Nextdoor Neighbors

Becky and Ron had only lived in the neighborhood for a few weeks when we first met. It was a Saturday morning. I was washing my car in my driveway and Becky came down her driveway to pick up the paper.
“Morning,” Becky’s said as she walked over to me. “My name is Becky,” she added with her hand outstretched.
I took her hand in mine and gave it a gentle shake. “Hi. My name’s Casey.”
I honestly try not to ogle women but I just couldn’t help but survey Becky. She was wearing a light cotton housecoat that did little to hide her ample naked body underneath.
I tried to make small talk but I just couldn’t concentrate. Becky’s housecoat was almost skin tight and it accentuated her curves so well. She was a pear shaped BBW with a large round butt, a soft ample belly, huge breasts, and thick upper thighs that flowed perfectly into shapely muscular calves. Having a little bit of a foot fetish I couldn’t help but notice that she was barefoot. Her short skillfully painted toes made my heart race and my cock grow hard.
Becky kept rattling on about something apparently oblivious to my lust for her beautiful thick body.
Suddenly I realized that she was asking me a question, “I’m sorry, what?” I asked.
“I was wondering if you’d like to come over tonight for a barbeque and meet the hubby.”
“Sure. That’s cool.” I said thinking that I would love another chance to observe this sexy woman up close and under the influence. “What time?”
“Oh, Ron will be home around six or so,” she said with a lusty smile.
“Uh, ok. I’ll drop over around seven then.”
“Cool. Make sure you bring a bathing suit.”
“Well, bye. See you tonight.”
I watched her all the way back to her door. I don’t know if she was working her sexy ass for me or if it was just the way she walks, but my cock reacted by growing so hard I had to put off washing the car until I went inside and jacked off!
That evening was the first of a string of nights of drinking beer, telling dirty jokes and hanging out. And every night Becky flaunted her sexiness in Ron’s and my faces until we were both so horny that Ron would pull her into the house and I would go home and jackoff – sometimes being single really sucks.
Finally, one night after drinking more than 30 beers between us, we took things to a new level. Becky was dancing around the pool while classic rock tunes echoed off the night. She was wearing a new, barely-there thong bikini that revealed everything except her nipples and her pussy mound. Ron and I sat slack jawed our eyes riveted on her.
Ron leaned over and asked, “Is that not some fucking sexy assed pussy or what?”
“Damn skippy,” I replied, my voice horse with lust.
“You’d really like to fuck her. I can tell.”
“Won’t lie, man. I’d suck your dick for a chance to fuck her.”
“Really!?” Becky said. She had stopped dancing.
“You serious man?” Ron asked.
“Uh… I… uh, well…” I stammered
Becky moved close. “Ron, if Casey sucks your cock can he fuck me?”
I really started to sweat. “Wait a minute, guys, that was just an expression…”
“Yeah. If he wants to fuck you enough to give me a quick blow job, I’d let him fuck you.”
I was sure that this conversation was not happenstance. These two had planned this somehow. Or at least that’s what my drunk ass brain was saying.
Becky chimed in, “I think I’d really like to watch that Casey.”
“I… don’t know about this, guys.” I was trying like hell to sober up enough to figure out if they were joking or not.
But before I could say anything else Becky said, “Maybe this will help you make up your mind.” And right then she slipped her top off – even though it didn’t hide much the sight of her thick hard nipples was overpowering. She smiled a naughty smile and tweaked both nipples and cooed, “You would get to suck these.”
My cock was raging hard – it had pitched a tight tent in my shorts. Becky slipped her thong down to her knees, then reached over and squeezed my cock through my shorts. “And you would get to slip that nice hard cock inside here,” she said as she pulled her pussy lips open revealing a huge hard glistening clit.
I was reeling. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to fuck Becky for so long, but the idea of sucking another guy’s cock was not something I would have thought I would ever even consider, but here I was waffling because I really wanted to feel my big cock in Becky’s wet tight pussy.
Becky sensed my confusion and took advantage of it. “Tell you what,” she said. “I’ll get it all hard for you.” She promptly moved to Ron’s chair, dropped to her knees, and with a quick practiced motion she slipped the waistband of his shorts down and popped his cock out.
As I watched Becky swallow his rock hard cock, I knew I had fucked up. I never could keep my mouth shut. There was no way I would suck a guys dick – just wasn’t going to happen. But I want to suck Becky’s clit so damn bad I actually wavered for a minute.
As Becky’s lips and mouth swelled to wrap around Ron’s cock I couldn’t help but watch. The cock shaft sliding slowly in pushing the thick cockhead past her thick red lips, pushing it past her teeth over her tongue and just inside the opening of her throat, then pulling the head back over the tongue past her teeth and just before pulling all the way out of her mouth, the shaft once more pushes again repeating, over and over the erotic dance between cock and mouth.
As I watched, closer than I had ever watched a blow job before, I slipped my shorts down, took my cock in my hand and slowly fondled myself knowing that if I had to suck Ron’s cock to fuck Becky that I would never feel her silky wet depths, nor taste her musky sex juice as it dripped from her clit.
As my stroking quickened Ron open his eyes and looked my way. “Man, don’t waste a nut jacking off. Come get some of this.” And he nodded toward Becky’s big exposed butt and winked.
I didn’t have to be asked twice. I jumped up from my chair and quickly moved behind Becky. The sight was breath taking. She invitingly lifted her huge heart-shaped ass and with her free hand between her legs parted her pussy lips. My cock trembled at the sight of her fingers touching and splaying those drenched lips open to receive my hard thick cock – which right then was so hard that it ached for relief.
I dropped to my knees behind her, reached out and lightly touched her flushed skin with my right hand. I trembled like an old man at the feel of her silky butt. Lightly I played my fingers over her, first one hand then both. I was lost in her ass.
Becky brought me back. “Casey, I wanna feel that big cock now!”
Without even having to guide my cock in, I moved into place, thrust forward and my cock slipped tight in Becky’s silkiness. The sensation was instantaneous. Warm, wet, tight pussy enveloped my thick cock shaft; muscle spasms deep in Becky’s pussy caressed me.

To be continued…

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