look great! I like your glamour shots you have on the ad, by the way. You should look like that all the time.”

“Uh, Yeah…leatherjacket and all.”

“I’m talking about the hairstyle. It becomes you!”

“It’s not exactly an everyday style.”

“Oh, but it could be. Do you save your fine china for special occasions?”

“What?” Fine china…how did we get from hair to fine china? I didn’t know what this man was talking about.

“You should eat off of it everyday. Special occasions may not come around that often.
Same thing with hair styles…wear it that way more. Make every day special.”

By this time, we were inside his truck. We went to a little Cajun place I knew of. It was the owner’s birthday, and there was a party. There were musicians all over the place…a big group of them doing those Cajun songs with a few country songs thrown in there as well. Some of the owner’s family and friends were there. We ate well, and then had a drink while we watched some of t
he people dance their jigs. We talked and laughed all evening. It was a wonderful time. But I need to get on with my story here.

We went back
to my place afterward. He had stopped at a grocery store on the way, to buy a bottle of wine. I stayed in the truck while he went in. Momentarily, he was back with not only a bottle of wine, but also a bouquet of flowers. He came to my side of the truck and opened up the door. He made a courtly bow and with a sweeping gesture, he presented the bouquet of supermarket flowers he had picked up.
I asked, “What are these for?” as I reached out to take them from him.

He smiled and said, “Just because….to do something special for you. Because I want to.”

“That’s so sweet! Thank you,” I said as I reached out to take them from him. Then he handed me the bottle of wine to hold onto until we reached my place. He paused, looking at me for a moment before he closed the door and went around to his side. It didn’t take but 5 minutes to get from there to my place.

I took off my glasses and laid them on the kitchen table as we passed by it on the way to the cabinet. “You can see without your glasses?” he asked.

“Yes, I can see without them,” I retorted as I grinned up at him. “I see better with them at times, but I can see well enough without them.”

“Lucky you. I can’t see a thing without mine.” I looked a bit puzzled, I suppose, because he then said, “contacts.” Then it came to me…he had worn glasses before. I had forgotten about that.

He was preparing to open the wine while I was digging a vase out from under the kitchen sink. I glanced back at him as I was coming up with the vase and caught him looking unabashedly at my butt. He smiled and said, “You know I want you, don’t you?”

“Okay, turn about is fair play…you bend over and let ME look at YOUR butt.” To my surprise, he did just that! He grinned as he rose and turned toward me.

“Yes…I’d say you know I do, and from that look you just gave me, I know you want me as well.” He reached over and placed the corkscrew on the cabinet beside the now forgotten bottle of wine. He pulled me to him, running his hands around my waist to my back. My whole body tingled from the touch of his strong hands as he stroked up toward my shoulder blades, then back down to the small of my back. My arms automatically went to his upper arms, then to behind his head as I stood on tiptoe to meet his eager lips in the fieriest kiss I had ever experienced. My fingers entwined in his thick silver gray hair, massaging his nape. He reached and tugged at one of my hands, his fingers firm on my forearm as he lowered my hand to the bulge in his jeans, all the while, never raising his lips from mine. I already knew he had a hard on, I had felt it when he pulled me to him. He brought my other hand down to his chest. “Open my shirt,” he said, as he raised his lips only a touch away from mine. “I want to feel your hands on me.” I did as he bid me to do. I love to tug those pearl snaps open. As my hands met his warm hairy chest, I felt the coarse texture of the hair along with the contrast of the smooth feel of his bare skin. I brought my hands down over his smooth, flat stomach and stopped at the top of his jeans. “Open the belt, PW.” This time he raised his lips from mine. I opened my eyes to see him looking at me with a flare of hot desire in his eyes. I looked down and started pulling his belt open. He reached and undid the button on the waistband, then said, “Lower the zipper.” As I did, he pushed his jeans down. This released the firm hold on his cock, and it was trying to escape the confines of his briefs as well. I slid my hands down inside his briefs at the sides, then slid them around toward the front as I also pulled the waistband toward me. His cock sprang free at last. I took it in my hands and caressed it, feeling it swell even more to my touch. This was the largest cock I’d ever had the pleasure of bringing to life. “Sit down, PW, I want you to suck it.” We took the necessary few steps over to the table and he pulled a chair out for me. I helped to turn it around so that I would be facing him. As I sat down, he caressed my cheek and bent over to give me another deep kiss. As he stood up, I reached for his thick, long cock (at least 8 inches at this point) and kissed the tip ever so gently. I ran my tongue over and over the head, then took more of him inside, as far as I could. I slowly began to move back and forth, bringing my lips to where just the head was still inside my mouth, aggressively running my tongue over the head again, then sliding back down taking more of him inside again. We went on like that for a good 2 – 3 minutes or so, then, he asked me where the bedroom was. As I pulled back and his cock slid out of my mouth, he hiked his briefs and jeans up. As I stood up, he reached for me and swept me off my feet carrying me down the hall to the bedroom. I had left the dresser accent lamp on when I had left out of the bedroom earlier in the evening. He lowered me to the floor as he gave me another scorching kiss. He reached to turn the lamp off, and I stopped him.

