My Wedding Day

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I had been waiting for my wedding day to Darien for over a year. We were ready to walk down the aisle and I was nervous and looking forward to our wedding night all day. We were about to be Mr. and Mrs. Aarondale in five short hours.

I wanted my day to be special and asked my Mother and maid of honor to show up only one hour before church time. My intention was to spend the morning relaxing and getting ready for a night of hot love making to Darien. My first errand was to go to the salon and get my pussy completely waxed. When I looked at my bare fold, I couldn’t wait to get home to run my fingers over the smooth skin and really see my juices glisten over my lips. The drive home, I kept thinking that Darien is going to love seeing me bare and seeing my pussy glowing nice and red as he slaps my pussy over and over again and fingers me. I couldn’t wait to feel his tongue lick up every drop of juice that was already flowing and soaking my panties with the very thought.

As soon as I got in the door, I ran upstairs and tore my clothes off and sized up my body. First I turned from side to side to see what angle looked best, then I turned around and bent over to see what Darien was going to see when he takes me from behind. As I got back up, I caught a figure in the door.

“You are going to make the perfect wife with that body and especially that pussy. My girlfriend would never shave hers off.” It was Alex, Darien’s brother standing there in the door. God only knows for how long!

“What are you doing here”, I scrambled for my clothes “you scared me to death, what the fuck are you doing here”, now I was mad b/c I so embarassed and he wanted to have a conversation about my pussy.

“Relax, Darien just asked me to come over and pick up some clothes for him. Since he can’t see you on the day of the wedding. He gave me a key.” He stood there smiling. I could see that his dick was hard underneath his shorts. It was so big and I couldn’t help but stare at it for a second.

“Do you want to touch it?” he asked me. Shit he caught me looking at it. “NO, today is my wedding day. I’ve gotta get ready.”

“It looks like you were getting ready by the way you were showing off in that mirror” he stepped toward me and I could smell his cologne. The next thing I knew he had his arm wrapped around my waist and the other arm sliding my legs apart. His hand rose up my leg and his lips pressed into my neck as his tongue traced my long neck. I felt so relaxed in his arms. My anxiety was slipping away and I was getting hot for my finance` brother.

Long thick fingers spread my pussy lips apart and other fingers entered my wet hole. By this time, I was so wet and I was lost in his kisses and the feeling that went up my spine as he now moved 2 and 3 fingers at a time into me.

I took off his shirt and ran my hands over his hard chest and watched his chest move with every breath. He was built like a machine, those six pack abs, and narrow waist much like Darien. They were alike in so many ways, I felt like I was about to be fucking the same man. Even though, I know I wasn’t.

Alex suddenly stopped and took a step back from me. Stunned and standing there naked and breathless, I asked “What is wrong, why did you stop? I want you and I know you want me.” He wiped the beads of sweat off his head and looked down and then straight into my eyes. “Darien is outside in the car”. I thought I was going to die.

“He’s what?” you did this and he’s in the car! He grabbed his shirt and ran downstairs and all I heard was the gravel kick up in the drive way.

A minute later, the phone rang. “Hey honey, Alex told me that you look amazing, I can’t wait to see you at the alter”. Darien’s voice was happy and excited. I sat paralized on the bed. “What did Alex tell you?”. “Honey, don’t you think that it’s a little early to have your dress on? You might get make-up or something on it. Wait until your mother gets there.” Thank the heavens, Alex obviously lied about what he saw and what he did. I was still horny as hell.

I dropped on the bed and ran my hands over my pussy, I began to relax and fantasize about what had happened moments ago. Still wet and warm, my fingers finish the job. His fingers were hard and that dick was rock hard. “what would that feel like deep inside, fucking me from behind, he would look amazing between my legs, and I would fuck every inch of that solid rock of his.” He would not even know what hit him. I can picture myself licking that hot rod and looking up at him smiling up at him. Taking in every inch until I devour it whole and running my lips over it time and time again. Feeling his balls smack my ass as he fucks me. It would have been great to feel that hot pole of his burrowing deep in my ass and hear him spanking my ass.

I am about to cum as I think that I want to fuck him so bad. My pussy is pulsing and throbbing with pleasure, my hands are soaked and I am about to climax. My eyes squeeze shut as I feel the pleasure go through me.

Like a dream I open my eyes and there is Alex above me naked. “I still have the key, I dropped Darien back at the hotel and rushed back over”. “Now, let me finish what I didn’t get to start!”.

His dick was bigger than I imagined. It was long and his veins were pulsing all over it. He slid his dick into my pussy and I immediately took every inch with pleasure. ALex bit his lips and squeezed his eyes shut, “you are so fucking tight, you feel like a trap, I am going to fuck you so hard”. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt him push his dick deeper and deeper. We both moaned and laughed with pleasure.

My tits were swinging back and forth, my nipples were red from his teeth biting them so hard. It felt so good and the pain was exquiste, nothing like with Darien.

Pulling out his dick, he orders me to get on my knees and suck his dick like a whore. He grabs my hair and pulls my face into his crotch. I take every each and he pulls me harder. I want to gag but, I am so into his dick I can hardly think and he drives a finger into my ass. I buckle with pleasure and suck his dick harder.

He pulls me off his dick and explodes onto my face. His cum is thick and sweet. Every drop fills my mouth and swallow all of it like it was water. I want more and beg for him to fuck me some more.

Alex wants me to beg for it and “Beg for it bitch, beg me to fuck you in your ass!”. I plead with him to fuck me, my body is trembling with pleasure and pain. I stand in front of him and lick my big round nipples and tell him that I as soaking wet and he needs to fuck me hard b/c I am whore and need to be fucked like one.

Turning around I bend over and he stands behind me and begins to spank me hard. The pleasure is amazing and I begin to rub my smooth pussy. Within a minute his back to fucking me over the bed. He takes turns fucking my ass and cunt. I scream in pleasure as I climax.

Grabbing my hips and slamming his dick into me, he tells me that he is going to loadi his cum in my ass and he wants me to beg him to do it. I beg him. “please fuck me, fill my hole with you hot cum, I want to feel you fill me up, fuck my ass baby, fuck it, fuck it. Pleasssssseeeeeee, FUccccccccck Meeeeeeeeee.”

His dick explodes and I can feel his let go in my ass. I am hot and sweating and feel like I have never felt before. Alex collapses on top of me with his dick still inside of me hard as a rock. I am amazed at how long it has lasted. “Give me a second, I want to really fuck you again” he whispers in my ear as he kisses my neck. “Okay, I’ll give you one minute!”.

He pulls me back up and begins to go at my as again. I am about to come again and I hear a strange now, like keys, but I ignore it Darien has given Alex his only set.

I look up and it’s my best friend Melanite. What the fu
ck are you doing?” she says. I am about to die, I can hardly believe it’s her. “Mel, it’s not what you
think”. “I am your best friend and I know that you are getting fucked in the ass. If you don’t want me to tell Darien. You’ll eat my pussy and let me get some of that dick”.

Alex laughs and I am happy to eat Mel’s sweet pussy, it’s been a long time since I licked her cunt. If that is what it takes to keep this secret than, what the hell.

The next three hours were better than anything that I could’ve hoped for.

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    A great tease.

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