Nieghbor part II

Part II,
I came back to Beth’s with a great bottle of white wine. She arrived at the door in a pretty plain cotten robe. but with high heels. “Bob doesn’t like me in heels as I am taller than him.” That was no problem as I was still a bit taller.
We went to the living room and I pourde the wine. For about an hour she spoke about how her parents had made her a total prude. I just laughed and said my parents had me a total male slut.
She kept folding and unfolding her legs and I realized she had nothing underneath. Finally I had the balls to ask her if I could see her tits. She laughed and asked, “Why, they are so small.” No problem I said, I think it would be worth it. Suddenly she openned her robe and a tiny tit poked out. It was beautiful, with a fairly large nipple. ” I never knew your niplles were so large!” She laughed and commented how she wore extra thick bras.
“Okay, I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours,” she said. Since I knew she was a bit of a prude, I wan’t going to argue. I openned my pants and let my hard dick pop out. It’s pretty large abd Beth gasped, “I can’t take all that.” “Where I asked” “Anywhere” she said. At that point I started to re-zip my pants. Then she said,”Let’s give it a try” “I love to suck cock, but Bob does not like it”
So I dropped my pants and almost immediately she put her mouth on my cock. She began to suck like nothing I had felt. She took me deep in her throat and kept pumping me. I tired to stop her but before I knew it I blew my load into her mouth. She laughed and said, “Now, your turn.”
She openned her robe and exposed a beautiful full figured body.
I threw on the couch and put my face right into her wet pussy. It was amazing, she tasted so good and was so responsive. I must have spent at least an hour there and she came twice. Then I told her to trun over. She did like a very elegant nymph. I started to lick her pussy but moved up to her ass. Immediately she stopped me and said,”This is not right” I responded, “Why, because you like it?” “Yes” she said. And I kep[t eating her ass. Fianlly she said, “I know what you want and do it!” So I stood up and plunged my cock into her ass. I could not believe how she bucked and panted. She pushed her ass against my cock. And fianlly I came in her great ass.
The last words I remember were,”Thanks, I needed that”

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