Nadia the tallest woman I've ever met . By Rick

Nadia the Tallest Woman I’ve Ever Met
(and the longest story I’ve ever written )
By Rick

I was in my office working on a project for a new customer who wanted everything done yesterday . My sexretary Rose came in and said that the Russian woman from the first floor wanted to see me. Rose didn’t like Maria for some reason that I don’t understand . I wonder what she wants I said . Your not banging her are you ? Rose asked . No I said but it could be fun although I doubt her husband would like it much if I did and he is one big son of a bitch . Maria and her husband live in the same trailer park that I do so I knew them by sight . Show her in I said maybe she wants some PR work done for her agency . Maria worked for an agency that helped central European émigrés settle in the upstate N. Y. area . Most of the people were from former communist countries like Russia and Massachusetts ( just a joke about Mass , they are still communist ) . Anyway Rose showed Maria in . Hello Rick she said I was wondering if that trailer you rent out is available ? It will be in a few days I said . When I finish painting the deck it will be up for rent . How much do you want for it ? She asked . I told her what I wanted a month and the first and last months rent in advance . That’s pretty reasonable she said . You understand that the renter has to pay all utilities. All I take care of is the lot rent . She said that she knew that . I have a 35 year old divorced client from the Ukraine who will need a place in a couple of weeks . Her English isn’t very good but it’s getting better . Does she have a job ? I asked. Yes she has and she’s been there for eight months . Her landlord just raised the rent on her and she wants to move . It’s ok with me I said . Is her husband going to cause any trouble ? I asked . No she said he’s still in the old country . Ok I said would you like a copy of the lease agreement ? Yes she said . I opened a drawer in my desk and took out a lease agreement . You can look this over I said . It’s something my lawyer drew up for me . Can I have our lawyer check it out ? She asked. Sure I said it’s legal but have your people check it out if you want . Thanks she said and left . Rose came back in as soon as Maria had left . Do we have a new customer she asked . No she had some client of her agency that may rent my old trailer . It’s been empty for over a month now so it would be nice to rent it . Rose asked what’s wrong with the trailer that it’s been empty for a month ? Nothing I said the last tenant moved to North Carolina and I decided to repaint the inside and replace the deck with a larger one . All I have to do now is put a second coat of paint on the deck and put new rubber treads on the steps and it will be all done . Rose said speaking of rubbers I could use a good fuck right now I’m horny and I am your sexretary ! I said well I guess we both could use a little break and shut down my computer . Rose put out the be back in half an hour sign and locked the door to the outer office . She was her usual horny self . I gave her a kiss and started to fondle her tiny tits . She helped me take her top off . Then she pulled her skirt down , she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her skirt . Her hairy bush stood out against her milky white skin . Her face was red as it always was when she was horny . She helped me undress and I licked her nipples and fingered her pussy . She was moaning and her pussy was wet in a few seconds . I sat her in my chair and sucked on her clit and fingered her cunt until she came . Then she said my turn and got up and pulled me to the couch in the corner of my office and started to stroke my hard cock . That looks good enough to eat she said and sucked on my cock running her tongue around the tip .Shit I said that feels great . I do give good head she said and ran her tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock . Then she put a condom on me and said I need a ride . She straddled my cock and sat down on my thighs guiding my cock into her cunt . Since she was facing me I sucked on one nipple and gently twisted the other . Oh! Shit ! She said suck on my nipples ! She was slowly riding up and down on my cock her eyes closed her skinny body shaking . Her back was arched and when she came she almost bent her self in half . Damn ! Damn ! She said and pounded on my chest don’t cum yet I’m about to burst ! Then she came so hard that tears came form her closed eyes and her chest and face turned bright red . Every time she did that I was afraid that she was going to have a heart attack . Her breathing came in fits and spurts and her hips shook like the were going to detach themselves from her body . The she slowed down again and she gradually returned to normal . I came a few seconds before she opened her eyes again . She got off of me and said . That doesn’t happen that often for me but it sure is great when it does ! I hope I didn’t hurt you she said . No but when you almost stop breathing it does scare me a bit I said . We cleaned up and got dressed . Back to work she said unlocked the door and took the sign down . Rose left an hour later and I finished a couple of hour later and went to finish the deck on my rental trailer .
