OH MY !!!!!

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I recently moved into a six-floor apartment building. I meet the lady in the first floor apt. and her daughter the first day I moved in. Mom is around my age 47, 5’4, med. Size tits and a great looking ass. Now her daughter Brenda is 25, 5’6, nice perky tities and an ass to kill for. They both helped my friends and I to move me in and set up house. They stayed around for beer and pizza.
I seen them around the grounds often and Brenda sorta flirted with me and I with her.
When Brenda found out my car was a stick shift she said that she just got her learners permit and would I teach her to drive a stick, I thought, I’ll teach you to drive a stick all right, those bedroom blues just melted me and I said ok.
That day the sun was out and it was hot. She had short shorts and her bikini top on she looked hot. I was glad that the shorts I was wearing where a bit on the baggy side so my cock wasn’t showing it’s approval of the way she was dress.
I drove out to an area that wasn’t to busy and we changed places. Of course she stalled a couple of times but she did pretty good for being her first time we where out for a couple of hours.
When we got home she thanked me by giving me a wet kiss. She went to her apt. and I to mine. After about ½ hour there was a knock on my door when I answered there was mom and daughter with a case of beer and they asked if I’d like to have one. They came in and after a couple of beers Brenda thanked me again for the lesson and that she really liked the way I responded to her kiss. Mom said that Brenda told her I was a good kisser and she wanted to find out for herself. Mom came over to me and straddled my lap put her arms around my neck and began to kiss me. Her mouth was sweet tasting. As our toungs where exploring each others mouths I couldn’t resist letting my hands do a little exploring of their own. I could tell mom was enjoying this by the way her crotch was grinding into mine. I heard Brenda say she wanted in on the action and came over and joined in the kissing.
They both removed my t-shirt and each sucked on a nipple and worked their way down my chest to my waist and removed my shorts, I wasn’t wearing any underwear,
Mom took my cock in her mouth and Brenda got on my lap and we kissed. I removed her top and played with those young firm tits. As my hands went down her body she was moaning I started to remove her bottoms when mom stopped sucking me and removed her daughters bottoms for me. At this point we got mom between us and started to remove her cloths. We both took a tit in our mouths and just sucked we worked our way down. Brenda pulled her mothers shorts down and off and I removed her panties and took a lick of her pussy mmmmm it tasted good. We went to the bedroom and mom and daughter laid on the bed I got between them and started to finger fuck both. I went down on Brenda and started playing with her clit with my toung mom sate herself down on her daughters stomach so her pussy was just above her daughter’s and just within in a toungs reach. Mom laid back on her daughter so their mouths meet and they started kissing each other. Brenda started grinding her pussy into my mouth and man she was moaning and playing with her mom’s tits and nipples.I would lick Brenda’s pussy for awhile and then mom’s pussy. After awhile Brenda yelled out holly fuck I’m going to cum and she let out a milky tasting fluid that was warm and sweet. She just laid there and shook for what seemed like hours. I then looked at mom with a smile on my face and said now it’s your turn. Brenda joined me in eating out her mother and every so often we kissed. When we finished with mom all she could do was lay there with a big smile and moaning oh fuck that’s the first orgasism I ever had. By this time my cock was begging for some kind of release it’s self. I stuck my cock between Brenda’s tits and tit fucked her. As my head moved forward she sucked my cock. I got Brenda in the doggy position and slid my cock into her waiting honey pot and proceeded to fuck her. Mom in the meantime moved around and was licking my bag and my cock with her daughter’s pussy juices as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. She milked me with those pussy muscles till I couldn’t take any more and shot a load of cum. As I pulled out Mom and daughter liked me clean.
We collapsed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs and slept for a couple of hours. When we woke I fucked mom while Brenda played with herself.
This was my first time having two women at the same time and from the way Mom and daughter where feeling when they left it won’t be my last.
I have fucked them separately and as soon as we can the three of us are going to get together again very soon.

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