Opened Up

I have had a fantasy for a few years to have my ass fucked. I’m not interested in guys, but I kept thinking about cock sliding into me more and more.

So I decided to buy a vib to see if I liked the feeling. It was a pretty standard size, about 6 inches. The first time I slid it into myself, it hurt like fuck, but the longer and more often it was up me, the better it felt. I used it every few days for about a month; by the end of the month it was sliding in fairly easily without too much pain, so I decided it was time for the real thing.

I went onto a few different websites and eventually ended up chatting with a guy. He was 35, married, had a couple of kids, and he had been having similar thoughts as me except he wanted to stick his cock up a guy’s ass. His wife wouldn’t let him fuck her there and he had never fucked anybody else in the asshole.

We meet up at the pub close to where I live. We had a few drinks and chatted. He told me he was really nervous, and so was I, but we chatted about what we fantasied about and like me he was not interested in the touchy feely stuff or kissing, he just wanted to get his rocks off in an asshole. And I just wanted my ass full of cock and hopefully a load of cum sprayed in me.

We went down to a bit of local bush land; he drove a 7 seat van so we both got into the back, pulled our pants down and started stroking each other’s cocks. Neither of us had ever touched another guys cock so we were both a bit tentative at first, but eventually we were both sliding our hands up and down each other’s hard cocks. His was about 7 inches and fairly thick. He was gently moaning saying how good it felt, so I decided to take the next step and I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock. He said yes, so I bent over to him with my hand still wrapped around his cock, took his balls into my other hand and started massaging them gently, lowered my mouth onto his big hard cock and took it into my mouth.

I sucked and licked his cock, him thrusting himself off the seat, pushing himself into my mouth. Sometimes  it made me choke but I kept going, his moans getting louder.

After a while he put his hands on either side of my head and yelled out, “If you don’t stop I’m going to blow!”

I lifted my mouth off his cock and said, “I want my body to be a receptacle for your cum.”

I put my mouth back on his cock, squeezed his balls, and with that he moaned and grunted, pushed his cock deep into my mouth and blew his cum into my mouth. I started to choke from his massive load and his cock that was still in my mouth.

I lifted my mouth off his cock but told him not to move as I wanted to swallow what I had in my mouth, then suck the rest out of him. I swallowed what I had in my mouth then put my mouth back on his softening cock and squeezed and sucked the last few drops out of him.

I sat up next to him, and he looked at me and said, “That was fucking amazing. I didn’t think you would let me blow in your mouth.”

My reply was, “You can blow in my ass, too. Whenever you feel horny and need to get off, feel free to come and blow in me. I will be your personal slut.”

He said he felt guilty that I didn’t get off. I just replied that tasting his cum was good enough for me.

We said our goodbyes and he said he would be in touch. I wasn’t sure if he would but 3 days later he rings; he said he was going to wait a bit longer, but he just couldn’t get it out of his head.

We meet up the next day. This time it was at my place. We sat on the lounge and I put some porn on and we had a couple of drinks. He asked could he suck my cock, so I stood up and pulled my pants down. He leaned forward and took my cock in his hand then slipped his mouth over it and started pulling and sucking me, flicking his tongue over the knob; it was sending shivers through me.

I told him to stop so we could 69 each other. I went and lay on the bed and he got on top of me. Before I started sucking him I asked if I could lick his ass.

His reply was, “OH GOD, YES! You can do anything you want to me.”

He positioned his asshole over my mouth and I put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled it down onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue into his hole and started licking, then he started grinding his ass into my mouth, at the same time he stuck his tongue up me. We licked each other’s asshole for what seemed like ages, then he put his mouth on my cock and slipped 2 fingers in me. I screamed out, both in pleasure and pain.

I was calling out, “Finger fuck me!” while pumping my ass against his fingers.

Then he said, “Now stick your finger up my ass.”

I put 2 fingers against his hole and he pushed back against my fingers until they slipped into him; he was moaning as he pumped against my fingers.

It was just amazing; there I was with a 35 year old married guy, his cock in my mouth and my fingers deep inside his asshole and him doing the same to me.

Eventually I screamed out, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

So he gets off me and I roll over onto my hands and knees. He grabs hold of my hips, puts his cock against my hole and just shoved it in deep and hard. I screamed out in pain.

He said, “I’m sorry if it hurts but I can’t stop, it feels too good.”

He just rammed me and rammed me. He then put his hands on my shoulders and started to pump even deeper and harder, yelling out, “Fuck me, you slut!”

He then had one final hard push and with a grunt and moan, I felt his massive load of cum blow inside me.

He collapsed on top of me, moaning, and slowly grinding his cock inside me. It was simply amazing.

He then got off, rolled me over, stuck his fingers back up my ass and sucked my cock until I blew in his mouth.

To be continued…


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  1. NCmale

    That was a great story.i had a similar experience all but where the guy cums in your ass.I want that to happen to me to.I’m not attracted to men but love to suck cock and hopefully one day have a big load of cum shot up my ass.

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