One night with a true freek

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It was a warm stormy night. I was staying at a hotel on a business trip. I was in the hotel bar when a beautiful lady came in and sat next to me. Hi my name is Trish the lady said. Hi I am Steve may I buy you a drink? She accepted and we struck up some small talk, then we shot some pool. This lady had all the right curves in all the right places. I was growing a hard on just watching her lean over the table showing her clevage and very firm ass. All of a sudden the power goes out in the entire city. She jumped on me and said she was scared. I laughed and told her its ok that I would walk her to her room. She then chuckeled and said I can feel that you are a little excited and said she would love for me to come to her room. So we left the bar with trying to find our way to her room with our lighters. Once inside she lit some candels and said thanks for walking her to her room. The next thing I knew she was getting naked right there in front of me. Dont be shy she said. Take off your clothes and join me. We both took off our clothes I was shocked at what was happening but yet very excited. Then she came up to me and quickly droped to her knees and was giving me the best blow job off my life. All of a sudden she took her finger and inserted it into my ass. I jumped and she started to bite down on my dick and told me not to move. I started to get scared, but it did start to feel good and within seconds I blasting the back of her throat with my load. She started sucking even faster and harder then she was fingering herself like crazy. She drank every last drop of my load. She then laid down and spred her legs wide and told me to return the favor. I started licking her clit and then started to finger fuck her fast and hard. YES YES YES she screamed. Finger fuck my ass just as hard. So I took the other hand and fingered her ass just as fast and hard as she wanted. She came 3 times within minutes. She jumped up and reached into the night stand and pulled out a strap on and said you will put this on and fuck me in both holes at the same time or you can just leave. My moth droped and then the only thing I could say was, WOW!!!!!! She got on all fours and demanded that I fuck her fast and hard. I fucked her like she wanted and then I busted a load all over her back and ass. Then we feel asleep and I had waken up with this sharp pain in my ass. She put on the strap on and was raping me in my ass. You did not think I was not going to return the favor did you? I started to cry from the pain at first but then started to enjoy it.She fucked me for what seemed like hours.
Then she stoped and then we made love like we were married it was slow and passionate. Next morning we woke and she said she had to get home to her husband and kids and thanked me for making her fantasy come true.

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