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My wife was a birthday present.

This is my second story in this session. The response that I have received for the earlier story was very astonishing. I really never knew that so many people share the same feelings of mine. Thanx once again for your massive support.
This time I am narrating the story at the time when I and my wife, Ritu were newly married. As I told you earlier, my wife has fantastic figures. If dressed perfectly she can drive men crazy by a single look. And she knows this very well now. She has that mischievous looks in her eyes.
Ritu has an elder sister, Savita, married and staying near to our city. It takes around 2 hrs to drive to reach her house. Savita is around 38 years now. She is matured and very sensible. She has a very good sense of dressing and knows what looks good on her. At this age also she is very sexy matured women. Both these sister has a very good sense of dressing. Ritu being tall and slim like to show off her long legs and Savita has a very beautiful back to be shown.
One fine evening I received a call from Savita asking to send Ritu to their house for one night stay as her husband, Ramesh, had to go out of station for some office work. I called up Ritu and she readily agreed for the same. That day I had to live alone at my residence. Next day evening I went to pick her up and was surprise to see Ramesh at his residence. He told me that due to some reason he was asked to cancel his trip. While coming back to home, Ritu was completely quite. She did not say a single word. I asked her whether she had any problem at her sister’s place. She did not say anything. Next few days she was in the same mood. Then one night she told me the reason. She said, “Manish, the day I had been at Savita’s house, it was Ramesh’s birthday.” I said that’s great. You should have wished him and also given him some present. She said, “Manish, I myself was a present to him.” I did not understand that. I asked her again. She said, “When I reached her house, Savita was sitting in her drawing room. I went and hugged her from behind. Then after having our dinner we went up stairs to her bedroom. We started to chat. After some general chatting, our topic moved to sex. She asked me if I faced any problems in my first night. I said no. Manish is a very understanding person. Then she asked about our first night. I told her in very brief. She asked me if Manish makes me satisfy.” I was hearing all her talks very carefully. Knowing that Savita asked her about my self, made me very excited. Her figure stood in front of me. She looked very sensuous to me know. I started to fantasies about her in my mind. Ritu continued, “I said yes. Manish does satisfy me very well. Then she asked me with my prior permission, what size does Manish has? I, with some hesitation told her, it’s nearly 8.5inches when erected.” I was happy to know that Savita is taking to much interest in my penis size. But I did not show this to Ritu. She continued, “I was shy telling your size to her. But she said nothing to get shy. She told me that Ramesh has nearly the same size. She was then looking at my breast and asked, Is Manish satisfied with your breast size. I told her no. Since, I didn’t have the size like of yours. She laughed and asked me to remove my top. I stood up and removed my top. She was looking at my breast, which were covered under bra. She asked me to remove my bra. I looked around and since no one was there other then my sister, I removed my top. She saw my boobs coming out of the bra. She came near to me and slowly made me turn around. Then carefully looking at me, she took both the boobs in her hand and started to caress them. I gave a slow moan. Then she touched my pant’s zip. I caught her hand and looked at her. She said she is just examining her sister’s body.” Here I started to get an erection in my pants. Ritu continued, “I said, Pls don’t remove my pants Savita. I am getting shy. She said, since no one is around us, let us see what do you have more than me. I did not understand her words. But she firmly removed my hand and unzipped my pants. She was surprise to see no panty inside my pants. I could not explain the reason why I was not wearing. Because I loved the touch of the jeans stitching to my shaved pussy. She appreciated the cleanliness of my pussy. Then she made me sleep on the bed completely nude. The feeling of new bed sheet to my skin made me excited. I don’t know why but I thought of Savita and Ramesh. The smell of new people around me made me more excited. Savita was examining my nude body. I said, Why only I am being made nude. Why don’t you also take off your clothes. She readily agreed for that. She was wearing a two piece night gown. She removed her over coat. Now she was only in her inner piece. I could easily see that she was not wearing anything inside. Before I could say anything she removed her inner piece and now she was standing completely nude in front of me.” Just hearing that Savita was standing in nude in front of my wife made my penis stand at its peak. I could not control myself to hold it from my pants. Ritu was describing her body. “She was looking like an angel. At the age of 38 she was still looking extremely sexy. I could not control my self and pulled her near to me. She also garbed me and we both started to make love to each other. Believe me Manish we never planned this earlier. We had come close to each other many times earlier but never had such feelings before. This might be because now I have tasted what sex is after marriage. We were busy making love to each other when I heard some sound from the doorway. I asked Savita about that, She just ignored that. After some time I again heard some sound. This time I asked her to stop. I covered my self with the bed sheet lying there. And slowly went near the door of our bedroom. Manish will you believe, It was Ramesh standing behind the door with his pants down, his penis in his hand, and he was stroking it vigorously. I was stunt to see him there. He was looking at me but still stroking his penis hard. He was just about to come. I stood there in shocked position and just then he shot his come on the floor. After some time he felt relaxed and came inside the bedroom. Savita and Ramesh were sitting on the bed. Both nude. I was standing in front of them in seminude position. I asked Savita what was all this.
