New Years Secrets 2

Kairi did not expect to see the three people she did at her door when she opened it. It was February fourteenth, a month and a week after her New Year’s escapade with Jasmina, and she had thought that would be the last time Jasmina would be at her house.

Yet here she was, with their Bosnian friends Salko and Camil.

“Hey you guys, you want to come in?” Kairi HAD been in the middle of decorating what would be the baby’s nursery. Already the walls had been painted a light shade of yellow and lace curtains fluttered in the breeze. Her father had installed the shelves just the day before and she had been organizing the items her sisters had given her, putting together the crib, etc.

The four of them sat down in the tiny living room. The small two bedroom only cost her $250 a month on a rent-to-own contract, in a very nice neighborhood. She had it mostly finished with the unpacking and decorating; just a few minor details were left.

“So this is the house you buy instead of living with roommate,” Jasmina commented. “It very nice.”

“Thank you,” Kairi said. “Adila gave me the painting of the Sarajevo skyline she did when in Bosnia. Isn’t it good?”

“I think so,” Salko said, but just then, Jasmina’s cell phone rang.

“Excuse me, won’t you?” she asked, answering it. After a short conversation, she reported she needed to leave but would be back in a bit to pick up Salko and Camil.

“So,” Camil said, “you what, four months pregnant?”

“Yeah,” Kairi said. “It’s a long story.”

“I no ever see pregnant tummy before, maybe I see yours?” Camil asked. Kairi nodded and undid the bottom few buttons of her blouse.

“Very nice,” Salko said, kissing it. He placed his hand on my tummy and pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

“Salko,” Kairi said as the man began to kiss her neck even as he unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. She felt hands squeeze her breasts which were sore, but oh it felt so good. She moaned as Salko began to fondle them through the thin fabric of her bra while Camil began to kiss the back of her neck even as he pulled off her blouse and unclasped her bra.

Salko pulled away her bra to reveal good sized breasts with relatively large nipples. He laid her on the couch and rubbed her arms as he sucked and fondled the now-bare breasts, while she watched Camil unbutton his shirt and take off his pants and boxers. A very erect cock poked out, long and thick, and Kairi wondered what it would be like to feel that cock inside her pussy.

Salko got up and began to disrobe himself even as Camil pulled the flannel pj’s pants and panties off of Kairi. He sat her on the edge of the sofa and knelt down, licking her soaked pussy, making her moan, but not for long as Salko’s slightly smaller cock was soon inside her mouth for her to suck on. Hands fondled her entire body as she sucked, making Salko moan and Camil squeeze harder on her already sore breasts, but the pain felt oh so good.

She pulled away from Salko and pushed Camil to the floor. She needed that long, hard cock inside of her, so she carefully slid it inside of her pussy and began to slowly thrust in and out. When he was good and soaked, she turned around and carefully put Camil’s cock, well lubed with pussy, into her tight ass.

“Come, Salko,” She said, puling him towards her and sliding his cock inside her pussy for some double penetration. It was painful yet good as those two cocks thrust in and out of her, making her scream into orgasm even as they continued to fuck her.

“Whoa,” Jasmina declared as she walked into the scene a few minutes later, “You no let me in on this?” she took off a long coat to reveal she wore nothing underneath and set down a bag of clothes. “What I do?”

“Sit on my face so I can eat your sweet pussy,” Kairi declared. “I’ve been wanting to taste it ever since you walked in here today.” And carefully Jasmina did as Kairi asked, enjoying the feeling of Kairi’s tongue un her pussy and on her clit and the desperate clawing and grasping of her body and breasts… The best sex any f them had… since the month before, anyway.

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