No Truer Words Can Be Said

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No Truer Words Can Be Said At This Time……
A..hh… there you are, laying on the bed, in your Red Lace undies….., God you are so…o mouth-watering and you know it, I simply love that fact….,
I can’t stop smiling in this way God I’m a “perve” walking in the bed room and catching you being yourself, I’m pretending not to see you but it’s hard not to gaze and fun when you watch me look at you with those sharp eyes. With a smile on my face, I stand directly behind you, watching and lusting at you. Your hair is so full and black it complements your fantastic body- your silky smooth dark skin, drives me wild just following it and your gorgeous ass- in those panties, hmm your sexy ass is doing much needed justice to those panties, lace, red and very well fitted- de…lic…ious. I cant help it, I have to touch- with my fingers at each side of your back and my thumbs down the centre touching and tracing your spine I make carefully placed strokes, each stroke gives me the reassured moan “Hmmm” …you sound so good… as my hands make stroke after stroke after stroke, with the finial stroke down your back all my fingers rush to the centre of your arced back now your purring – your so hot, you know what I want, don’t you ….. that’s why you opened your legs so slightly, just enough so the light can show me your pleasure….stroking your bottom with the palm of my hand tempting to tear off the now confusing lace panties- God look at how much of her she’s’ showing me, the child in me says “all mines and ravish with passion” –the man in me says “slowly”, to day I am man-
Like a well oiled machined you turned and my eyes caught your nipples; their hard and tearing at the laced bra; my palms carefully rush to there existence with much need pace- and gently sooth them with small constraining circles…. God…my palms feel good on them and she loves every second of it with that smirk and moan…..looking at her grace full neck line with her hair almost wrapped on her face – to kiss her now would let me loose my cool, but her woman-hood is sooo….plump and screaming at me I cant hold on much more I’m dripping like crazy, her hands are in her mouth – then she stops and looks at me with piercing eyes begging me not to stop – as almost with each other mines, I answered “I won’t” and let my hands roam her fantastic body, her hip line is so fucking sexy I started to kiss her there and with my left hand now in her panties my fingers began there soul purpose in our life – to grant her only pleasure, she’s so fucking wet my fingers kept slipping in her, and she loves every mistake made and rewards me with moans and short gasps for air, hmm… my “come here” style tickles her very essence, slipping my right hand around her ass making sure I sculpt her sexiness through her panties- I have her exactly where I want her—kissing her lower tummy, my right hand is under her lifting her lady hump and parting the lips of her engorged pussy- collecting almost all the juices she’s throwing out, my left hand is so talented- with two fingers in her –walking….and the palm rubbing her engorged clit. She’s screaming with pleasure, she’s squeezing at her nipples hard, she’s ready – ready – her back arched like bamboo in a violent storm… God I hope she does not hurt her self; her nails now tear at my back pulling at my t-shirt ….then the loudest -O…H… FUC….K… – I’ve ever heard her say came out– it was explosive there was cum every where- she didn’t just cum she gushed, how the fuck am I goanna save all this, I pulled out my left hand and began to taste my fingers when she pulled them from me and stuffed them in her mouth licking my palm and sucking at my fingers. How the hell can you tell a woman like this she sets the sun every day.
Luckily my backup supply came from my right hand which held her ass. Good God, cum is every where her ass was so soaked in it I wanted to drink straight from the source, as it came out she pulled it to her mouth and did the same sucking and licking of my hands. Placing both of my hands on the cheeks of her face. I wanted to go to the source and drink to my pleasure but that would only be selfish at this time, she looks so innocent like she did nothing – wearing her I Love You smile.
I looked at her and said “relaxed”- her reply “kiss me”- I had forgotten the juice from her pussy got to her mouth by my hand – but remembered…. when we kissed; her tongue spread her taste deep in my mouth – then she says “yea… I’m relaxed… luv…vy”………….
No truer words can be said at this time…… I covered her Super model type body with the covers and as I was walking around her picking up pillows, she said “stay with me….” I answered “sure” – she looked confused and simply said “I mean forever”… “sure” was my reply again, as I sat at her side, she looks so innocent, perfect in design she beckon for the answer, looking straight at her soul I said.. “I promise” as she snuggled in my arms she closed her eyes and allowed the sun to set in harmony…..

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