Naughty Aunt Gets A Spanking

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An older aunt learns a painful lesson at the hands of her nephew. This story contains graphic details of the bare bottomed over-the-knee spanking of an older aunt by her nephew, she was spanked to the point of bawling her eyes out and was sore for days after.

This happened when I was about 29 and my aunt Mary was in her late 40’s. She had come for a visit and wound up staying with me at my apartment.

The Lesson

When my aunt Mary came for a short visit I was asked by my mother if she could stay with me, the reason was that the family house was being remodeled and there just wasn’t enough room for her. I agreed and when she arrived met her at the family home, after dinner she followed me to the apartment and I helped her get settled in for the week. My aunt had never married and I always wondered why because she was an attractive woman. She was friendly and nice to be with we joked around as she got settled in then spent the balance of the evening watching some TV. The rest of the week went by peacefully with a lot of family visits back and forth, I did notice that my aunt seemed to always be drinking. I have nothing against that and do drink myself but she always seemed to have a drink in her hand.

My apartment was actually in a multi-family house, we had a nice parking area in the rear of it so there was enough room for guests to park. Mary had been using a space beside my spot while she stayed with me, I had been on a walk one afternoon and knew that she was going out for lunch with a few friends. As I cut through the lot I noticed that her car was parked in an odd way, walking over to it I noticed that the keys were still in the ignition. As I turned to go into the building I noticed that there was one hell of a crease in the drivers side door of my car! It was pushed in about four inches and some of the paint was missing, as I looked over the damage I found a scrape that continued up to the bumper and part of the chrome was missing!

Inspecting Mary’s car I found paint on the dented bumper and the missing chrome strip wedged between the bumper and a panel by the grill. As I removed the keys from her car I was a little upset but figured it wasn’t a problem because her insurance would cover it. Entering the apartment I called for my aunt and got no answer, as I entered the living room I realized why. My aunt was sprawled on the couch on her back sound asleep, the room smelled of booze. She was wearing a white blouse and I could see her bra through it, her a-line skirt was riding up her legs a little and I guessed (from the bare legs) she was only wearing panties under it. While she slept it off I went back to her car and looked for her insurance papers, the only ones I could find had expired. Returning to the apartment I called my claim service to report the accident giving them all of the information, I had gone through her purse and taken the information from her license.

She slept for hours finally waking up as I was making dinner, Mary went to the bathroom then joined me in the kitchen with a sleepy but semi-cheerful hello. Following that she said ‘Bob honey I scraped your car when I pulled in today…not much just a little scrape.’ I stopped what I was doing and gave her a long look. ‘I guess we have a different opinion of the word ‘little’ then’ as the smile left her face I continued ‘the door is pushed in and there is chrome missing. Your bumper is dented and the chrome is stuck into your car, I took the liberty of looking for your insurance papers. You probably should go look at the damage.’

As I finished the phone rang it was the claims service calling to tell me that the other driver had no insurance policy it had been canceled. I asked them to wait and asked my aunt to get her license for me then taking it from her gave them the information again…the woman then told me that this person had a suspended license. I thanked them for the call hung the phone up and looked at a very unhappy aunt.

‘I’m sorry dear…I don’t have any insurance right now…the company canceled it after my last…accident.’

I was getting steamed now, taking her by the wrist I marched my aunt to the parking lot quickly. When she saw the damage she exclaimed ‘Oh my God…it…didn’t look that bad…before!’ I marched her back to the apartment directly to the living room over to the couch and said ‘Sit down!’ My aunt sat folded her hands in her lap and looked up at me. Before I could say anything she said ‘I’m sorry.’ I went off like a rocket ‘You’re sorry! You were driving very drunk if it took you that long to sleep it off, you have no insurance and are driving with a suspended license!’ She looked down at her hands and bobbed her head in a ‘yes’ motion.

‘How did you loose your license?’ I asked.

She answered ‘I was…uh…pulled over for speeding…and…they said…I was…uh…drunk.’

‘How long ago did you loose your license?’ I asked.

‘About five months ago…but…’

Stopping her I said ‘You’ve been driving for five months like this…when was the insurance dropped?’

Shrugging she answered ‘Only a couple of months.’

