Mystery, Mystery, Mystery

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I still liked the night my wife and I had a small dinner party at our house, there were 4 couples total. We guys finished up a Sunday afternoon of football and were trying to watch the post games show. Our wives were in the kitchen being real giddy and making to much noise for sure. They were in the process of making sure I had no wine left in the house. Dennis’s wife Sally came into the TV room and said “Come on guys, we’re going to play musical chairs. That was the last thing we wanted to hear. Each guy had something to say, like”Come on we are watching TV here” or ” In a minute” Etc. She wasn’t taking no for an answer and called the other wife’s to help. When the other 3 wives came in it was quite obvious they had just the right amount of wine, they were sitting on their husbands laps and persuading the husband to join in their game, Finally we all gave in and decided to join them for a while to curtail any problems later.
We followed our wives into the other room and saw the wives had already set up 4 folding chairs 2 side-by-side and back-to-back. As they sat down in the chairs, my wife Andrea handed each guy and wife a party type mask to cover the eyes like a blindfold with elastic band on it. She had a little 15 second timer and showed us how it worked in the game they devised. Sounded pretty stupid to us but we had no idea what was coming. Seems with blindfolds on timer set, guys walk left and women walk right till the timer dings. Wives were to sit down and husbands stood still in front of who ever they landed by. The wives deal was they then felt the guys chest, side, hips and tried to choose who’s husband it was, each right choice got the a point in the game. The game went on a few rounds and to tell you the truth, it was a little boring. I did and I’m sure the other husband like the groping on our bodies by someone’s wife.
I don’t know if I was the first to get a hard on but on one round someone wife rubbed her hand across it in my pants, I think it was my wife to be honest with you because I heard her say to the other wives, “Mini conference, time out”. The wives all put their heads together giggled and then sat back down in the chairs. The next time the timer rang we stopped and proceeded to get our crotches rubbed, I knew there were 4 hard ons now in the room. Each wife called out a name and the guy responded just with a yes or no for the point in the game. A few more rounds and the zippers came down, the cocks came out and they held each cock when the timer rang. The wives were giggling and the guys were having a great time.
Finally it was the guys turn to guess who was who, each time the timer and we’d stop and a wife would take our cock into their mouth and suck a few seconds and the guy had to say a name, to be honest I don’t think any guy cared who’s wife was sucking his cock.
About 4 more rounds and it was time to Cum, I know I couldn’t hold it any longer The next time the timer rang I know I shot about 6 large squirts into some wife’s mouth. Each guy must have done the same because there were a lot of moans and groans going on, all with in about 30 seconds of each other.
We went around 1 more time and when the timer rang all stood up and took their masks off, everyone looked at everyone else with big smiles and we thanked the wives for a great game!

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