My Vacation To Laurens Hotspot

My vacation is coming up, so I asked around the virtual village I live
at to see what hot spot I should check out.
Two foxy women approached me, not knowing they were members of the hottest
place on earth and I asked them what they recommend and they told me of
this hot spot where all the guests come out feeling relaxed and refreshed called
Lauren’s Hotspot in Laurens Hotspotville.

So I booked a flight to this little known place and packed my bags and
head for the private airport.
The limo dropped me off to this place in the middle of nowhere full of lush
greenery and a white sandy beach and palm trees.
This place looked like one of those grandiose palaces I’ve seen when I was a

As the limo dropped me off to the front I approach the virtual door of
Laurens Hotspot, something drew my eyes to an approaching figure.
She is already looking at him.
Her eyes are large, fire orange and ready to tantalize.
Her skin a smooth tan, with seductive brown hair ready to blow my mind.
Strands of misbehaving hair fall around her face.
DAMN !!!!!!!
It’s the naughty hostess herself, Lauren of Laurens Hotspot!
Makin me hungry.
I thought it was still 100 degrees in Portland like it is in Vegas in the
winter because I started sweating, but my mind I guess blew a circuit
and got transported to one of the gardens of Eden.

That hot sun doesn’t wanna go away now that it knows this hottie is yearnin
to be the hottest babe on the planet.

Goddess Lauren feels her cheeks flush.
So erotically juicy.
OMG, she then thinks to herself, “is he looking at me?”
“Did he see me looking at him?”
I offer her a polite smile and wait for her to enter the doorway first.
I do this out of habit, but also for selfish reasons.
I couldn’t help but notice goddess Laurens wavy curves, such a hot woman yet such delicious breasts under a very tight see through shirt and pink
Her tanly ass so spectacularly surrounded by such happy panties.

I followed her into the Hotspot and smiled at her again as we both go

I was feeling embarrassed but yet excited of this hot hostess.
“She is looking at me”.
“And I am such a mess just got off of the plane needing some rest and
“I think I smell like something but can’t figure it out! Oh, momma

Still, she continued the flirt and I decided to follow the trail of the
My eyes couldn’t stop glancing at her beautiful body.
From the side, from behind, when her breasts hung as she bent over to
get something off the floor.

Goddess Lauren would be sure to keep a steady pace so I wouldn’t lag behind.
I wandered in a daze getting lost in the Hotspot.
She thought she lost me.
Somehow I wasn’t there.

The baggage handler Andromedus took my luggage to the room while Goddess
Lauren thought that she’d have a little fun with me.
So she calls in her love goddesses Goddess Kelly and Goddess Kara
I awake from my daze to see 3 of America’s hottest hotties standing in the open doorway to the Hot Love Chamber at Lauren’s Hotspot a few minutes
later, with the hot air blowing against their bodies from the Casablanca fan up above blowing the outside air in.
I felt a presence behind me and turned.
I thought it was someone sneaking behind me but it was a whispering wind
trying to tell me something.
But I couldn’t understand what it was saying.

Anyway, I turned my head and smiled at them and enjoyed now seeing perkie
nipples from inside their see through clothing.

Finally, a conversation began.
Goddess Lauren seemed fun and sexy to me for some reason.
So were the other goddesses.
Did I find a garden of Eden?

Goddess Kelly couldn’t help but think about taking me in the shower and washing me before pouring a gallon of coconut milk all over Goddess Laurens
magnificent breasts on the heart shaped king size bed and licking them clean.
Goddess Kara saw the whipped cream and thought of topping Goddess
Lauren’s hot body with it and licking it off.

Goddess Lauren felt her body tingling at all the hot action.
My eyes were all over her.
If only my hands would be all over her hot body, too.
But that was forbidden until told to do so.

I felt myself trembling with their every move so Goddess Kelly chained
me to the bed as I wept in anticipation as they continued to tease me.
Then all of a sudden I see this beautiful goddess start moaning with
every inch of her body being licked by 2 hot and horny goddesses.
Goddess Kara dug into her hot burning love hole and the whole bed shook
as if there was an earthquake.
Goddess Kelly had to turn up the heat so she started sucking on Goddess Laurens right nipple.
Then Goddess Kara followed suit to her other nipple.

Wow !!
This is great !
I was thinkin to myself, sweating profusely from every orifice of my body
wanting to be involved.
Then Goddess Lauren starts slithering her seductive toungue at me like
a snake in heat wrapping around mine and then all over my body.
The others followed like a pack of hungry wolves towards their prey.
They remained like this until we all passed out from exhaustion to take
a break and they released me.
Goddess Lauren started her way to the Hot Shower.
As she offered a soft kiss to me and turned, I bit my lip.