I had just finished the last coat of stain when Maria came by . Hello Rick I had our lawyer check out your lease and he said it was fine . Can I see the inside of the trailer ? I’d hate to recommend something I have never seen . Sure I said but you’ll have to come around the other side and use the back door the stain here is still wet. Tomorrow after work I’ll put the new rubber trends on these steps and it will be ready to rent . I brought her around and let her in . She looked around as if she were renting it for she self . How old is the stove ? She asked . Two years I said and the refrigerator is less than a year old and the water heater was new last fall . She smiled and said it looks freshly painted . It is I said and the carpet was new three months ago . What about the furnace ? Last fall with the water heater I said . Nice she said can I bring Nadia around tomorrow at say 7 P.M. ?
Sure I said I’ll be in my double wide . Great she said thanks Rick I’m sorry about all the questions but our lawyer said to ask them . That’s ok I said if he wants me to I’ll give you copies of the receipts I keep them for tax purposes . That won’t be necessary she said. She was good as her word at seven the next night she rang my door bell . She had the biggest woman I’ve ever seen in my life with her . She must have been 6’8″ at least . She was beautiful . She wore her light brown hair in a big bun and her light gray eyes sparkled in her round face . She wore light red lipstick and no other make up was necessary . She had high cheek bones and a beautiful smile . I have no idea what she weighed but she had at least a 48 inch waste and huge tits that were down almost to her waist. Her Butt was also very big at least 60 inches . Her legs were like tree stumps her calves were as big as my thighs. It was her face that made her look like angel it was perfect and everything else , while huge , was in proportion . Rick Maria said this is Nadia . Nadia stuck her hand out to shake and I took it and said nice to meet you Nadia . Thank you Mr. Rick she said in a voice that belonged to an 18 year old not an adult . Lets go to the trailer I said and got the keys .
Nadia looked around the trailer even more carefully than Maria had . Is nice she said then she said something to Maria in what I assume was Russian . Nadia likes to read the newspaper from her home town on the internet and wants to know if she can get high speed internet here . Yes I said we have DSL and she could have a cable modem or even a satellite internet connection . Maria said something to Nadia who smiled and said . I’m sorry Mr. Rick my English is not to good yet . I smiled back and said your English is fine and I don’t speak anything but English so you are way ahead of me . Nadia grinned from ear to ear Thank you Mr. Rick . I gave the keys to Nadia and said look around a
ll you want and
just lock the door before you leave and have Maria bring the keys back to me . If you want to rent the trailer just let me know there is no hurry . I left . Twenty minutes later they were back at my trailer . Nadia said I will rent trailer when do you want the check ? I said when do you want to move in ? Saturday next week I start to move she said. Then next Saturday bring the check and sign the lease and you can have the keys then . If you need to measure for drapes or anything just stop by and I’ll let you in . If you want to sign the lease now you can have the keys now all I ask is that you not move in until you give me the deposit check . I sign now she said and Maria witnessed it and I gave Nadia the keys . Maria said we always have a vodka to seal a deal . Good I said and got a bottle of Polish vodka from my freezer and poured each of us a shot glass of vodka and said cheers ! they both said something in Russian that I can’t spell much less pronounce and drank their vodka in one gulp . Nadia said thank you Mr. Rick and held her hand and we shook hands which she seemed to enjoy . I gave Nadia a business card with my home and office numbers on it . If you have any problems call me and I’ll see if I can help . She took the card and put in her purse .
The next day Nadia called me at work Mr. Rick if I give you check tonight can I start to move in tomorrow ? That would be fine I said . Good she said and hung up . That evening at about 7 P.M. Nadia came to my place , I noticed that she was driving a big four wheel drive pick up , She handed me the check and said my friends help me moving in starting tomorrow . Is that OK? That’s fine the power is on I said I’ll call tomorrow and the power company will put the bill in your name . She smiled and said I did that today and the phone also . Good I said if you need any help please let me know . She gave me a hug that almost knocked the wind out of me and said Thank you Mr. Rick .
She was all moved in by Friday night . Her friends had left after many loud toasts and a lot of vodka . It was 11:30 P.M. and I had just poured myself a vodka martini and sat down to enjoy it and the tonight show . Just as Jay came on Nadia knocked on my door .
