my sweetypie sis- in- law

My Sister-in-Law Prema was visiting with her husband and they passed by our house. I was outside when they arrived and Prema was the first one to jump out of the van. She walked towards me with arms open and we touched. The van lights went out and we hugged. Just for a moment and just enough time for Prema to push herself into me and the feeling of her breasts against my chest was reverberation. And then it ended.

Since that hug I have never seen My Sister- in-Law in the same way. Prema went in to the house and within minuites, she and my wife were talking and laughing. Arguing about clothes like little school girls.

For the whole night I watched Prema and for the first time noticed how sexy she was. A couple of times she would catch me watching her and she would bend or stretch to accentuate her beautiful body.

After Prema left, I thought of her constantly. Fantisizing that Prema would arrive at the airport and I would coincidentally be alone when picking her up. As we talk I reach over and start caressing Prema’s leg and she pretends not to notice.

One day I left to run an errand for my wife and it happened to be the day that my Sister-in-Law Prema was arriving from abroad after a official assignment. The errand took very long and finally by the time that I was finished, it was already passed the time to pick up Prema from the airport. I was near the airport so it made sense to go directly there. I called my wife and she agreed. As I drove to the airport all I could think about was the feeling of Prema’s breasts against my chest and the fantasies I have had about her.

When I arrived at the airport it was late and Prema was standing outside alone. There she was !!! dressed in a black mini skirt and a thin red blouse with matching coat. I pulled up and jumped out of the car. When we hugged ,Prema pressed her breasts into me again and I had that same feeling. I held her tightly and then almost let go… and then pulled her tighter. I could feel Prema breath heavy on my neck as I gently brushed my lips against her neck. Slowly I slid my hand under Prema’s coat and as our lips got closer … it ended.

Both of us pretended to be a bit suprised and quickly caught hold of ourselves. I grabbed Prema’s bags, put them in the trunk and then opened the car door for her. Prema got in with a quick glance and smile.

At first while we were riding we chit chatted. Talking about lots of things, including Prema’s husband and I could tell that he was not pleasing her. As I leaned on to listen to her , my hand gently touched her leg. Prema acted as if she didn’t notice and continued to talk. I slowly moved my hand so that my palm rested on Prema’s left thigh and to my suprise she opened her legs slightly and lifted it towards me. I started to gently caress Prema’s bare thigh.

“My Sister and I are a lot alike” Prema said as she put her hand on mine so that I would not pull away. Immediately my mind raced to dirty things and my dick got rock hard.

“But there’s one thing that she could never do as well as me”. Prema reached over and placed her hand on my cock. Oh, that felt so good… “You feel so nice and hard Shobi, I want to show you what I’ve been trying to teach my Sister for 2 years now.

With that said, Prema moved up in her seat a bit and started to unbuckle my belt as my hand slipped between her legs to find that she had no panties on beneath that black mini-skirt. “You see, my Sister doesn’t really like to suck cock, but I love it.” Prema grabbed my hand and put it behind her neck while she got on her knees on the passenger seat. I could see Prema’s beautiful round firm tits bounce tightly under her blouse. “I love the feeling of a cock going deep into my throat while you force me deeper with your hand behind my neck.” Pre-come was covering the head of my cock and she leaned in to lick it. And she savoured it, licking every bit while sucking ever so slightly to bring more out. “You taste so sweet Shobi”. I was in heaven. She sucked deeper and deeper as I rubbed Prema’s ass, using her wetness to lubricate her ass. I saw the perfect discrete spot off the road and I had to pull over. She was amazing. My wife gave awesome blowjobs but this was incredible.Prema kept taking my dick deeper and deeper as I caressed her ass and fingered her ass hole. “Mmmmm…” Prema moaned “that feels so good… my husband never touches my asshole.” Now Prema started to suck faster, rubbing my balls and drinking any bit of cum that came out. “Push my head down” Prema whispered and I grabbed her neck. We started to move in sync. Everytime she moved her lips down my shaft I pushed her a bit more untill Prema was sucking all 7 inches of my cock and I could feel myself enter deep into her throat. I couldn’t stand it anymore. “I’m going to come” and Prema mumbled “yesss….” taking it all the way down. I exploded!

And Prema kept my cock deep in her throat the whole time. I could see my cum filling her mouth and starting to drip off Prema’s full lips. Prema pulled my cock almost all the way out so that what was left of my cum oozed down my shaft and she licked it, finishing every last drop. “Oh, yeah Prema mol, that was so nice. You suck cock much better than your sister does”. Prema smiled a wicked smile and said “and you taste much better than my husband.”

I started the car and pulled off. I couldn’t wait to take her to her hotel.

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