She was still not looking at me, when I asked her to look at me she raised her head slowly, she was red faced and looked to be on the brink of crying. ‘You realize that it won’t be cheap to repair the damage (Mary blinked) the car is almost new.’ She shook her head in another ‘yes’ motion and stared at her hands again saying ‘I’ll pay for the repairs dear, it will take a while but I’ll pay for the damage.’ A lot of thoughts were going through my mind and most of them weren’t pretty ones as I responded ‘You are one hell of an example Mary…yes, you will pay for the damage and I should…’ my voice trailed off as I looked down at her. Mary looked up at me her eyes were watery and sparkled a little as she blinked again and swallowed hard.

She was beginning to act a little submissive in her demeanor and I was thinking about actually spanking her.

There was an awkward silence before I said ‘You realize that if this claim is investigated you will probably be in a lot of trouble?’ Mary swallowed hard again and nodded another ‘yes’. I went to the phone and called the claim service back, after using the claim number they had given me earlier told the woman that I was canceling the claim and would pay for the damage. I was shaking by then and just angry with her. I hung up the phone grabbed one of the kitchen chairs and took it to the living room to set it in the middle of the floor. Mary gave me a questioning look as I did this.

I asked her if anyone else in the family knew that she was driving on a suspended license and had been arrested for drinking and driving. Looking at her hands (folded in her lap) she muttered a little ‘no’.

Standing beside the chair I said ‘Come here.’ My tone was pretty strict, Mary stood smoothed her skirt and walked toward me, she was about to be the first person older than myself that I would spank. I had no idea what the outcome would be but I was going to do it! She had to realize what was going to happen but walked to me anyway.

As she came within reach I took her left arm above the wrist and pulled her a little, at the same time I tightened my grip sat down and pulled her across my lap. If she hadn’t figured it out before she knew now, she gave a loud squeal as she went over my knee kicked hard and tried to wiggle off my lap. ‘NOOOOOooo!’ she yelled as her hands hit the floor. Then her hands were all over the place as I put my left hand and arm around her slim waist to hold her tightly then grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up to tuck it under my arm! Even though I had her close enough that she couldn’t do much with her left hand she was trying to get it behind her back, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and jerked them down to uncover a very pretty backside.

While I was getting her ready she kept saying ‘no’ and ‘you can’t do this’ and ‘no’ over and over again as she struggled to free herself, she was quite a handful to keep in position and I finally grabbed her flailing right hand at the wrist and pulled it down to her side. After getting the skirt back up I sort of swung at a low angle to catch the lower part of one cheek and gave her a good hard smack. She was trying to pull her wrist out of my grasp with greater urgency now as I smacked the other bare cheek! For the next few minutes the only sound in the apartment was the pop of my open hand making contact with her bare bottom over and over, Mary continued wiggling and kicking like hell as her cute little bottom turned more and more red. She struggled hard then began calling me names like bastard and son-of-a-bitch when she realized she wasn’t getting loose.

Then suddenly she wailed ‘AAAAAWWWWWWwwwwwwwwOOOOoooo!’ loud and wet as one of her shoes went flying. I stopped to position her better, tucking her back in tight and pushing the skirt back up. As I did this Mary bawled ‘PLEASE DON’T…NOOOOOooooo…OH God NOOOO!’ She wasn’t struggling as much as before and her toes were resting on the carpet, her head and torso were hanging down over the other side of my lap and she had a death grip on the one chair leg with her free left hand. Puffing and panting she continued to plead between breaths.

‘After the way you acted with no responsibility at all this is the very least you should get Mary!’ I had a pretty tight grip on her soft right thigh and could feel her flexing the muscles, releasing my grip and raising my hand I began the spanking again. I was spanking that (now pretty red) ass as hard as I could, soft and supple it flattened and bounced with each good smack. Mary gave a pretty good cry of pain after each smack, I could tell by the sound she was making that she was drooling and her nose was running now. I could feel her heavy breathing and the only kicking she was doing was one good one after each good hard smack, the rest of the time she simply slumped over my lap.

I spanked my aunt until she was simply laying there and bouncing from each spank pleading in a breathless voice for me to stop. By then her bottom was VERY red and beginning to show a few bruises, both shoes were off and her panties had slipped down her legs to wind up on the floor in a small pile a few feet behind her. I stopped to rest my hot palm on her sore bottom and said ‘You will pay for the damage.’ to which she sobbed ‘yes…yes…I promise’ then gave a long wet sob. ‘I’m going to get an estimate tomorrow and make an appointment to get the work done. You can give me the first payment before you leave for home.’ Mary blubbered that she would then slump to continue crying. I continued ‘you can give me checks…but…if they bounce.’ With that I raised my hand and gave her one more good smack across the lower part of her burning cheeks, Mary arched her back hard and cried out again.