“No…I want to see you…all of you,” I said as I began to remove his shirt.

“What was I thinking?” he said as he helped me to pull the shirt free of his arm, and he reached to pull my shirt free of the waistband of my jeans. “I want to see all of you too!” He pulled the shirt up over my head. My lacy bra cupped my size 36B breasts and they were eager to feel his touch. He ran one finger around the lacy top edge of the bra, moving down to rest on my left nipple. He repeated the process with his other hand, bringing that finger to rest on my right one. He began caressing them through the cup of the bra, in a soft circular motion. I reached to his chest, and caressed his as well. We hardened together, then, he reached between the cups and unhooked the clasp. He gasped slightly, as he saw my firm erect nipples. He leaned over and ran his tongue over each one just for a moment. He began opening my belt and jeans, then, slid his hands inside my panties. He pushed them down over my hips and had me sit on the side of the bed while he dispensed with my shoes, then pulled them off of me. He stood and pulled his boots, jeans and underwear off. Finally. We were both completely naked and able to take a good look at each other. “You are so beautiful,” he said. “I want you so much.”

“Trust me, Darlin’, the feeling is mutual.”


He was, indeed, gorgeous. The most gorgeous man I’d seen in a long time. And here he was, standing tall and naked in my bedroom. He reached out, took my hand, and pulled me to my feet. I’m about 5’7’, so we fit together quite nicely. I knew my head would lay against his chest and his chin would touch the top of my head whenever he would hold me close. I liked that idea. He cupped my breasts in his hands, caressing the nipples with his thumbs. “Do you like?” I asked.

“Oh, I like,” he said. “Very much.”


“And what do you like?” he asked.

“Oh…I like this,” I said as I reached to take his cock in my hands and began caressing it. It responded to my touch once again as it began to swell.

“And what else?”

I swept one hand across his smooth, ever so flat stomach, and said, “I like this too.” Then I moved that same hand up to his face, tracing his lips with one finger, and brushed his mustache and his beard. “I like your looks.”


“Yeah…very good looking.”

“I don&#8
217;t see it.”

“Well, I do. Trust me, Darlin’, you’re very g
ood looking.”

“If you say so.” He smiled and looked into my eyes. “Maybe you need your glasses. Where did we leave ‘em?” He chuckled as he looked toward the bedroom door.

I swatted him one on his upper arm and stated very firmly, “I can see perfectly well, thank you. I only have trouble seeing far off. From a distance you might not look as good, but up close….”

“Okay, if you say so.” He chuckled once again, pulled me into his arms, said “Shut up,” and kissed me just like he had kissed me in the kitchen. We wasted no time then, exploring each other’s bodies, learning where to touch to elicit a desired response. He backed me up to the bed, had me sit, and said, “I want you to suck it again.” I was happy to do so as that’s one of my very favorite things to do. I took that cock in my hand and guided it to my waiting lips. I gently kissed the tip, and then swept my tongue over it. I kept swirling my tongue over the head until I had wet it completely. I kissed the tip again and sucked the head into my mouth, continuing to run my tongue over it and over it. Then I let it slip out of my mouth and began to lick the shaft. I moved my tongue back and forth as I ran it down his length to the base and back up, taking the head into my mouth again for the same treatment I had just given it. I let it slip out of my mouth again, and repeated the back and forth motion with my tongue as I ran it down the other side of his shaft to the base then back up to take the head inside my mouth again. He groaned and took hold of my head. He gently but firmly pushed himself further into my mouth. I moved my hand to encircle his rod and gripped it right below the point where my lips were. “Now, mouth-fuck it.” I began to move back and forth, slowly at first, then, built up a momentum, sucking that big cock. “I don’t want to cum yet,” he said. “Ease off.”
I did as I was asked…a bit reluctantly. However, I knew I didn’t want him to cum yet either. I wanted to have that big cock inside my pussy at the time he shot his load. As I released his cock from my mouth, he took my hands and pulled me to my feet. “What positions do you like?” he asked.

“Just about all of them…I like to have it in two or three different positions…and my favorite is doggy style. It’s good to finish up with that one.”