“Excuse me,” I said.
She immediately stopped and faced me.
“What are you doing for dinner?” I then continued.
“I have all this time and …”

Goddess Lauren knew she had to get back to the other guests.
Other things to finish.

She gave me a sad expression. “But I have work.”
She headed to the shower and the other girls followed.
I was thinkin to myself what a great time I’m gonna have at this place.

So we parted our separate ways for the night.
Goddess Lauren scolded herself for being such a goody-goody.
She always played by the rules.
Her goddesses were going out dancing, she stayed tending to the Hotspot.
Goddess Lauren was frustrated as she trudged back to the Hotspot. Where
she’d be alone, just doing her work, for the next hour or so.

I couldn’t get my mind off Goddess Lauren.
She was a diamond in the rough and I was an expert at finding such creatures
of beauty.
It’s what I did for a living and it’s what has made me successful in my
She had a sparkle, a special gleam.
A face that shows sweetness and yet a body that exudes eroticism.
I was infatuated.
But I’ve looked in this world for years now and have only found heartache, frustration and dissillusion.

So much driven by this encounter, I went into the kitchen, found a pair
of keys to the rented Jeep and drove into the night.
I cruised by the road where I saw Goddess Lauren toiling away.
Up ahead I spotted her hourglass figure walking slowly, carrying bags.
From there she looked like an image from a third-world country: a hardy
young woman carrying her bundles and walking down the road.
She was barefoot too, in blue jeans and a t-shirt.

It turned me on even more.
I then caught up with her and she was startled, but then a smile grew across
her face.
It was I in a Jeep!Her body tingled again.
She even felt a quiver down below, which immediately sent her into full sexual arousal.
I must have this man, she thought.

She climbed in her truck and I slowly cruised to the Hotspot as she
instructed me to.
The side streets were quiet and empty.
She let me in the back door with her key and as she put the bags away,
I watched her move around the kitchen.
My anxio
usness almost had me trembling.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore.
I moved up behind her as she stood over a center island, with still
more things on the counter.
I put my hands over her hips and moved them upward slowly.
Over her sides and to her luscious mams.
She kept still and allowed me to tou
ch her.
She leaned her head back against my chest and looked up at this guy on
She felt my hardness against her lower back.

I barely got a firm hold of her breasts when she immediately spun around.
Her hands went right for my private area.
She stroked it over my slacks and then quickly worked my belt, buckle
and zipper.
I pulled off my shirt.
Goddess Lauren kissed my chest and stroked me in her hands.

The two of us pawed each other like starving animals.
I lifted her up and onto the counter and worked her jeans.
She stopped me for a moment and gave me a seductive, serious look.

“You could not keep your eyes off of them, no?” she said, glancing down
at her peircing globes, where a tight shirt could not hide the outline of
her bra and the clear indication of protruding nipples.

I said not a word and simply licked my lips hungrily with anticipation.

Goddess Lauren reached to the bottom of her shirt with crossed arms and
peeled the shirt over her head.
Her awesome breasts on such a petite body, were stuffed into an expensive
but flimsy bra that barely could contain them.
Her neck was sweating and her cheeks were flush.
But she continued on.
She reached behind her back and unclipped the bra, releasing her mounds
from captivity.
They literally fell over her stomach and a bead of sweat trickled down
one side and into a deep cleavage.
Her areolas were tan brown and succulent.

“You are gorgeous,” I whispered as my mouth watered with hunger.

I leaned in and kissed them gently, and slowly increased my intensity.
I licked her sweat and tasted her cocoa skin while also licking the
hard, firm nipples.
I then began to suck and she instinctively held my head and ran her fingers
through my dark hair.

I began to taste coconut milk.
The more I sucked, the more coconut milk I got.
In little time, it was almost pouring out of her.
When I licked, beads of coconut milk would form on the nipple.
She dropped her head back and felt me nurse on her.

But she didn’t know a man could get coconut milk, too.
And this was a completely different feeling.
Her hands grabbed my member and she stroked it.
Goddess Lauren pulled off her jeans and panties while I didn’t pause
for a second, feeding myself with her tantalizing breasts.

Goddess Lauren trembled with excitement and pleasure as she lifted her
leg up and around my hip.
She moved my member to her soaking wet and desperately-wanting lips.
Goddess Lauren instinctively pushed my pelvis inward as I continued to concentrate on my majesties breasts.
Occasionally I would offer pepper kisses along her breast and up to her
neck and return back down the other side.
Her skin glistened with sweat, milk and my saliva.
The room quickly filled with our combined sexual aromas.

Well, if you want more, all you gotta do is ask to recieve as I am the
true goddesses humble servant of the millenium and you will find me if you follow thine path that I have layed out for you if you think you are worthy of my services.


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