Night Games – Part 2

Karen sighed and tried to calm her nerves. After her experience with an intruder last night, she spent the whole day in her office trying to decide whether she should call the police and report the intruder or not. She smiled as she realized that after he left, her body had made her decision for her, she wanted him to return like he said. Rolling over in her bed, she looked at the clock…11:20, would he really come back? Was she supposed to go to the kitchen again? Would he appreciate that she put on the black silky tank top and panties she only wore for her ex-boyfriend?
Slowly she drifted off to sleep with her questions still burning in her mind.

She was awakened with a hand clamped over her mouth and the same voice from the night before whispering against her ear. “Don’t scream, and don’t move unless I tell you.” He pulled away, and she realized he had taken the covers off of her and was turning on the bedside lamp. “I want to see your body this time” He said. She looked up at him and realized that he was actually extremely attractive and vaguely familiar. His dark hair was a little long and wavy, and his eyes were equally as dark. “You look suprised, did you think I was a monster?” He laughed softly as she shook her head. “No,” she replied, “I feel like I’ve seen you before though…have we met?” she asked in almost a whisper.
He didn’t answer, he just looked her over from head to toe with a grin and kneeled on the bed, straddling her body. Pulling wadded up scarves from his pocket, he took both of her hands and tied them to each side of the bed posts, then repeated the process with her legs. After she was secured, he took off his pants and began rubbing his semi-hard dick along her body, and she felt herself getting wet with anticipation. He roughly grabbed her head and shoved himself inside her mouth, making her gag. “Suck me” He ground out through gritted teeth, “Suck me good!” And she proceeded to do the best she could with his huge dick pushing into the back of her throat. He quickly felt himself on the brink and pulled out to settle down, then had an idea. “I’m gonna fuck your beautiful body all over…” His calloused hands squeezed her breasts together around his cock and he pumped away for what seemed like hours before spurting all over her face. But he didn’t get up and leave, instead he tore her panties off and began licking her swollen pussy almost furiously. Karen arched her back and began to pant feeling like the breathe was being stolen from her. Again, he was hurting her a little, but she couldn’t get over how good it felt to think of the pain. She was almost coming when he pulled back and grinned, she whimpered in protest, but he wasn’t done. She saw that he was swollen with need again, and smiled back at him. “No sweetheart,” He said with a smirk, “I’m not gonna give you what you think you want, I’m gonna give you what I know you want…” and he untied her, flipping her on her back. She had done it doggie style with her boyfriend, so she assumed thats what he wanted and got up on all fours. But when she felt him rubbing against her asshole, she yelped and tried to pull away. “Please, I’ve never done that before!” She pleaded. But he grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her to him, reminding her who was boss. Then he buried his dick in her cunt hard, and let the wetness lubricate him. Pulling out, he then thrust into her ass, causing her to cry out in pain. His hand came around and began to play with her still swollen clit, and he pumped a little slower, but not much. Still, she began to rock with him, as the pain faded and a new sensation rippled through her. He felt her response and pounded her tight ass hard while she reached down to play with her pussy and slide two fingers inside herself. Karen began to cum, hard enough to make her yell, and the man behind her pushed inside one final time before nearly collapsing on top of her as his cum spilled into her body.

“I could get used to this” She half joked between deep breaths. Trying to steady her heartbeat.

“You will get used to this, because I’m coming back again and again. I’m gonna fuck you every night until I feel like stopping, and you’ll even beg me to.” He said to her as he pulled on his pants and again disappeared into the darkness….

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