I let her in and asked what was wrong . My computer isn’t working yet could I use yours to see my home paper ? I knew that she meant the news paper from the Ukraine . Sure I said and showed her to my computer . I tuned it on and logged into the internet for her . Thank you Mr. Rick she said . I offered her a drink even though I could see that she had already had enough . She said vodka please . I poured her a small glass and left the bottle next to her glass . The tonight show was just about over when Nadia finished her newspaper and my bottle of vodka . Thank you Mr. Rick she said . Could you help me get my computer working tomorrow ? Sure I said what time would be good for you ? She thought for a few seconds and said just come when you get up I have work to do . I said fine and let her out . Damn I thought that woman can hold her drink . She had just finished enough vodka to knock me out and she had already had some before came over and she was walking just fine . That blew up my plan to get her drunk and fuck her . The next morning I got dressed and did some work on my video business and then remembered that Ii was supposed to help Nadia . I went over and knocked on her door . She opened it and smiled and said come in Mr. Rick . I’m sorry I said I forgot and I don’t know your phone number . She was wearing some sort of cotton house dress and had a scarf tied around her hair . No problem she said and handed me a piece of paper with her name and new phone number on it . There is computer she said pointing to a computer desk with the computer on in not hooked up . This won’t take long I said . How are you going to hook up to the internet ? She frowned and said through phone line funny name . I said DSL ? Yes she said that’s it . I looked around and found a DSL modem new in a box with instructions from the phone company on how to hook it up . Nadia asked if I would like some coffee . I said that would be fine . She poured me a cup and handed it to me I took a sip and said what is in this ? Vodka she said . Could I have some plain coffee it’s a bit early for me to have vodka . Nadia looked confused but said OK . Thank you I said . She drank the coffee that she had given me . Twenty minutes later I had her computer up and running as well as her printer and the DSL working . Nadia I said everything is working fine would you like me to show you how to work the internet connection ? Yes she said . I showed her and she said Easy as cake ! then she logged on and went to her home town newspaper . I couldn’t read a word of course because it was in Russian or Ukrainian or something way beyond me . Her house dress was loose and thin I could see that she had no bra on , I doubt that they make a bra that big anyway . Her nipples were just visible through the material and they were huge . She asked me if I could hook the cable to her TV . Which I did . I asked if there was anything else I could do and she said no . Then I’ll go back and do some work in my place . If you need anything just ask I said . Thank you Mr. Rick you are a nice man . I smiled and said your welcome but I’m not that nice . She frowned and said why aren’t you a nice man ? I said I just like being around beautiful women like you . She blushed and said Nadia to big to be beautiful . No your not to big and you are beautiful . She hugged me again and said thank you Mr. Rick ! I said I had better go before I do something wrong . I went back to my double wide and finished the editing of the tape that I had promised my client for Monday . I called them and said it was ready and they could pick it up anytime . They came and got it and hour later . They were what I call an odd couple . She was in her late sixties and he was maybe forty . I suspect that she had a lot of money because they had a huge house and several cars and she wore very expensive jewelry and she was obviously in charge . He was hung like a horse and she had loved every minute of their fuck session on tape and she had told me exactly what she wanted and he did exactly as he was told . The last thing she had said during the taping was he knows what side his bread is buttered on . An old fashioned remark that meant that he knew who was in charge and it wasn’t him . I made myself lunch and sat down in front of the TV to eat it . I decided to watch a porno while I had lunch . It was a new one that I hadn’t seem before . It stared a midget lady and some big cocked guys . It was interesting and I watched it all the way through but didn’t jerk off because I had a date that night with an old girl friend and I planned on getting laid big time . Her name was Marline . She was a bit older than me and had been into bikers for a while so she had a shit load of tattoos and had gained a lot of weight but I liked that . I showered and shaved and got ready to go and pick her up and take her to a nice place for dinner and then I planned on taking her back to her place and having a long fuck session. I also took a Viagra just to be sure I could keep up with her . She always liked to go back to her place because she had a bunch of sex toys . She liked to be handcuffed and bent over a chair and have me put a dildo up her ass and my cock in her cunt and have me pull on her long hair while I fucked her calling her names and then pull my cock out just before I came and cum all over her hair . Then while she was still hand cuffed I would call her a slut and make her suck on my cock until it was hard again and fuck her tits cumming all over her nipples . Then she liked to tie me up and sit on my face pushing her cunt on my mouth as hard as she could while I was tongue fucking her until she would cum . She was a bit kinky but a lot of fun . I was just about to leave when she called and said that she had a cold , which I could hear , and that she was sorry but she had tried to clear the cold all day but had gotten nowhere . I understood a
nd hun
g up the phone . I was pissed off here I was all ready for a hot night and bang out of the blue nothing to do . I was about to call the restaurant and cancel my reservations when I had an idea . I called Nadia and told her that a friend had canceled on a dinner date and asked if she would like to go to a very nice place for dinner. Nadia asked how long she had to get ready . Since Marline lived twenty minuets away from me and we had to return past my place to get to the restaurant and I had left enough time for a drink and maybe a blow job I told Nadia that if she could be ready in an hour it would be fine . Thank you Mr. Rick I would love to go I will make myself beautiful just for you . One hour Rick and we go !
