not a story???

A Life Experience

I was a real crazy sexpot when i was 17. Granny was visiting us at that time and since we had no spare bedroom, I slept in the same bed as her. I kept peeking at her breasts whenever I had the chance and she dint suspect me at all. That night , she was massaging my head and I in the pretext of resting, put my head against her breasts. They were soft but huge and my dick was like tearing out of my underpants. That night I decided,I had to make some move. Since granny was a very heavy sleeper, I decided to take my chance with her. I let her sleep for an hour and when i saw she was lightly snoring away, I decided time had come. My hand slowly crept along the bed till it reached the part where her breast was resting as she slept sideways. She had gigantic ones, a little saggy and soon enough my hand was completely under her big breast. I dint dare to explore any further content with what i was experiencing. Just to make sure, I called out my granny but she was fast asleep as she usually is. I slowly let my other hand also reach up to her upper breast and my hand reached for the lower button of the tight blouse she wore. I was all concentration as i carefully undud the lower button and when i saw a bit of her lower part of the breast poke out, i felt it with my hand. This was the first time, i touched a breast and it was my granny’s. Slowly, i undid the next button and another. Again i let some time pass to see if there was any reaction but none whatsoever appeared. I let my hand cup her left breast, my thumb and forefinger rolled her soft nipple around. I squeezed her nipples and massaged her breasts all i wanted. Soon enough I wanted more and then i got up. I looked at her breasts, they looked majestic. I lowered my mouth onto a nipple and sucked on it. Then i mistakenly bit one of the nipples and that was when she stopped snoring and I immediately backed off pretending to be in deep sleep.
I opened my eyes a little as i saw her sit up on bed. She looked at her naked breasts and pushed those massive things back into her blouse and she dozed off to sleep again. I dint know if she ever knew about this because she never indicated so and I have not still touched female breasts in my life again.I am 19 now.mail me at

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