My wife the doctor's secret sex life revealed

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My wife, Mary, is a doctor and regularly deviates from standard medical procedures when examining men.

At first I believed she was frigid or whatever the appropriate term would be for a once hot sex driven babe who is now mother of three and no longer wanted to have sex with me. Then one day while I was doing the laundry, I found one of Mary’s bras – a black lace one – one that I had not seen on her in years – on the floor of the laundry room. I picked it up wistfully and my mind started churning up fantasies of bygone days. But that all stopped when my fingers rubbed into goo. I looked down and saw one of the bra cups was smothered in goo. I smelled it and immediately recognized that it was cum – fresh but within a few hours or so. And it sure was not mine. I had tremendous swings in reaction – someone had cum in my wife’s bra. My wife was fooling around with someone. Why was there cum all over my wife’s bra?

I was dismayed but also aroused. My cock began hardening. Fantasies of mywife dong someone else began crowding out reality. I started rubbing my growing cock against the pulsating washing machine. I started dry humping it and eventually pulled out my cock and started beating off on its warm vibrating top while rubbing my wife’s cum ridden bra on my face.

Unfortunately or fortunately, my wife walked in on me. She saw my aroused cock and her soiled bra in my hands and looked stunned for 10 long silent seconds. Then she walked quietly into the room – closing and locking the door behind her. She started unbuttoning her blouse while running her hands over her body with her eyes locked on mine. She opened her shirt and there was another blck lace bra with her rigid nipples poking thru. She walked up to me and reached down to my cock which she gently started pulling on.

I started to say something when she put a finger on my lips and said “shhhh”. She then began palpating my chest and said “So this is your first physical in a long time isn’t sir?” I nodded dumbly. She then said “This is what I like to do with first time clients – keeps them cuming back”. She then lowered herself to her knees and began to suck my cock which had gotten a bit soft with my confusion. She began biting the tip of my cock and I got rock hard and began thrusting with my hips. She smiled and moved to my side and began sucking harder. With one hand she pumped on my shaft and the other she moved up to my anus and began probing. I could not take it for long – I was building up to a huge climax quickly and my knees began to get weak. Just as I started to cum she said in a husky deep voice “You can cum on my tits or fuck me in the ass”. My limit was reached and I shot my wad all over her black lace clad tits.

She smiled coldy and reached up licked my cock clean, Mary then rubbed my cum all over her pert breasts and rigid nipples. Mary then buttoned up her blouse, stood up and walked to the locked laundry door. As she opened it my wife said she had some unfinished business at the hospital and would be home late. She then walked out and closed the door behind her without saying another word.

I fell back on the ground exhausted with my mind whirling. At least I understood what happened to her bra. So that was what she was doing. I needed to say something to her and I needed to to do it now. I reached out to push myself off the ground and my hand caught something as it brushed by the ground at the bottom of the washing machine. A piece of fabric, as I pulled it out I saw that it was a soiled pair red lace underware – with a torn hole in back. I guess some other stud didn’t take the first option.

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