My Trip to Holland cabin

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My Trip to Holland
In the cabins
I’m stood looking in the mirror at myself, a strap on dick being, fasten to me by Jude and Pat, they were smiling and touching each other, I was drinking my brandy, when Jude slapped my ass, hard, fuck me you bitch, fill my cunt, and ride my ass; yes I thought; you’re going to get it alright, and when I’ve finished with you; I said your going to feel my arm up your cunt lady, looking strait at Pat, she smiled and said I’m looking forward to it. Jude lay on the bed, legs in the air, pulling her cunt open, Pat kissed Jude’s cunt looked at me and guided the pink dick toward Jude gaping pussy. Positioning myself, to give a good thrust of my hips, I knelt on the bed, grabbed Jude’s hips and half pulled, half rammer her pussy, giving her eight inches of cock, before pulling back, she screamed you bitch, her legs went into the bent knee’s position, I pushed again, as her cunt accepted all the dick, Jude clamped her legs around me, pushing her hips towards my belly, her face seemed to be screwed up, in a painful way, you want more bitch; I said. Yes fuck me fuck me, I’m cumming, her legs tightened around me, and she shuddered, while turning a bright pink colour in her face. God she said I’ve not cum like that for years Arena’s, where did you find her Pat, she just what I needed. I slowly pulled the dick from Jude’s cunt, it was wet and lots of lubricant cum came out with it, dripping a little onto my hand, I put the cum to my mouth and slurped it on my tongue, it’s sweet; I said, let me taste myself Arena’s please; no bitch a shouted, lick this, I lifted myself over her tits, dropped my cunt onto her face, while lifting the dick towards my belly. Pat took hold of the dick and started to suck, Jude took all my pussy into her mouth and started sucking me out, I felt like she was going to suck me till I cum, Pat was breathing hard, sucking; not to much I said, your next, bitch. I was going to give this girl a taste of fist fucking, I find it polite to let my partner know what I’m going to do next, both these bitched just didn’t tell me anything, I’m going to return the favour. I stood up on the bed, asked Pat to remove the strap on dick, she seemed to do everything a asked quickly, like a sub, the dick came off and I told Jude to sit on the bed, and to let Pat bend over while Jude held her arms. I rubbed Jude’s cunt to lube my fingers, and squeezing three fingers into Pats cunt, she took it with ease, Pat and Jude started to kiss, there tongue hot in each other’s mouth, I pushed four fingers into her pussy, she bent her legs slightly, while kissing Jude, letting me feel her cunt widening, and then, I was in, my full hand inside her cunt, never before have I done this, not to sure what to do next, I turned my hand left, and right, her legs bent at every movement I felt from inside her pussy, juices squeezing from her cunt. Slap my ass, screamed Pat, slap me you bitch, I raised my left hand and brought it down like a leather strap, slapping her ass, leaving red finger marks on her cheeks. She burst out a scream, I’m cumming Jude I’m cumming, Jude held her firm, kissing and sucking her tongue, I pulled out slowly, letting the juices drop to the floor, that sound again, squelching, and I was free of her cunt, Pat turned dropped to the floor saying thanks darling let me taste myself, both Pat and Jude leaned forward to lick my fingers clean, I to tasted a little cum from Pat and it was sweet, sugary.

It’s pretty early in the morning, and I woke up, in bed with Pat, Jude and myself cuddling together like lovers, I had not eaten a meal for 24hrs, so I shook Pat asking where can I get something to eat; in the cafeteria darling near your seat, remember. I got dressed but not in my own clothes they were smelly, dirty, and needed washing, I found a skirt, top, bra, and pants, in the wardrobe, then had second thoughts about the pants, it’s just not done is it wearing someone else’s panties; I thought, leaving the pants off, looked in the mirror, swishing my skirt, around, to see if you can see through the skirt, checking to see if it’s not to short too. I unlocked the door, set it to lock behind me, slamming it on purpose to let the girls know I’d left, walking towards the window, looking around for the cafeteria, the smell of cooking was comforting, so I had a full breakfast, sat in the corner by myself enjoying the meal and the scenery, when I felt someone flop on the seat bench next to me, it was Trev; where did you get to last night Arenas, I looked everywhere for you, not everywhere I thought; what time do we dock in Holland I asked, not for a while yet he said, something about a strike by the port authorities, we will be informed as events happen.

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