She told me not to get angry. Then she started to explain me. Last few weeks before they had discussion between them as how would Ritu feel to have sex for the first time. Then the topic shifted to see Ritu completely nude. After some days they made a plan and acted upon it. I was feeling very ashamed to stand there in front of them. It was mid night. And Savita wished Ramesh Happy Birthday. And said here is your birthday gift. Ramesh looked at me from top to toe. He said, you have extremely sexy body. And don’t hide. Let the fragrance of your body be appreciated by everyone. Savita said, Don’t be shy in front of Ramesh. Now that he has seen you completely. Moreover we also say that sister in law is always a half wife. So he has as much right on you as your Manish has on you. Savita left the room for some reason leaving me and Ramesh alone. Ramesh made me sit on the bed near him. As I sat near him. The bed sheet moved and I was sitting nude from front. He was still looking at my body. I could see his penis getting slowly erected. He came near to me and slowly dropped the sheet from my shoulder. Now I was sitting completely nude in front of him. I was not able to get up from there nor was able to sit in front of him without any clothes. So I tried to pull the sheet again. But Ramesh pulled that sheet away and made me sleep on the bed. I could not match his eyes. Now he took me below. And started to caress me. Slowly he started rub my boobs. I again gave a moan. And now he took one of them in his mouth and started suck like you do. Manish believe me, I really did not liked him doing this. But I don’t know what held me back. I was just lying there and allowing him do what ever he wants to. He w
as kissing my
complete body. Not a single part was left without kissing.”
I could not believe that. But also could not stop hearing that. Ritu continued, “The masculine fragrance of his body drew me crazy. I caught his head and made him suck my boobs more hard. After some foreplay, he made my legs wide. I could see his penis same like of yours. Maybe slightly small. But much thicker. I was afraid to take that in. I stopped him saying, not this. I won’t allow you inside me. But he said that is what will give you actual fun darling. And before I could say anything, he pulled me down and inserted his thick cock inside me. I gave a loud cry out. But he completely ignored and was pushing me hard. Slowly it started giving me fun. And I loved that Manish. Hope you are not angry.” “Of course not honey. It was not your fault.” What else could I have said. Ritu kept telling, “While Ramesh was pushing me, I could see Savita standing near the door and watching us. She looked very happy to see Ramesh on me. Ramesh explode with a big shot and fell on my body. I was also finished. We slept there for some time. And then Savita came there with some soft drinks for us.
We were sitting at the table with our glasses in our hands. Partially covered. It was almost 3 am now. Ramesh assured me that there is nothing wrong to have sex with different partner only if you are comfortable with the one. Savita said we will never tell Manish about our today’s act if I don’t want to. But Manish I could not hide anything from you. So feel to tell you everything. Hope you excuse me for the same.”
After hearing her I could not understand what I should feel. The thought of my wife going to bed with somebody else does make me uncomfortable but at the same time make me feel more excited.
Can any of you tell me what is correct and what is wrong?
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