My Wife’s First Black Man

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My name is Joe, I live in a small town. I have been married to my wife Maria for nine years now. We have an awesome relationship. My wife is what I like to call a MILF. She is a dark complected Italian woman, with a body to boot. Me and the wife live a simple life. I guess you could say we are like most married couples. Go to work, come home, and get up and do it all over again. I work as a carpenter for a construction company. My wife is a secretary for a small company. We have three children together. The youngest child just moved out of the house a couple of weeks ago. So we have the house all to ourselves now. No more sneaking sex in, if any one can relate. Since the last child has moved out, the sex has been excellent. My wife is kind of a shy woman. But she does like to try different things once in while. I try to spice things up with sex toys and role playing. Sometimes my wife likes to pretend I am a different man. It does not bother me  because I always want my wife to be satisfied to the fullest. I can tell when we do this, it makes my wife a little more aggressive in bed. One night while role playing, I asked her if she would really consider sleeping with another man.  She got kind of quiet and said, “I don’t know if I could do that. Wouldn’t that bother you?” she replied. I said to her, “Well, I was just thinking me being an average size man, I was wondering just how wild you would be with a man that is much bigger than I am.” I can tell the difference in her when I use some of a our bigger toys. She really is a different woman when we use them. So I am thinking size does matter. So she looks at me and says she would have to think about it. It couldn’t be some stranger. When she said that to me, I knew right then she was thinking about it. While we continued to have sex, I could see the difference in her from the talk we just had. More into the sex if ya know what I mean. Boy, she really laid it on me.

A couple of days had gone by, and I asked her she had given any thought to what we had talked about. She said yes, I think I could do it. But just once. So my wheels started turning thinking about who I could get to do this, and how I go about asking someone to do this. How was I going to find the right person for the job? Me and the wife don’t go to bars because we don’t drink. Here I am with my wife saying she would do it and I had no idea about how to ask someone to have sex with my wife. So a couple of days went by, and I was at work one day. I was shooting the shit with one of my coworkers, John . He was a friend of mine for years at work. Then it hit me-I could ask him. John is young black man in his late twenties, and built like brick shit house. He is the one that guys at work call  if there is any heavy lifting. So me and John where having lunch and I just came out with and said, “John, can ask you a question?” John replied, “Sure, whats up?”

“Well, me and my wife are looking to bring a little excitement to our bedroom, and I was wondering if you would be interested in being part of a thing like that.” John looked at me and said, “What? With your wife? Hell yea!” The guys at work always thought that my wife was a knock out. So I said “OK, I will let ya know when we will do this.”

So arrived at home to find my wife cooking dinner. I wasn’t sure how to go about telling her I had found someone to do what we had talked about. So I waited until we were in bed to start messing around with my wife to get her in the mood for my news. As starting feeling my wife’s beautiful breasts, I started to tell her I think I have the person to join us in bed. She looked at me with a lust in her eyes and said, “Who might that be?”

I told her, “You remember John from work?”  She said, “The young black guy from work you had at the house that day helping you with roof?”  “Yup. So what do you think?”  I asked her. She looked at me and said “I have never been with a black man. But he is a very good looking man. I will do it,” she replied. So we continued to make love and as always she was aroused just from the talk of being with a black man, let alone another man.

So the next day at work, I set it up with John for that Friday night. The week flew by and Friday had come and I was filled with excitement for the night to come. I had gotten home from work early and made dinner. My wife walked in and said, “You’re home early.” I told her tonight was a special night. I told her John would be over around eight . She said, “You know the only reason I am doing this tonight is for you.” But I knew that she wanted to do this. We finished dinner and cleaned up. My wife went up stairs get a shower and shave her body and her mound. While she was in the shower, John arrived, and we both sat and talked and waited for my wife to come down. When she came down the steps I could see she was a little surprised to see John. She came walked to kitchen and motioned me to come over. When I got the kitchen, she said was a little nervous. I told to just relax and enjoy the night.  She came in to the living room with her silk pajamas on and sat on the couch between me and John. we all started to talk, and could see my wife’s nipples where hard as a rock, piercing thru her top. As he leaned and gave her kiss, she said to John, “Just be gentle with me.” John stared to run his hands along her thigh. I could hear my wife make a little sigh. I told my wife to sit up so I could remove her shirt. When I removed her shirt expose her breasts, I told John to touch her breasts, she loves that. I asked my wife to stand up and I removed her bottoms to expose her tanned body.

John was standing in front of my wife and she started to rub his cock through his pants. That’s when I backed away and let John have his way with her. As he pulled down his pants my wife said, “Oh my God. That thing is fucking huge. You better be gentle with me.” He slowly laid her down and began to kiss the inner parts of her thighs. I could see that her mound was getting swollen and moist. He slowly grabbed a hold his huge black cock and rubbed her vaginal opening with it, parting her pussy lips. I have to tell ya have never seen a cock that big. He was double the size of me. I started getting worried she would like it a little too much. As he continued to rub her pussy with his huge head of his cock, I could see her start to arch her back as if to say stick it in. He slowly starts to slide it in my wife. I see her bite down on her lower lip and say “Oh my God, it’s too big!” With every slow push it stretches my wife’s pussy like never before. Even our biggest toy is not as big as him. He starts to stick it in more and more. He is only half way in and I hear my wife grunt. She yells out, “Fuck me.” My wife never says that to me. As he starts to picking up the pace, my wife moans louder and louder as she looks at me while she lets out a deep long moan as she cums for the first time. John, being a young man, keeps plowing into my wife. She lets out another loud moan “Oh my God, oh fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me with that big black dick.” He stops and tells her to kneel at the foot of couch so he can fuck her from behind, and she gladly bends over the couch to take his massive black cock. He starts to slide it in and out I can hear his ball sack smack repeatedly against her ass and wet cunt. As continues to work on his long stroke, my wife yells out again. “I’m cumming again, oh my God!” Just as my wife yells out, he slowly pulls out his cock and starts riding it on the crack of her ass with my wife panting. She reaches behind her ass and grabs his big thick cock, and starts rocking back and forth on her crack. To my surprise, she starts to tries to put in her ass. She holds a firm grip on his cock and tries to slowly guide it in her ass. As it starts to go, in she yells very loud “Oh my god, it’s so big!” He gets in and starts pumping on my wife’s ass and she starts to cum like never before. As she cums, she shakes and pants to catch her breath. She could feel his cock swelling and getting ready blow. He pulls out his big cock and douses my wife’s ass with a fountain of cum.

My wife slowly turns to him and says, “Thank you so much. That was awesome.” She came over to me and said thank you too. “I am going up to the bedroom if you’d like to fuck me now.” As walked John to the door, I said thank you. He said, “No, thank you. It was a hell of a night, see ya tomorrow at work.” I ran up stairs and fuck the shit out of my wife. My wife never mentioned it again. But I know she thinks about it from time to time. She even went as far to buy a huge black dildo, I guess to be reminded of her first black man.

The End

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  1. parrotdead

    She needs to do it again and again!

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  2. nubiano

    Enjoyable. I appreciate a fine white bum myself.

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  3. bigfox

    Yes she want it again and again

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