At that, he laid me down on the bed, then, joined me there, stretching his length out beside me, then, partly over me. We kissed, as lovers do who haven’t seen each other in a long time. All the while, he was running his hand over my breasts, abdomen and hips. My arms were around him, pulling him close to me. As he slipped his hand down to my inner thigh area, I felt a shot of electricity go through me. I couldn’t wait to have that big, hot cock thrusting in and out of my pussy, and I shivered just a bit in anticipation. I opened my legs wider affording him easy access to it…it was excited, wet, and hot. He slipped one finger inside me, moving it around a bit. Then, he slipped another in with it, coating them well with my juices. “God, you’re so wet!” He began to finger fuck me. “I can’t believe how wet you are!”

“That’s what happens when I like a man’s touch,” I whispered to him. “Keep touching me.”

“Oh, I will…I will.”

He picked up speed on the finger fucking, and I was raising my pelvis up to meet his hand as he pushed his fingers into me. It took him only a few moments to have me cumming all over his hand. I couldn’t help myself, I hollered out, “Oh, my, God!”
My body shook, as spasms of pleasure shot thru me. “I just kept hollering, “Oh my God! Oh my God!” As I was laying there enjoying what he was doing for me, I looked at his face and saw him smile.

“Enjoy it, sweetheart, enjoy it. Ride the waves. Let it wash over you.”

“Oh, I, am! I am! Oh God, Brandon, I want you inside me! If it feels this good now, I want to feel what that big, hot cock can do to me!” As I was speaking, he was moving over me, parting my legs, moving into position to do just that. I spread them wide for him, and he pressed the head of his swollen cock against my wet pussy lips. He moved it up and down, wetting it with my juices. Then he let the shaft move against my wet pussy lips as well. He slid it up and down, coating it completely. In just a moment, he thrust himself inside of me. It was a swift fluid movement., sliding in easily due to his good preparation, and filling me like no other cock ever had before. I yelped with excitement! I could hardly contain myself…it felt so fucking good to have that cock filling me up! “Oh yes! Brandon, YES! Fuck me darlin’!” He pulled it out far enough, that only the head remained inside me. “What are you doing?” I practically screamed. At that moment, he slid it deep inside me again. He pulled it out again, just leaving the head inside. He repeated like this for several strokes as I felt his cock filling me with each stroke. “Oh, God, that feels SOOOOO good!”

“You’re a vocal one…I like it. It turns me on to know that I’m exciting you with what I’m doing to you.”

“Oh, you are, Brandon, you definitely are! When you push it in, it feels SOOO GOOD! You just don’t know!”

“And you feel good to me…you’ve still got a tight pussy! I love a tight pussy!”

“Oh, yes, Brandon. Fuck my tight pussy! Fuck it hard and fast!” With that, he moved his arms underneath my legs, placing my legs over his shoulders, affording him much deeper penetration. He picked up the pace, beginning to fuck me hard. His balls slapped against my ass with every downward thrust. “Do you hear it?”

“Yes, I hear me fucking you!”

“I love it, Brandon…I love it!” It was such a turn on…I was building up to orgasm fast. In just another few moments I was cumming on his big hot cock! Spasms of ecstasy shot through me. I didn’t have to tell him I was cumming…he felt it.

“Ride the wave, baby…Oh…God! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum right now! I can’t hold out for the doggy style, baby! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!

“It’s okay! Brandon…Oh God…you’re cumming inside me!” He made one final thrust, and I swear I felt it to the very core of my being. I cried out with the ecstasy of it!

It was the most earth shattering orgasm I’d ever experienced. It was almost like a first one…but then it was a first one…with Brandon. There have been many, many more since that night, and many times that we’ve made it all the way through doggy style! We’re seeing each other regularly. We fuck often and have had more hot experiences I could tell you more about if you’re interested. Make a comment and let me know what you think about this story. Oh, by the way, I don’t have to peruse the Internet personals anymore. We’ve taken our profiles off of the service. We’ve both found what we were looking for.

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  1. jennie

    Good story

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  2. Thank you, Jennie. I appreciate the comment.

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  3. rumbler77

    Great, well-written yarn, nicely sexplicit!
    Do please write more, lots more!

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  4. Thanx to Rumbler for the nice comments…appreciate the feedback.

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  5. hyper_lover

    great story i need u to write more got me soooo wet

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  6. rumbler77

    Hi PW, when R U gonna write more, pleez?
    Just reread your story, it’s great, & well written, & slow moving, with the juicy details!

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  7. nbra

    Nice storey i would like to know more about what you look like please Would you wrtie about your hight and weight You may be aproximate if you wish I would also like to see more storeies from you also please Thank you

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