Never meant to be

CH1: Sept-Nov
In her final year at Hanson.C.I Ann Devon never thought she’d be able to make it out alive. Previous to her senior year she had fallin in love with Steven King Tannor,a friend from freshman year.The whole school knew they were an item, but they didn’t know that Ann had continually went to counciling and attempted to kill herself many a time. Her depressed, obssessive, and over-analytical behaviour had droven her to the edge. Always in search for something more,be it, spiritual, intellectual, enlightening,or dangerous… This combination turned out to be her teacher Mr. Saunders.
A tall man with rough features, blue eyes, hair cut short,clean shaven,with glasses, and a defined body lingering under his clothes. At first glance he didn’t look like he belonged in a classroom teaching, he looked young enough to be in University! He didn’t speak like the seasoned teachers of the school, but of a regular person, with his own set of flaws, but ready to share himself with others.
Not aware of his nature with Steven by her side, Ann began to chart the waters of his intellect in her philosophy class. Always excited to communicate her knowledge in hopes of the best grade in the class. It was not until this attention became to much to bare, that a steady intrest started to grow in Ann for Mr. Saunders without her own realization.
Sex became a monumentous issue for Steven and Ann because to her, they were not having enough, while Steven didn’t want their relationship to revolve around it. Ann then began fantisizing about Mr. Saunders in his clean button up shirt and dirty luring lips.Wanting to know what it was like to be with a man so off limits but so connected to her. It became a game of what if’s, until it drover her to irrational proportions. Staying back after class to speak with him, or starting up a discussion to hear his personal opinion, staring a bit too long, or leaning in closer when sitting right beside him or leaving a few to many buttons undone in her blouse, or letting her legs splay a bit too far so only he could see that she wore no panties on under her short skirt.
A risky game indeed with a teacher, but a game Ann hoped would only progress with time.

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