Night Club

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He saw her dancing in the center of the floor, music blaring all around them from the stage. Immediately his cock began to harden as he watched her dark hair cascade over her perfect breast as she wiggled her ass like an invitation. He walked over to her, pushing people rudely out of his way.
“Mind if I join you?”
he whispered in her ear, pressing his body close to her, but not close enough for her to feel his hard on. Instead of answering him she continued to dance against him, the music slowing down as if on cue.
They dance slowly to the music. He adjusted her so she was facing him, her long slim arms stiffly rapped around him. As the song progressed he managed to dance and spin her into the darkest corner of the club behind the stage and speakers where no one could see or hear anything that went on.
When he kissed her lightly she didn’t pull away so he kissed her harder his tongue finding hers and she still didn’t pull away. She didn’t push his hand when he grabbed for her left breast and fondled it roughly enough to bruise it, making her gasp a little. She did however push his right hand away when he tried to get it up her skirt, in fact that’s when she tried to push him away completely. His left hand then reached around her throat. “No, no, no little girl.” he whispered in her ear, putting a bit of pressure on her throat to show her he was serious.He yanked her tiny tank top up around her neck so that her tits bounced free in the dark blue club light. He bent slightly to lick and suck her nipples, biting down to make her body jerk and her cry out.
By now her tears where starting and knowing that was making him harder than ever as she tried to struggle from his grip. She stopped moving.
“Please….don’t…..stop!” she whimpered
“What was that? Don’t stop?”
He undid his pants with his free hand.He began to rub his stiffened cock on the inside of her thigh. He slapped her face with a hard smack to make her cry out as he grabbed her long hair and pushed her down on to her knees into the grimy, dirty floor, by now he could feel her sobs racking her body he was surprised that she didn’t even fight. “Open your mouth.” In the dim light he could see her open her small mouth, but he had to grab her jaw and force it wider right before he shoved his hardened cock down her throat. Only getting a few inches into her mouth, using her hair to push and pull her head up and down. He could feel her gag and choke as her throat tried to adjust to his length and width, the constricting feeling was almost pushing him to his limit but he wanted more depth
He yanked her up by her long hair, slamming her against the wall he once again grabbed her throat and ripped off her underwear with his free hand, making her whimper. He yanked her leg up around him and entered her when he could only get the first few inches into her tight body he rammed his cock into her as hard as he possibly could, to his surprise she was almost virginly tight . She could feel him hardening fully inside of her. Her scream was muffled by the loud music of the club around them. As he pumped in and out of her he grabbed her breasts, twisting and kneading them.Her body refusing to adjust to his width and size, she tried to wiggle free of him but she couldn’t and it only served to make him harder. . He watched her face grimace in pain as he pushed her shoulders down to meet his thrusting, tears made dirty tracks down her face. The tightness of her making him as hard as a rock so that he almost came.
Pulling out he spun her around to face the wall, spreading her legs wide he pushed himself in to her ass. She continued screaming as he continued thrusting into her, making her body jump just a bit with each one.He grabbed her hair and bent her head back till her body was almost arched, grabbing her breasts again, squeezing to add more pain. He slowed his pace a bit, almost to the beat of the song that was playing. He pulled his cock out to shove it back into her pussy from behind…slowly to build up the friction he shoved in and out of her body until he could take no more and he exploded into her.
Wiping his cock in her hair he left her broken on the dirty club floor.

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