Exactly one hour later I knocked on her door . Nadia opened the door . She was absolutely gorgeous ! She was wearing a cobalt blue cocktail dress that almost touched the floor . She was showing quite a bit of cleavage and there was a slit up the right leg that went almost to her hip . She had put on quite a bit of make-up but not to much . She obviously knew how to apply make-up . Her hair was down , the first time I had even seen her without it in a bun , and it went to just below her broad shoulders . Her gray eyes were enhanced by the eye make-up . I had to stop my self from drooling she looked that good. Is Nadia ok ? She asked . You are the most beautiful woman in the world right now I said . She blushed and said no Nadia to fat my back is to big and so is my front she said with a huge grin . No I said your perfect . Lets go to dinner and some dancing later . I love to dance Nadia said . But not fast just slow she said . I think we will have a great evening I said and offered her my arm . She took a beaded purse in her left hand and took my are and we went o my car . I opened the door for her and she got in with a bit of trouble . Her head was only a few inched from the roof . I showed her how to lower the seat . She thanked me and said that is why I drive a truck I’m to big for a car . We chatted as I drove to the restaurant . Her English was very good and she asked me to correct any mistakes she made . I told her that we were going to an Italian restaurant . I have never been to one she said . Then it will be a learning experience I said and she laughed . I like to learn new things and I love to eat !
We had a wonderful conversation during dinner I had helped her order . She had a cocktail before dinner and wine with her veal and a desert wine with the canoli ,which she loved , and then an after dinner drink . I had never seen anyone drink that much and not show any sign of being drunk . Her English seemed to get better as she drank , which meant to me that she was more relaxed .
After dinner we went to a bar that had dancing . She had more to drink and was a great dancer . We must have looked strange me 5’2″ and her 6’8″ but we enjoyed ourselves . I had a great view of her huge tits which she enjoyed pushing into my face . When they announced last call for alcohol Nadia ordered a triple vodka and drank it in one gulp . I had a soda which was all I had been drinking since dinner because I was driving . We had one final dance and I said we had better leave they are closing up . Nadia said Yes lets go then she looked sad . I like to dance can we go to another dance place ? I said I don’t think there are any open this late but we can go to my place and dance . She hugged me so hard that she lifted me from the floor . I love to dance with you , she said , you don’t move to fast .
When we got back to my place I turned on the stereo and put in a slow dance CD . I took off my suit jacket and Nadia said . Please put that back on Rick it is best to dance dressed right . I offered her a drink . Do you have any more of that Polish vodka ? She asked . I like that . I got a bottle of the Zubrowka Bison vodka out of the freezer . She took the bottle and poured herself a very large drink . I poured myself a much smaller drink . We dance for a while and Nadia held me very close and danced very slowly she was very , very graceful for such a large women . We stopped and she picked up her drink and took a swallow . You know that Nadia is divorced ? She asked . Yes I knew I said . In English we would say ” Did you know that I was divorced ?” we don’t call our selves by our first name . Oh she said I did not know that . You don’t mind that Nadia is divorced ? No I said you are a beautiful woman and that’s all that matters . Nadia said my husband hit me and I think you would say beat me . I said then you did the right thing to leave him . She took another swallow of her drink and said I came to this country to get as far from him as I could . He can’t leave our country because he was in jail for hitting me . Then you don’t have anything to worry about I said . Rick would not hit me she said . No I would never hit a woman I said . Good she said . She drank the rest of her drink and poured herself another . Lets dance some more she said I like to dance with Rick you fit right she said and blushed bright red as she pulled me into her huge breasts . I was getting both tired and excited being so close to her . The CD stopped and we took a break . Nadia drank the rest of her vodka down . I put another CD in the player . Nadia said we should sit . She was finally showing some signs of having had to much to drink . We sat on my sofa and for a few minutes listened to the music and sipped our drinks . Nadia said with a half frown and half grin . Do you not think Nadia is sexy ? I think you are very sexy . Then why do you not try to kiss Nadia ? Because I don’t want you to think that I am trying to take advantage of you just because you are renting a trailer from me . Nadia laughed and said if Nadia does not want to do something Nadia does not do it ! I would move if I was afraid of you . I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back . We were making out pretty heavily in a short time . I had my jacket and tie off and we were both getting very excited . Nadia was starting to sweat as she moved her hand over my crotch . I moved my hand over one of her monster breasts and could feel the hard nipple through the material of the dress . She moaned a little and unhooked my belt and opened up my pants . I put my hand inside the top of her dress and rubbed her hard nipples with my finger tips first one and then the other . She moaned louder and said something in Russian. I just continued to rub her nipples . She put her hand on my hard cock . She squeezed gently and said Rick , Nadia is sexed up very much . I slowly stood up and helped her remove her dress . She helped me remove the rest of my clothes . She smiled and said Nadia has had no sex in four years . I said then I said I hope I don’t disappoint you . I sucked on one of her huge hard pink nipples and fingered her pussy . She pulled my face into her breast and said something in Russian that seemed to make her ever wetter . She started to gyrate her huge hips as my finger found her clit and tickled it . Rick !!She almost shouted and she came and pushed my finger hard against her clit and then she came again . I slid down and stuck my head between her thighs and ran my tongue around her clit as I fingered her pussy . She said Rick ! I have never done this thing before . Please do it more harder !. I smiled to myself and sucked hard on her clit as I put a second finger in her pussy and stroked it in and out slowly . She came again . This time she said something in Russian again and pushed my face even harder into her pussy. OH! Rick ! She said do more harder ! I ran my tongue around her clit as I sucked on it and stroked her pussy even faster and deeper with three fingers . She was so wet that my face was soaked in pussy juice ! I had heard of women that squirt when they cum but this was the first time I saw it for myself ! She was moving her hips up and down and side to side at the same time so fast that it was almost as if she was vibrating . She came again and this time she squirted pussy juice all over my face . She almost passed out she was breath
ing so f
ast that I was worried for a second . Then she screamed something in Russian and came again and squirted even more pussy juice on my face and squeezed my head so hard with her thighs that I almost passed out , my ears actually popped from the pressure . Rick she said please stop or Nadia will hurt you . She picked me up off the floor as if I was a toy . Is Rick OK ? She asked . I’m fine I said . What do you do ? Nadia never feel like that before . Just something we call giving a woman head I said . Nadia said I like head ! I thought you would I said playing with her nipples . Nadia was enjoying having her nipples tweaked . I reached over and opened a drawer in the end table and took out a tube of Maintain and put some on my cock and then I put a pre-lubed ribbed condom . Nadia watched and was playing with her own nipples and getting more and more excited. She was sweating even though it was cool in the room . The Viagra helped make my cock harder than it normally would be . Nadia pushed her butt down a bit on the sofa so I would have easier access to her pussy . I gave her clit a lick and slowly stuck my cock in her pussy . I moistened my finger and lightly pinched her clit as I stroked my cock in and out as slowly as I could . Nadia was shaking and moaning as I bent froward and sucked on one of her nipples as I stroked my cock slowly in her cunt and rubbed her clit with my hand . Suddenly she said something in Russian and wrapped her big legs around my back and pushed me into her as hard as her legs could . I thought she was going to break my back with her powerful legs . She came and squirted again ! Her face and chest turned bright red and she said something in Russian ending it with Rick . She released her leg grip on me and I started to stroke a bit faster and squeeze her clit a bit harder she was going wild , you wouldn’t think that a woman that large would be able to move that fast and in that many different directions at one time . She said something in Russian again and then said in English FASTER ! FASTER ! I increased the speed of my stroking and I came but thanks to the Viagra I stayed hard . I was moving my cock as hard and as fast as I could and she was laughing and cumming and squirting almost continuously ! Finally she used her huge powerful legs to push me into her again and she had a huge orgasm , she shook and turned red and squirted and bounced around and screamed something or other and grabbed me with her arms and held me pushed up against her with her legs and arms , my face was buried between her humongous breasts her legs were moving in spasms she was gasping for air and she was mumbling something . I came a few seconds before she released me . I pulled my cock out and took the condom off . She was still shaking . After a couple of minutes she settled down . She grabbed me and said . Thank you Rick I enjoy very much . We both need a shower I said and led her to my bathroom . She seemed both surprised and pleased when I told her that we should take a shower together . She enjoyed it when I lathered her up with soap and the rinsed her off . She was almost shy when she did the same for me . After we had dried each other off she said Nadia needs vodka . I laughed and said Rick needs vodka . Then she surprised me and said . You should say I need a vodka ! I laughed an we went back to the living room and sat there naked and drank a vodka each . I said you are more than welcome to spend the night here if you want to . Nadia blushed and said I would like to if we can do this again in the morning . I have never felt like that before she said . I guess your husband didn’t know hoe to please a woman I said . He was a brute she said . He only did what pleased him . Well we American men want to please our women . Your English seems to get better the more you have to drink . She blushed again and said you make me feel beautiful and smart and easy . We both had another vodka and I took her to bed and we slept until almost 10 A.M. .

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Nadia the tallest woman I've ever met . By Rick, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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