my trip to Holland

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My Trip To Holland
On the boat
The coach pulled along side the boarding area, for passengers. Glancing at the boat, it’s like a five story building; I thought to myself. Lights full on ever where, people guiding us into the correct area to our cabins, or not in my case. I asked about my baggage, the stewardess said it’s all taken care of, please come this way with me, thank you. She led us to the launch. It had long red leather seats, a bar, a cafĂ©, a shops, with tables and chairs to accommodate a small village; woo I said, then hearing the stewardess saying; yes it’s really something isn’t it, this your first time on the ferry. I nodded as she pointed a seat out for me near the window, it’s a marvellous site from here when we leave harbour; she said, any trouble my name is Pat, just ask for me at the reception and I’ll help all I can.
I don’t know what happened to Trev, he went of in a different area, him having a cabin? Just before the stewardess left I asked, is there some where I can change please, yes follow me. I have to get out of these clothes I’ve been sat for hours, all the way from London, in these panties, there wet through; I said, then I realized what I’d just said, I’m sorry Pat hope I’ve not embarrassed you. No not at all, the first thing most passenger want is to change and a pee, she laughed the toilets are this way. As we approached the door, another stewardess waved to Pat and indicated by pointing a finger this is our room, for the night. Are you travelling to Holland to; I asked, yes we see passengers on and off, the ferry. Altogether there’re five stewardesses’ just for the passengers needs; we get left alone most of the time, sleeping in our room, if there’s trouble drink related the barman and staff sort that out. We entered the toilets I bent my leg, pulled at my pants, and sighed, god that feels good to get them off, rubbing my pussy, with the pants. You smell different said Pat, not sweaty but, SEX; I said, I had sex on the coach, cum in my pants, and I’ve got cum on my top, the pig didn’t tell me when he shot his load, I had to swallow, and watch him jerking while I dribbled in my pants.

I can offer you a change of clothes if you wish Arenas, your luggage will be stowed away by now, but we have a change of clothes in our room. I’m not supposed to allow anyone in, only stewardesses, if you stay close to me, we can walk strait in with know one seeing us; we have a shower, a wardrobe, and drinks provided, said Pat. Thank you, I don’t want to be a nuisance, but a shower, and a drink sounds lovely. Sticking really close to Pat, who was much taller than me, I seem to blend into her uniform, she lifted her arm, opened the door and pushed me in with her hips, firm but soft, we tumbled in together, giggling like girls, Pat closed the door turned the key, and said there we’re good for the night if you a good girl, ok. Hi Judy; said Pat to the girl laying on the bed half naked, except for her bra and pants, which looked to tight for her; you locked the door Pat yes. Judy stood up took the rest of her clothes of, exposing firm breast, a shaved pussy, with an opening big enough to put the ferry in; not really but she was hot. Meet Arenas, Judy, Judy Arenas, we both said hi, you want to shower now, yes I replied. The water hit me hard, hot, washing me clean of the days dirt, I was using the shampoo, when Jude said here give it to me, she took the bottle squirted a blob on my back and washed me down, till she came to my ass, I could feel her pinching handfuls of my bum, washing between my legs Judy popped a finger into my cunt, I didn’t even flinch, she popped two fingers in my cunt, and a thumb up my ass, that made me moan. I think she’s ready for us Pat said Jude, just as Pat came into the shower with me. Being a cabin shower we had to get really close. Pat was behind me, her body pressing up to me, feeling all my curves, her hand went around my waste, onto my belly and slowly dropped to my pussy, I was ready, opening my legs I let Pat finger me, while Jude played with my tits, and kissed me on the neck, pushing my ass into Pat, she started to fuck me with her fingers, rocking back and forth, Jude kissed me on the lips, I bent forward to kiss her nipples, when I felt Pat push her hand into my cunt, I’ve never been fist fucked before, it hurt, I squirmed, Judy held me in the bent position, and I took, Pat whole hand in my cunt, while sucking on Jude’s tits, giving some pain as I bit her nipple. Feeling Pat taking her hand from my cunt was different, I could feel a sucking inside me, slowly pulling out; my cunt sounded like, when you drink a beaker down to the last drop, with a straw and it makes that noise. Drink I said please, I need a drink, I got dried off, while Jude made the drinks, rubbing her nipples, she looked at me and smiled, Pat pulled a strap on out of the wardrobe, it was pink big, and thick, god I said, NO Arenas this is for you to fuck me.

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