Neighbor prude lets loose

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I remember the first time I met my neighbor. Our real estate agent made us go up to her house and introduce ourselves. When she answered the door, I saw a tall blonde women in a bathing suit and wrap. She was very sexy, about 6’10” tall with a very nice slight top of her body. The rest was covered.
As we moved in and got to know our friends, she seemed absolutely intriguing. Great body, with a little bit of junk in the trunk but still really sexy. But, she was very prudish. Every time we spoke about sex she either ducked out or expressed disgust.
Anyway, her husband is a putz and never pays attention to her, so I thought that was the problem. We always joked around together when she was drunk so I thought maybe she liked me.
One day, when she had a day off work, and I work from home I saw her working in the garden. She had on shrots, whcih I have never seen her in, and a tank top, again never a very regular top. As I was getting the mail it was all very innocent and I said, “Hey neighbor, nice top”. She blushed immediately and said, “I didn’t know your were home”. “That’s okay I said”, and'”I like the look”.
Beth then said in a very serious voice, “Well I am not used to being seen like that.”
It’s okay I said and asked why the lame pride. She explained how her parents had made her be a prude and there was no way out.
I, of course took advantage of the situation and siad,”There is always a way!”
She laughed a just ignored me. It was about noon and I was ready for some fun so I asked her if wine at my pool was okay. She said, “Well I’m really warm right now and a glass of wine sounds great.” That’s all I needed as I knew she could ot hold her liquor.
I got a bottle of great white wine and poured it for both of us. We talked for quite a while, about all sorts of stuff. But when the wine kicked in she started to talk about her lousy sex life. Her husband was about 5 years older than me and she was about 5 years younger than me. Then she said how she felt unattractive becuase her tits were small but her butt was big. I laughed and said this is the ideal female portrait. It is the sexiest of all.
“I alwyas liked you,” she said.

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