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Naughty Aunt Gets A Spanking

An older aunt learns a painful lesson at the hands of her nephew. This story contains graphic details of the bare bottomed over-the-knee spanking of an older aunt by her nephew, she was spanked to the point of bawling her eyes out and was sore for da
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Breaking a Young Man

BREAKING A YOUNG MAN'S HABIT Author: Swat412 M/m spanking/wooden hairbrush/paddling and sex (sodomy) R/L and discipline of a naughty young man. When this took place there was no real 'age of consent' in the Virgin Islands. The punishme
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House Hunting

House Hunting A young woman learns the value of paying attention to a client! The phone rang just as I was dropping the motor back in the bike, it had not been a good day getting it back together and I was a little irritated at this interruption.
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Love Child

Love Child Author: swat412 This is the story of loving sex between a mother and her son. If the topic of incest disturbs you read elsewhere. The story involves the mother becoming pregnant and the birth of a beautiful baby girl. This was a dea
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