Naughty Angel: Part III

Part III
“Yes, I love it. Give it to me,” she screamed mercifully. He fucked her harder and harder and harder until she came all over his cock. He threw her on the bed and lied next to her. Exhausted, Angel lies there trying to catch her breath, as Harold sighed. She giggled and got up from the bed. She made her way to the kitchen where she indulged in a bowl of cherries. Again there was a knock at the door. A naked Angel went to answer the door. She opened it and there was Harold’s wife, Maria. “Whoa there. Is my husband here? He heard some screams and came over to check things out. Is everything okay?” “Oh he is here alright,” Angel said while popping a cherry into her mouth. “Why don’t you come in Maria. I am sure I can make it worth your while.” “I don’t think I should, she responded nervously. Angel grabbed her hand and brought her inside. She led her to the bedroom where a disgruntled Harold was lying. Maria stood there befuddled. “Honey, what are you doing here?” She went to him. Angel stood in the door, stilling eating cherries. Harold’s hands gravitated towards his wife’s hips. He looked her in the eyes as she held his face in her hand. She kissed him gently. He removed the housecoat she was wearing, letting it hit the floor. Underneath, she was wearing nothing more than a pair of lacey black underwear. She started to sob, as Harold kissed her shoulder. She started to mumble something, but he put his fingers over her mouth. Her tears fell into his lap, and he pulled her closer. She became flushed all over.
Angel walked over and pulled Maria lips to hers. She was amazingly willing to kiss Angel. They rubbed each others’ breast, pinching each others’ nipples. Harold stood there with his cock in his hand, stroking it while he watched the two women kiss passionately. He moved in closer to the women, grinding his now erect cock on them. Angel reached for Maria’s hand and placed it on his cock, while Angel massaged his balls. Angel brought the couple face to face as she kneeled. She positioned herself in between two, so she could suck his cock and eat her pussy to. With Harold cock in her hand, Angel guided her tongue towards Maria’s pussy. Her juices tasted great flowing into Angel’s mouth. It made Harold so horny watching his wife being licked by another woman. He pulled Angel away and forced his cock into her mouth, thrusting it in and out. He held her head and pumped his cock roughly in her mouth. He leaned forward and stuck his finger in his wife’s pussy. “Oh oh oh, this feels good,” Maria screamed. About to cum, Harold yanked his cock from Angel. “Let’s get on the bed.” Maria lied in the middle of the bed on her back. Angel lied next to her. Both women were lying there rubbing their pussies. Harold lied in between Maria’s legs, flicking her clit with his tongue. Then moving over to Angel’s pussy, sucking on her clit. Then he went back to his wife, spreading her pussy lips, sticking his tongue in. She moaned, “Oh fuck yeah that feels good!” She started to grind her pussy against his face as her body started to quiver with excitement. She shook as her wet pussy came all in Harold’s mouth. Her juices covers his face, and he lick every single drop.

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