One more time

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Jack and Ben had been friends all their life.
They went to the same schools and Uni , shared family events and acted like brothers . Time had passed though and their lives took different directions. They both got married and had kids but whereas Jack stayed in the town he grew up , Ben had moved with his wife and kids to the big city.
Several years passed with no contact although
Jack heard that Ben had divorced and was single once more .. with two kids in tow .
That’s why the phone call that Jack received came out of the blue .
Ben told him that he was coming to town with his kids and would Jack like to join him with his own to spend a weekend at this country inn close by to the town.
Jack jumped at the prospect of seeing his lifelong friend again and for his kids to get to know Ben’s children.
They arrived at about the same time on Friday afternoon. The initial meeting was strange and formal . Jack and Ben hugged and introduced their kids to each other. The kids thought that their fathers behaved in a way which betrayed several years of non- contact. They were pleased for them.
On Sunday morning the kids were all in the pool enjoying themselves . Ben and Jack were sitting by the pool talking about nothing when Ben said he had to go to his room to get some clothes for his daughter to change into. Seeing that the kids were guarded by the pool life-guard , Jack asked if he could see Ben’s room to compare with his own . Ben had booked a large suite whereas Jack had booked two double rooms.
Ben walked into his suite and Jack followed.
Drinks were prepared , cigarettes were lit and they both sat down on the couch .
” God, it’s nice to be an adult again!” joked Ben as he inhaled deeply .
” You’ve done a good job with your kids” Jack replied admiringly. He continued his praise ” You were always so determined to do things well , even when you were young . It’s no wonder that I loved you like a brother . You inspired me “.
Ben put down his drink and turned to Jack ,
” And your love for me gave me the strength to be all that you hoped I would be . I love you Jack” .
” I love you too Ben .”
With this , their faces clashed , lips and tongues in swirling movements , hands furiously groping from top to bottom .
They both took off their bathrobes and peeled of their swimshorts .Facing each other naked , Jack fell to his knees and gently enveloped Ben’s throbbing cock into his eager mouth . Ben placed his hands on the back of Jack’s head and moved it up and down. They soon found the bed and got into a sixty nine position and became intoxicated with the manly smells as they licked and sucked with a passion. Ben stretched his head underneath until he came face to face with Jack’s pink hole . he stuck his tongue out and licked and reamed it until it glistened with his spit . Jack moaned and bucked and told Ben to force it into him .
Ben turned him over and lifted Jack’s legs high onto his shoulders as his cock slowly penetrated Jack’s anus . He held jack’s cock in his left hand and stroked it in time with his thrusting . This was all too much for both of them and they both climaxed at the same time with screams of exctasy and pure lust.
They lay on the bed kissing for sometime afterwards reflecting on what had just occured.
” Not too bad , considering we haven’t done this for twenty years!” Ben commented .
” I want you so bad again ” Jack retorted
“let’s do it one more time ” he begged .
” Oh , I don’t think this will be the last time ” chuckled Ben as his voice became muffled as he passed Jack’s pubic bone…..

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