Now I seduce my other sons girlfriend

Okay so it work so well the first time I seduced a teenage girl my son was dating, (she was now asking for another go too) I decided to give it another go. Because my sons can pick the babes.
My oldest son Jake was nineteen and on his way to college next fall. He has a girl same age named Sadie, who at first glance looks a little plain, smart and well read, big rimmed black glasses, long straight chestnut hair, doesn’t wear too much in the way of revealing clothes. Yet she has these big sultry brown eyes, nice long legs, and beautiful tan skin. She was eighteen and a book worm who started as Jake’s tutor and I guess the chemistry was there but thought maybe she was not in my sons league. That is until I saw her sneaking out of my sons room about midnight a few weeks ago she was almost naked and trying to dress but not bothering with panties and bra as she snuck out. She never saw me but man I saw her. She was in good shape, nice b cups with large nipples a brownish colour, not really covered by her open shirt, her pussy had a nice cover of fine short hair ( I only got a quick peak as she pulled down her skirt. She was wiping the side of her mouth and trying to tiptoe out carrying her shoes. It was the first time I noticed her nipple ring.
It was early summer still and no one was home, or so I thought as I sat in the kitchen reading the paper I heard footsteps on the steps and then come towards the kitchen. It was Sadie. Who had apparently spent the night. Not surprising my sons were pretty open about their activity and their lovers were made to feel at home.
She was wearing that same blue one piece bathing suit that she always had on and her beach robe over top but not done up so you could see some camel toe, and the outline of her nipple ring through the thinning material. She stopped at the counter and poured herself a coffee.
“Morning Sam” she said sitting down and taking the other section of the paper and sitting down to read as she had coffee.
“Hey Sadie late night last night?” I said winking at her
“kinda” she blushed “I am sorry Jake said it was okay to stay and sleep in”
“oh its fine Sadie I like a little company in the morning, so have breakfast, take a swim hang out till he gets back.”
“He won’t be back for a while” she said.
I decided to see of maybe Sadie needed a little morning cock. I folded my paper and thought about my approach. “So speaking of late nights” I started. “Was it a good time last night”
“it is nice… you know when we are having sex” she shrugged “but..”
“But there is something lacking?”
“Yeah sorta” she looked at me
“like what”
“Yeah” she said sipping her coffee “he is good with his dick, but I can not get him tospend any time eating me.”
“I see”
she stood up and walked to a mirror hanging on the pantry door and checked herself out. “Maybe it just isn’t very fun down there”
“bullshit!” I said and walked over to her and pulled her robe back and it fell to the floor. “Your sexy as hell, and have needs. Just show him what you want what you need and he’ll give it to you”
she put one hand on her ass and the other over her pussy. “And if he doesn’t”
“well” I said running my hands under her arms and under her suit and cupped her tits. “Then maybe I should service you” and began twisting her nipple ring.
“what are you doing? I am your sons girl?” as I began kissing her neck. “This doe..” I slid a hand down her and started rubbing her snatch hard. “Oh my your hands are rough…and strong”
“so is my tongue” as I licked her ear I could deel her nipples harden, and she took a deep breath.
“Is this right? Can we do this?” she asked beginning to grind on me
“yes and when I am done eating your cunt you will beg to be screwed”
she turned around and we kissed hot and heavy as I pushed her up against the wall and tore off her suit and she knelt and pulled down my pajama bottoms. Then gasped at my size.
“Wow” she squeeled
I pulled over to the table and sat her in the chair in front of her and spread her legs wide. Kneeling in front of her hot naked body I licked my way across her tits and twisted the nipple ring with my tongue. Feeling her rub her pussy against my chest I decided she need some oral so I licked her clit fast making her take gasping breaths at first then spread her as wide as possible and shoved my tongue into her wet needy pussy.
“Oh good god” she screamed loud as I used my thumb on her nipples. I opened mhy mouth wide as I could and wrapped it around her entire cunt and sucked her pussy juices out as she squirted come into my mouth.
” I stood up and rubbed my dick across her face as she looked dazed and

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