I let her lay there for a few more minutes while I considered more spanking but changed my mind. She was very sore and blubbering like a baby, I had spanked a few other people but this one was very hard, my hand was now pretty sore too! I released her right wrist put my arm under her chest and said ‘Get up.’ following a few deep breaths Mary pushed herself up then slowly stood in a semi-crouching position. She flexed and wiggled a little as her hands went back under her skirt to slowly and gently rub her cheeks, she was bawling.

My poor aunt stood before me sniffling and bawling like a little girl.

Part of her blouse was hanging out of her skirt a few buttons had popped to expose her bra and heaving breasts. Her face was puffy her makeup was running and smeared her eyes were dripping tears and red, her hair was a mess and it was plastered to her face in a few places, her nose was running. I went to get her a few tissues and a washcloth to clean up a little, when I went back with them she had calmed down a little and took them gratefully. After blowing her nose and wiping her face she said breathlessly ‘I told you I was sorry…you didn’t have to do…that.’

Sore humiliated aching and embarrassed she suddenly lashed out at me! Her open hand caught me across my left cheek in a loud slap, she realized what she had done as soon as her hand made contact she yelled that she was sorry and her face fell as I quickly grabbed her left wrist once again. In a second she was back over my knee yelling that she was sorry over and over as her skirt came back up to bare her blistered bottom once again! With fresh vigor I continued the spanking until she was once again laying over my knee blubbering how sorry she was. Now even more sore I helped her stand again in that crouching position and bawl even harder!

‘Mary you deserved that and you know it’ I said ‘you were acting and behaving like an irresponsible kid.’ Crouched over rubbing again and bawling she moaned ‘I’m sorry…I’m so sorry.’ She took a few more deep breaths and blew her nose again then asked ‘I can use the bathroom…can’t I?’ I pointed then watched her walk slowly away.

I got dinner ready returned the chair to the kitchen and got ready to eat while she was in the bathroom. Mary walked slowly into the kitchen to sit down with some care and picked at her food for a while. Every time she shifted in the seat her face twisted in pain, her panties were still laying on the floor in the living room. I think she continued to cry through most of the meal and was constantly blowing her nose.

She was pretty cool to me for the rest of the evening and went to bed early without saying good night, I figured it was a combination of pouting embarrassment and the humiliation of being given a bare bottomed spanking at her age. The next morning there was a lot of moaning and groaning as she moved around and finally joined me for breakfast. She was still in only her robe as she limped into the kitchen got a cup of coffee and said good morning to me. After sipping the coffee for a while she put the cup down and rested her hands on the counter to push herself up. ‘My God I’m sore all over’ she said with a moan ‘you know I’ve got two monster bruises on my backside.’

I told her that I did know about the bruises and that if she hadn’t struggled so much she wouldn’t be as sore this morning. We changed the subject as she alternately sipped coffee and gently rubbed her sore bottom through the robe. Mary turned down my offer of breakfast but did stand at the counter and drink more coffee until I rose to put things away. Passing behind her I said ‘If you like I can put some cold cream on the bruises…you do have a cute backside.’ She turned me down and in a little while we both began to get dressed, I had told her that she was going with me for the estimate and would take no argument on that. My aunt was uncomfortable for most of the trip and still had a puffy face and eyes from all the crying.

When we returned to the apartment she asked ‘Ok where’s the cold cream?’ when I brought it back and offered the jar to her she shook her head ‘Nope…you put it on…that way you won’t miss anything.’

Once more Mary went across my lap as I now sat on the couch to raise her skirt and pull her panties down. She was well bruised all over both cheeks, my aunt wiggled and gasped through clinched teeth as I rubbed the cold cream in all over her bottom trying to do the best job I could. It was the least I could do for her.

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  1. singinkitti

    Very nice story. I’m impressed that a nephew would take this kind of action toward his aunt. This shows that sometimes even grown ups need to be put back in their place. Nice job. Keep posting.

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  2. paddy p.

    My Aunty gave me my last spanking at over yeas and every night I wish I could have done what happened here

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