My young friend

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The air was cool at the party and most of the guests stayed close to the fire. It had been a lovely evening and now it was just the close group enjoying conversation. I had been talking with my husband and co workers and noticed the full moon overhead, it was almost enchanting. One of the co workers had rode his motorcycle and we were discussing his new bike. It was real nice and I mentioned that I would like to take a ride sometime. He was a harmless younger man, probably 15 years younger than me. I had always enjoyed his company and knew he respected me. I was married and settled down and he was just starting to date women and was at the moment looking for a new woman in his life. He had been going a lot with his recent breakup, and I tried to make sure he felt welcome in the crowd of “older” people. My husband began chatting about work and my young friend, said, “do you still want that ride?” He had caught me off guard and then I realized he must be getting ready to leave and wanted to be polite. I shrugged and said, we would do it another time if he wanted.
“Oh come on, I promise to go easy.” he persisted
“OK, just a minute.” I told my husband who could not have cared less.
He was now standing in the driveway by his bike waiting. I was slightly nervous around him. He was pretty shy and I did not want to offend him.
“Remember, I have not ridden in quite a few years, I may have to touch you.” I kidded him.
He backed the bike up and put the pegs down and motioned to hop on. I got on the bike and immediately remembered how good it felt to be out on the bike after all these years. I carefully placed my hands on his shoulders as we pulled pulled off slowly. We went down a few side streets and came right back. We pulled up to my husband and he said “I thought you would have been gone longer than that.” I shrugged and he asked, “Do you want to go out for more?” I was feeling pretty thrilled at the change of routine. “Sure, lets get out of town where we can feel the breeze.” with that we pulled away to the next stop sign. He reached for my hands and put them around his waist and said “that will be a lot more comfortable for both of us.” He was right, it felt good even though it felt slightly wrong. The vibrations made me horny and I probably holding on a little tighter than I needed too. We rode out of town for about 15 minutes and then stopped along side a farmers field and lake. He pulled into the abandoned oil well drive, and I thought he might be turning around. He stopped the engine on the bike. “What are you doing, is there something wrong?” I questioned. “I just stopped to listen to the wind and see the moon on the lake, is that o.k.?” “Sure,” I said “it is nice and quiet, and I am having a good time, thanks again.” by this time I was leaning against the bike and he walked up to me and pulled me close and said “I have wanted to kiss you for a very long time, would that be all right with you?” he wispered. My heart raced and by my lack of opposition he did kiss me and his mouth was warm and he smelled wonderful as he kissed my throat and neck.

Oh my God, what was I doing. I was married and I knew better. Was I dreaming, all I know is that the kissing was sweet and tender. But the longer we kissed in silence the more forceful and passionate we both became. Now I could feel his blood swollen member pressing against my thigh beneath the tightness of his jeans and mine. There was no one around and I began pawing at his shirt thinking he would back off, but instead he assisted me and removed his shirt all together. He was not an overbearing man, but he was lean and young and it showed. His tongue filled my mouth as his hands found my excited breasts. He pushed my bra out of the way and used his hands to bring me to a minor quivering orgasm. I wonder if he knew what he had started and I became slightly embarrassed by my reaction. “Are you sure you want this?” I asked.
“Stephanie, I want you so bad, please don’t make me stop, it will just be between us, I promise to never speak of it again” he whispered in my ear while running his hands against my damp jeans.

I was so hot for him and even hotter knowing that he wanted me. I kicked off my shoes and eased my pants down and he stopped for a moment and stepped back and admired my bald mound. I knew he was not a virgin but his experience had been limited and I think the very sight pleased him. He pulled a large towel from the compartment on the bike and laid it on the ground by the bike. It was as if he was the experienced lover, he stroked my hair and kissed me again and again as he assisted us in laying down. The ground felt hard beneath us, but I was sure he was harder. He slid his jeans down and pressed his chest against mine and I let out a little sigh as I felt his raging cock at the entrance to my needy pussy. He was young, it took him no time to be fully inside me. He pressed hard and it felt wonderful. I could feel him stroking in and out of me with pure pleasure. The kisses were so full of passion, it had been years since I felt like this. Everything about it was wrong but I could not help but reach another orgasm. We clung to each other as I noticed he was starting to loose his breath and I could tell he was fighting his orgasm. I began to clench all my pussy muscles and kiss him with all the force I could as my body rocked to meet each thrust. Then in a burst of force he came in me like a volcano. He laid on top of me for a few more moments, then quickly got up and assisted me and both of us dressed in silence.

Finally I broke the quiet night. “I never knew you had it in you” I say and can tell that I have embarrassed him. “I meant that in a complimentary way you know”

“I hope this was OK with you, I really should have asked” he said

“I am glad it glad it happened like it did, if you would have asked, I would have said no” and I am glad it happened but it has to be our secret. He agreed and we hopped back on the bike and I held my arms around him even tighter on the way back. Once we arrived, I thanked him for the ride and returned to my husband.

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